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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 97-1775

Contract Awards

November 1, 1997

   The following awards have been made by the Department of General Services, Bureau of Purchases:

Contract #
ToIn the
Amount Of
1170157-0110/16/97Saw Sales and Machinery Co.17,159.00
8970530-0110/16/97Marshall Machinery, Inc.17,922.00
1131227-0110/16/97Interior Images12,581.21
5660-0111/01/97KIWI Fence Systems, Inc.175,179.07
9150-0110/28/97Carlos R. Leffler76,667.00
9150-0110/28/97American Agip Company, Inc., Minuteman Lubricants Division151,817.15
9150-0110/28/97Argus Lubricants189,007.90
9150-0110/28/97PPC Lubricants3,000.55
9150-0110/28/97Pennzoil Industrial Lubricants252,619.12
7370-0111/01/97Resourcenet International102,719.15
7370-0111/01/97Calico Industries, Inc.21,812.00
7370-0111/01/97Interboro Packaging Corp.86,356.00
9130-0310/27/97Agway Petroleum Corporation755,960.11
9130-0310/27/97Bedford Valley Petroleum Corp.189,227.83
9130-0310/27/97BP Oil Company113,431.38
9130-0310/27/97Carlos R. Leffler, Inc.221,480.27
9130-0310/27/97Erie Petroleum, Inc.65,887.62
9130-0310/27/97Export Fuel Company, Inc.138,361.17
9130-0310/27/97Farm and Home Oil Company5,000.00
9130-0310/27/97Glassmere Fuel Service, Inc.207,573.42
9130-0310/27/97Hunt Oil Products, Inc.20,559.20
9130-0310/27/97Jack Rich, Inc.24,909.00
9130-0310/27/97Klasen Oil Co., Inc.5,000.00
9130-0310/27/97Luther P. Miller, Inc.5,000.00
9130-0310/27/97Montour Oil Service Co.123,464.13
9130-0310/27/97Orris Fuel Service87,102.22
9130-0310/27/97Petroleum Traders Corp.1,914,154.77
9130-0310/27/97Phoenix Petroleum Co.2,355.21
9130-0310/27/97Pickelner Fuel Oil Co.282,280.38
9130-0310/27/97Pipeline Petroleum, Inc.89,084.90
9130-0310/27/97R. E. Baker & Sons62,391.28
9130-0310/27/97Reed Oil Company136,712.98
9130-0310/27/97Witter Gas and Oil Co., Inc.55,288.10
9150-03 RIP No. 110/23/97Export Fuel3,890.15
9150-03 RIP No. 110/23/97Montour Oil Service Co.1,639.00
9150-03 RIP No. 110/23/97Dryden Oil Co., Inc.6,270.00
9150-03 RIP No. 110/23/97Guttman Oil Co.4,510.00
9140-0410/27/97Agway Petroleum Corp.1,205,117.60
9140-0410/27/97Bedford Valley Petroleum Corp.178,722.70
9140-0410/27/97Butler Petroleum Corp.747.00
9140-0410/27/97Carlos R. Leffler1,291,997.90
9140-0410/27/97Erie Petroleum, Inc.1,212,771.30
9140-0410/27/97Export Fuel Co., Inc.281,265.80
9140-0410/27/97Farm and Home Oil Co.63,190.48
9140-0410/27/97Hunt Oil Products, Inc.2,377.20
9140-0410/27/97Jack Rich5,000.00
9140-0410/27/97J. J. Powell, Inc.461,037.00
9140-0410/27/97Klasen Oil Co., Inc.12,989.52
9140-0410/27/97Luther P. Miller, Inc.5,000.00
9140-0410/27/97Montour Oil Service Co.406,185.04
9140-0410/27/97Orris Fuel Service2,261.71
9140-0410/27/97Petron Oil Corp.32,899.95
9140-0410/27/97Pickelner Fuel Oil Co.27,914.24
9140-0410/27/97Pipeline Petroleum, Inc.230,029.70
9140-0410/27/97Reed Oil Co.145,784.86
9140-0410/27/97Witter Gas and Oil Co.20,819.40
6330-0110/23/97Standard Fuses Corp.378,000.00
9120-0310/23/97UGI Energy Services, Inc.315,715.64
9120-0310/23/97Delhi Gas Pipeline Corp.118,339.78
9120-0310/23/97Columbia Energy Services337,673.52



[Pa.B. Doc. No. 97-1775. Filed for public inspection October 31, 1997, 9:00 a.m.]