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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 08-193


Peer Groups, Peer Group Medians and Peer Group Prices for General Nursing Facilities, County Nursing Facilities, Hospital-Based Nursing Facilities and Special Rehabilitation Facilities

[38 Pa.B. 670]
[Saturday, February 2, 2008]

Purpose of Notice

   The purpose of this notice is to announce the Department of Public Welfare's (Department) peer groups, peer group medians and peer group prices for general nursing facilities, county nursing facilities, hospital-based nursing facilities and special rehabilitation facilities under 55 Pa. Code § 1187.95(a)(4) (relating to general principles for rate and price setting). The Department used the peer groups, peer group medians and peer group prices to determine case-mix rates for nonpublic nursing facilities for the State Fiscal Year (FY) July 1, 2007, through June 30, 2008. The Department calculated the peer groups, peer group medians and peer group prices announced in this notice in accordance with 55 Pa.Code Chapter 1187 (relating to nursing facility services) as amended at 35 Pa.B. 4612 (August 13, 2005). The data that the Department used to determine the peer group medians and prices is available on the Office of Medical Assistance Programs' website at Partners Providers/MedicalAssistance/DoingBusiness/LTCCase MixInfo/.

   To establish the database for the calculation of peer group medians and prices, the Department used each facility's three most recent audited cost reports that were issued by the Department on or before March 31, 2007, and indexed the costs for each report forward to the common date of December 31, 2007, using the CMS Nursing Home Without Capital Market Basket Index.

   The following is a listing, by group, of the number of facilities with a particular year-end, and the inflation factor used to roll the costs of each facility forward to the common date of December 31, 2007.


Year End
Number of Facilities* Inflation Factor
June 30, 2000    11.2936
December 31, 2001   111.2168
June 30, 2002   181.1984
December 31, 2002 3221.1689
June 30, 2003 238 1.1543
December 31, 2003 351 1.1400
June 30, 2004 238 1.1238
December 31, 2004 359 1.1066
June 30, 2005 229 1.0892
December 31, 2005   35 1.0600


Year End
Number of
Inflation Factor
June 30, 2002    1 1.1984
June 30, 2003   161.1543
June 30, 2004   171.1238
June 30, 2005   17 1.0892


Year End
Number of
Inflation Factor
December 31, 2002 3 1.1689
June 30, 2003 4 1.1543
December 31, 2003 3 1.1400
June 30, 2004 4 1.1238
December 31, 2004 2 1.1066
June 30, 2005 5 1.0892

   * As a result of using the three most recent audited cost reports, the ''Number of Facilities'' column reflects a number in excess of actual enrolled nursing facilities.

   After the database was inflated using the inflation values, the Department grouped the facilities in the correct geographic and bed size groupings. In accordance with 55 Pa. Code § 1187.94 (relating to peer grouping for price setting), to establish peer groups, the Department used the Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) group classification published in the Federal Office of Management and Budget Bulletin No. 99-04 (relating to revised statistical definitions of Metropolitan Areas and guidance on uses of Metropolitan Area definitions) to classify each nursing facility into one of three MSA groups or one non-MSA group. The Department then used the bed complement of the nursing facility on the final day of the reporting period of the most recent audited MA-11 used in the Nursing Information System database to classify nursing facilities into one of three bed complement groups. These groups are 3--119 beds, 120--269 and 270 and over. Peer groups 7 and 10 have been collapsed in accordance with § 1187.94(1)(iv). Peer group 13 is designated for special rehabilitation facilities only and peer group 14 is designated for hospital-based nursing facilities only, regardless of geographic location or bed-size.

   After the database was established and the peer groups determined, the Department then calculated the medians and prices for each peer group. To calculate the resident care cost medians, the Department divided the audited allowable resident care costs for each cost report by the total facility case-mix index from the available February 1 picture date closest to the midpoint of the cost report period to obtain case-mix neutral total resident care cost for the cost report year. The Department then divided the case-mix neutral total resident care cost for each cost report by the total audited actual resident days for the cost report year to obtain the case-mix neutral resident care cost per diem for the cost report year. The Department calculated the 3-year arithmetic mean of the case-mix neutral resident care cost per diem for each nursing facility to obtain the average case-mix neutral resident care cost per diem of each nursing facility. The Department arrayed the average case-mix neutral resident care cost per diem for each nursing facility within the respective peer groups and determined a median for each peer group.

