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Contract Awards

Contract Awards

July 13, 1996

   The following awards have been made by the Department of General Services, Bureau of Purchases:

Contract #
ToIn the
Amount Of
1031156-0107/01/96Stageright Corporation11,057.00
1062356-0107/01/96Ensys, Inc.38,312.21
1114156-0107/01/96Johnson Controls, Inc.5,345.53
1623205-01-107/01/96Auburn Label and Tag Co.29,000.00
2257215-0107/01/96D. F