   To calculate the other resident care cost medians, the Department first divided the audited allowable other resident care costs for each cost report by the total audited actual resident days for the cost report year to obtain the other resident related cost per diem for the cost report year. The Department calculated the 3-year arithmetic mean of the other resident related cost for each nursing facility to obtain the average other resident related cost per diem of each nursing facility. The Department arrayed the average other resident related cost per diem for each nursing facility within the respective peer groups and determined a median for each peer group.

   To calculate the administrative cost medians, the Department adjusted, as appropriate, the total audited actual resident days for each cost report to a minimum 90% occupancy in accordance with 55 Pa. Code § 1187.23 (relating to nursing facility incentives and adjustments). The Department then divided the audited allowable administrative cost for each cost report by the total audited actual resident days, adjusted to 90% occupancy, if applicable, to obtain the administrative cost per diem for the cost report year. The Department calculated the 3-year arithmetic mean of the administrative cost for each nursing facility to obtain the average administrative cost per diem of each nursing facility. The Department arrayed the average administrative cost per diem for each nursing facility within the respective peer groups to determine a median for each peer group.

   After the medians were determined for each peer group, the Department set prices using the medians. To set peer group prices, the Department multiplied the resident care cost median of each peer group by 1.17 to obtain the resident care cost peer group price; multiplied the other resident related cost median of each peer group by 1.12 to obtain the other resident related peer group price; and, multiplied the administrative cost median of each peer group by 1.04 to obtain the administrative cost peer group price.

   The peer groups, peer group medians and peer group prices of general and county nursing facilities, hospital-based and special rehabilitation nursing facilities for Year 13 are listed in Annex A.

   A Medical Assistance nursing facility provider may file an administrative appeal if the provider believes that the Department made any errors, or the provider otherwise disagrees with the Year 13 peer group prices that the Department established for its peer group. A provider's appeal must be sent in writing to the Department's Bureau of Hearings and Appeals, P. O. Box 2675, Harrisburg, PA 17105, and received by the Bureau of Hearings and Appeals within 30 days of the date of this notice. If a provider chooses to appeal, the provider will be afforded the opportunity for a de novo hearing before the Bureau of Hearings and Appeals. The peer group prices applied in setting the provider's rates may be changed as a result of the final adjudication of the provider's peer group price appeal. Providers should refer to 67 Pa.C.S. Chapter 11 (relating to medical assistance hearings and appeals), and to the Department's regulations at 55 Pa. Code Chapter 41 (relating to medical assistance provider appeal procedures), for more detail regarding their appeal rights and the requirements related to their written appeals.

Fiscal Impact

   The fiscal impact associated with this change is estimated to be $11.612 million ($5.277 million in State funds) for FY 2007-2008

Public Comment

   Interested persons are invited to submit written comments regarding this notice to the Department at the following address: Department of Public Welfare, Office of Long Term Living, Attention: Gail Weidman, P. O. Box 2675, Harrisburg, PA 17105.

   Persons with a disability who require an auxiliary aid or service may submit comments using the AT&T Relay Service at (800) 654-5984 (TDD users) or (800) 654-5988 (voice users).


   Fiscal Note: 14-NOT-541. (1) General Fund; (2) Implementing Year 2007-08 is $5,277,000; (3) 1st Succeeding Year 2008-09 is $5,757,000; 2nd Succeeding Year 2009-10 is $5,757,000; 3rd Succeeding Year 2010-11 is $5,757,000; 4th Succeeding Year 2011-12 is $5,757,000; 5th Succeeding Year 2012-13 is $5,757,000; (4) 2006-07 Program--$695,279,000; 2005-06 Program--$817,890,000; 2004-05 Program--$476,116,000; (7) Medical Assistance--Long-Term Care; (8) recommends adoption. Funds have bee included in the budget to cover these increases.

Annex A




Subchapter G. RATE SETTING

Appendix B


Median Peer GroupCurrent Provider NumberCurrent
Provider Name
Most Recent Cost Report End DateSecond Most Recent Cost Report End DateThird Most Recent Cost Report End Date
10019578200001BROOMALL REHAB AND NURSING CENTER12/31/200412/31/200212/31/2001
10011163880002CARE PAVILION OF WALNUT PARK, INC06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
11000064640017FAIR ACRES GERIATRIC CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
10007564990004FRIENDSHIP RIDGE12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
10007570930002IMMACULATE MARY HOME06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
11007411200006JOHN J KANE REGIONAL CENTER--GLEN    HAZEL12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
11007411200008JOHN J KANE REGIONAL    CENTER--MCKEESPORT12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
11007411200001JOHN J KANE REGIONAL CENTER--ROSS    TWNSHP12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
11007411200004JOHN J KANE REGIONAL CENTER--SCOTT    TWNSHP12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
11007600910035MADLYN AND LEONARD ABRAMSON    CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
11007773100003NESHAMINY MANOR HOME12/31/200512/31/200412/31/2003
10007477580001PARKHOUSE, PROVIDENCE POINTE12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
10007561580001PHILADELPHIA NURSING HOME12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
11007655340002POCOPSON HOME12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
10007494300003SAINT FRANCIS COUNTRY HOUSE06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
11007389300003ST JOHN SPECIALTY CARE CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
11001264530004ST JOSEPH'S MANOR (DBA ENTITY OF    HRHS)06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
11002272960004WASHINGTON COUNTY HEALTH CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
10005762020001WESTMORELAND MANOR12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
PG1Resident Care
Other Resident
   Rltd Median
PG1Resident Care
Other Resident
   Rltd Price
Median Peer GroupCurrent Provider NumberCurrent
Provider Name
Most Recent Cost Report End DateSecond Most Recent Cost Report End DateThird Most Recent Cost Report End Date
21007749810004ANDORRA WOODS HEALTHCARE CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20006337390001ASBURY HEALTH CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20007562100001ASHTON HALL NURSING AND REHAB    CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20010270360001ATTLEBORO NURSING AND REHAB CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20011856700001BALA NURSING AND RETIREMENT CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20009143190001BALDOCK HEALTH CARE CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21012798310001BALDWIN HEALTH CENTER06/30/200406/30/200306/30/2002
20009746940001BAPTIST HOMES OF WESTERN    PENNSYLVANIA06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21007783630008BEAVER VALLEY NURSING AND REHAB    CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21007727260033BRANDYWINE HALL06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21007300650003BRIARCLIFF PAVILION FOR SPECIALIZED    CARE12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20007908660002BRIARLEAF NURSING AND CONVAL CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21009799700001BRIGHTEN AT BROOMALL06/30/200512/31/200312/31/2002
21009797370001BRIGHTEN AT BRYN MAWR06/30/200512/31/200312/31/2002
20019531330001BROOKSIDE HEALTHCARE AND REHAB    CENTER12/31/200412/31/200206/30/2000
20007574220001BROOMALL PRESBYTERIAN VILLAGE12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20011293300001BUCKINGHAM VALLEY REHAB AND    NURSING CTR06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20007575490001CATHEDRAL VILLAGE06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20019201230001CENTENNIAL VILLAGE12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2001
20019547760001CHAPEL MANOR06/30/200506/30/200412/31/2002
21007292240001CHARLES M. MORRIS NURSING AND REHAB    CTR06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21015756410001CHATHAM ACRES NURSING CENTER, INC06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20012177100001CHELTENHAM NURSING AND REHAB    CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20017811000001CHELTENHAM YORK ROAD NSG & REHAB    CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20015660040002CHERRY TREE NURSING CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21007720920004CHESTNUT HILL LODGE HEALTH AND    REHAB CTR12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21007726910001CLIVEDEN CONVALESCENT CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21007458090001COMMONS AT SQUIRREL HILL12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21001336090003CONCORDIA LUTHERAN HEALTH AND    HUMAN CARE06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21018133130001CONSULATE HEALTH CARE OF CHESWICK06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20009828380001COUNTRY MEADOWS OF SOUTH HILLS12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20019204460001CRANBERRY PLACE06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2002
20008332840001CRESTVIEW CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20007450830001DEER MEADOWS RETIREMENT    COMMUNITY06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21007783630025ELKINS CREST HEALTH AND REHAB    CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20007449700001EVANGELICAL MANOR12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21007727260028FAIRVIEW CARE CENTER OF BETHLEHEM    PIKE06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21007727260042FAIRVIEW CARE CENTER OF PAPERMILL    ROAD06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20018790090001FORBES ROAD NURSING AND REHAB    CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20008992030001GARDEN SPRING CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20009748540001GERMANTOWN HOME06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21017760690001GLENDALE UPTOWN HOME06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21015552280001GOLDEN LIVING CENTER--DOYLESTOWN12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21015524500001GOLDEN LIVING CENTER--LANSDALE12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21015498100001GOLDEN LIVING CENTER--MONROEVILLE12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21015499550001GOLDEN LIVING CENTER--MT LEBANON12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21015509560001GOLDEN LIVING CENTER--MURRYSVILLE12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21015547300001GOLDEN LIVING CENTER--PHOENIXVILLE12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21015582930001GOLDEN LIVING CENTER--UNIONTOWN12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20009512140001GREEN ACRES--IVY HILL NURSING HOME06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20019578760001GREENERY SPECIALTY CARE CENTER12/31/200406/30/200306/30/2002
20007910950001GREENLEAF NURSING HOME AND CONVAL    CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20018362800002GREENSBURG CARE CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20007574870001GWYNEDD SQUARE CTR FOR NSG &    CONVAL CARE06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20018363060001HARMAR VILLAGE CARE CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20019532040001HARSTON HALL06/30/200506/30/200412/31/2002
21007785050010HEARTLAND HEALTH CARE CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20019252190001HEMPFIELD MANOR12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20019010200001HERITAGE SHADYSIDE, THE06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20018557400001HIGHLAND PARK CARE CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21007737790001HILLCREST CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20009988920001HUMBERT LANE NURSING AND REHAB    CENTRE06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21001264530002LAFAYETTE--REDEEMER (DBA ENTITY OF    HRHS)06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21007783630028LANGHORNE GARDENS REHAB AND    NURSING CTR06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20016259290001LGAR HEALTH AND REHABILITATION    CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21007727260019LIBERTY COURT, GENESIS ELDERCARE    NETWORK06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21007784700008LIFEQUEST NURSING CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20007565320001LITTLE FLOWER MANOR06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20009354080001LUTHER WOODS CONVALESCENT CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21011974130002MAIN LINE NURSING AND REHAB CENTER06/30/200406/30/200306/30/2002
21007295000002MAJESTIC OAKS06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21007777400066MANATAWNY MANOR INC06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21007300560099MANORCARE HEALTH SVCS--BETHEL PARK12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20011061490001MANORCARE HEALTH SVCS--GREEN TREE12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21007300560092MANORCARE HEALTH SVCS--HUNTINGDON    VALLEY12/31/200512/31/200412/31/2003
21007300560012MANORCARE HEALTH SVCS--KING OF    PRUSSIA12/31/200512/31/200412/31/2003
21007300560004MANORCARE HEALTH SVCS--LANSDALE12/31/200512/31/200412/31/2003
21007300560116MANORCARE HEALTH SVCS--MCMURRAY12/31/200512/31/200412/31/2003
20016017490001MANORCARE HEALTH SVCS--MERCY    FITZGERALD06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21007300560105MANORCARE HEALTH SVCS--MONROEVILLE12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21007300560008MANORCARE HEALTH SVCS--NORTH HILLS12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21007300560059MANORCARE HEALTH SVCS--POTTSTOWN12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20017759350001MANORCARE HEALTH SVCS--WHITEHALL    BOROUGH12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21007300560001MANORCARE HEALTH SVCS--YARDLEY12/31/200512/31/200412/31/2003
21007300560075MANORCARE HEALTH SVCS--YEADON12/31/200512/31/200412/31/2003
21007726910004MAPLEWOOD MANOR CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21001918450002MARIAN MANOR CORPORATION06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21000027230008MASONIC VILLAGE AT SEWICKLEY12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20007521120002MOUNT MACRINA MANOR NURSING HOME06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20019578670001MOUNTAINVIEW SPECIALTY CARE CENTER12/31/200412/31/200212/31/2001
21007494880009OXFORD HEALTH CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20007576000003PARK PLEASANT HEALTH CARE FACILITY06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20007566400001PASSAVANT RETIREMENT AND HEALTH    CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20012939630002PAUL'S RUN12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21007280850001PEMBROOKE HEALTH AND REHAB    RESIDENCE06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20010643250002PENN CENTER FOR REHABILITATION AND    CARE06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20019531600001PENNSBURG MANOR06/30/200506/30/200412/31/2002
20007494760001PHILADELPHIA PROTESTANT HOME12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20018166900001PHOEBE RICHLAND HCC06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21001257320007PINE RUN HEALTH CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21007280850006PROSPECT PARK HEALTH AND REHAB    RESIDENCE06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20018363330001PROVIDENCE CARE CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21007762600003QUAKERTOWN CENTER12/31/200512/31/200412/31/2003
21007457290004REGINA COMMUNITY NURSING CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21017333480001REHAB & NURSING CTR GREATER    PITTSBURGH12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20012017830001RIDGE CREST NURSING AND REHAB    CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21007780870001RITTENHOUSE PINE CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20009938310002RIVER'S EDGE NURSING AND REHAB    CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20010560920001RIVERSIDE CARE CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20012079380001ROCHESTER MANOR12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21007453170003RYDAL PARK OF PHILADELPHIA PRSBYTR    HOMES12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20007569800002SACRED HEART MANOR06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20007552950001SAINT ANNE HOME06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20007508240001SAINT IGNATIUS NURSING HOME06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20007512690001SAINT JOHN NEUMANN NURSING HOME06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20011860410001SAINT MARTHA MANOR06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20007491620001SAINT MARY'S MANOR06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20014198220001SANATOGA CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20007519200002SAUNDERS HOUSE06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20019484380001SENECA PLACE06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21007785050001SHADYSIDE NURSING AND REHAB CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20007480110002SILVER LAKE CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21007727260012SILVER STREAM CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20007485680002SIMPSON HOUSE, INC12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21007727260007SOMERTON CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20009744890001SOUTHMONT OF PRESBYTERIAN    SENIORCARE12/31/200512/31/200412/31/2003
21017127310001SPRINGS AT THE WATERMARK, THE06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21012019460001ST. BARNABAS NURSING HOME06/30/200406/30/200306/30/2002
21010293650001ST. MONICA MANOR06/30/200406/30/200306/30/2002
20010355390002STAPELEY IN GERMANTOWN06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20019017270001STERLING HEALTH CARE AND REHAB    CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21007783630054SUBURBAN WOODS HEALTH AND REHAB    CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20007508510003SUNNYVIEW HOME--BUTLER COUNTY    HOME12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21016337900001SYCAMORE CREEK NURSING CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21008752500001TEL HAI RETIREMENT COMMUNITY06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20019532400001THE BELVEDERE CENTER, GENESIS    HEALTHCARE06/30/200506/30/200412/31/2002
21007716300001TOWNE MANOR EAST12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
20011845570001TUCKER HOUSE06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21007783630016VALLEY MANOR NURSING AND REHAB    CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20016442270002VILLA SAINT JOSEPH OF BADEN INC06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21016400420001VILLAGE AT PENNWOOD12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
21007499890003VINCENTIAN HOME06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21007742390003VINCENTIAN REGENCY06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21007785050016WALLINGFORD NURSING AND REHAB    CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20009878700002WEST HAVEN NURSING HOME06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
21011349320001WEST HILLS HEALTH AND REHAB CENTER06/30/200406/30/200306/30/2002
21012805380001WEXFORD HOUSE NURSING CENTER06/30/200406/30/200306/30/2002
20016367350001WILLOW RIDGE CENTER12/31/200512/31/200412/31/2003
21007544140014WILLOW TERRACE06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
20010338930002WILLOWS OF PRESBYTERIAN SENIORCARE,    THE12/31/200512/31/200412/31/2003
20018363510001WOODHAVEN CARE CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
PG2Resident Care
Other Resident
   Rltd Median
PG2Resident Care
Other Resident
   Rltd Price
Median Peer GroupCurrent Provider NumberCurrent
Provider Name
Most Recent Cost Report End DateSecond Most Recent Cost Report End DateThird Most Recent Cost Report End Date
3100777885000258TH STREET PRESBYTERIAN HOME, THE12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
30007553010002ARTMAN LUTHERAN HOME06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
30007573330003AUTUMN GROVE CARE CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
30017221270001BARCLAY FRIENDS12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
30018608300001BEAVER ELDER CARE AND REHAB CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
31007614000004BELAIR HEALTH AND REHABILITATION    CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31019122310001BELLE HAVEN12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
31014889670001BRIGHTEN AT AMBLER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
30014397270002BRINTON MANOR12/31/200512/31/200412/31/2003
30010302000002CANTERBURY PLACE12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
30017213800001CEDARS OF MONROEVILLE, THE12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
31003211530002CHANDLER HALL HEALTH SERVICES INC12/31/200412/31/200212/31/2001
30017572850001CHICORA MEDICAL CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
30007457900001CHRIST'S HOME RETIREMENT CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
30009120920001CONNER-WILLIAMS NURSING HOME06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31018132700001CONSULATE HEALTH CARE OF NORTH    STRABANE12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
31007507380007COVENTRY MANOR NURSING HOME12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
30008879280001DOCK TERRACE06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31007783630018DRESHER HILL HEALTH AND REHAB    CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31007653650003EDGEHILL NURSING AND REHAB CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31007726730011ELDERCREST NURSING CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31008144140003ELM TERRACE GARDENS06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31007300740005EVERGREEN NURSING CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
31019292010001FAIR WINDS MANOR06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
30007450920001FREDERICK MENNONITE COMMUNITY12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
30011456010001FRIENDSHIP VILLAGE OF SOUTH HILLS12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
31015512650001GOLDEN LIVING CENTER--OAKMONT12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
31015549280001GOLDEN LIVING CENTER--ROSEMONT12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
31015489580001GOLDEN LIVING CENTER--SOUTH HILLS12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
31015550590001GOLDEN LIVING CENTER--STENTON12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
30018363150001HARMON HOUSE CARE CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
31007726730007HAVENCREST NURSING CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31011974130001HAVERFORD NURSING & REHABILITATION    CTR06/30/200406/30/200306/30/2002
31011458100003HENRY CLAY VILLA12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
30010035800001HERITAGE TOWERS12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
30011208630002HICKORY HOUSE NURSING HOME12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
30012891650003HIGHLAND CENTER, GENESIS ELDERCARE    NTWRK06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
30007471860001HOLY FAMILY HOME12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
31007762510003HOPKINS CENTER12/31/200512/31/200412/31/2003
31005344010002JEFFERSON HILLS MANOR12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
31007300650006KADE NURSING HOME12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
30007545740002KEARSLEY LONG TERM CARE CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
30007479900003LAFAYETTE MANOR, INC12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
31007726730005LATROBE REGIONAL HEALTH AND REHAB    CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31007302520001LAUREL RIDGE CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
30015937270002LAWSON NURSING HOME, INC12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
30007507900001LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
30012581400001LOYALHANNA CARE CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
30007503880001LUTHERAN COMM AT TELFORD HLTHCRE    CTR INC06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
30007548970001MARWOOD REST HOME, INC06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
30007463850001MARY J DREXEL HOME12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
31000027230032MASONIC VILLAGE AT LAFAYETTE HILL12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
31000027230006MASONIC VILLAGE AT WARMINSTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
30012758760001MCMURRAY HILLS MANOR06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31007726730013MEADOWCREST NURSING CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
30007769830001MEADOWS AT MARTINS RUN, THE12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
30019291830001MON VALLEY CARE CENTER12/31/2004
30015148030001NAAMANS CREEK COUNTRY MANOR06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31011348160001NORTH HILLS HEALTH AND REHAB    CENTER06/30/200406/30/200306/30/2002
31007726730009OAK HILL NURSING AND REHAB CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
30016270750001PENNYPACK CENTER12/31/200512/31/200412/31/2003
30006548550001PETER BECKER COMMUNITY06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
30007507710002PICKERING MANOR HOME06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
30007575110001REDSTONE HIGHLANDS HEALTH CARE    CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31001336450002REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN HOME12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
31017553180001RESIDENCE FOR RENAL CARE AT    SHADYSIDE12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
30011293400001RICHBORO CARE CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31000036400003ROCKHILL MENNONITE COMMUNITY06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
30015804150002SAINT JOSEPH VILLA06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
30019402700001SAXONY HEALTH CENTER12/31/200412/31/200212/31/2001
30018037170001SCOTTDALE MANOR REHABILITATION    CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
30008824110001SHERWOOD OAKS06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31007785050007SKY VUE TERRACE06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
30010170020001SOUDERTON MENNONITE HOMES06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31019298830001SOUTH FAYETTE NURSING CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31007277760001SOUTHWESTERN NURSING CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31007783630021STATESMAN HEALTH AND REHAB CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31007716300005TOWNE MANOR WEST12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
30011184080003TOWNVIEW HEALTH AND REHAB CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
30007573240001UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST HOUSE12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
31012021200001VALENCIA WOODS AT ST BARNABAS06/30/200406/30/200306/30/2002
31007456200003VINCENTIAN DE MARILLAC06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31000058970004WAYNE CENTER06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
31001679750002WILLIAM PENN CARE CENTER12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
31007498710002WILLOWBROOKE COURT AT BRITTANY    POINTE12/31/200412/31/200312/31/2002
30007565230002WYNCOTE CHURCH HOME06/30/200506/30/200406/30/2003
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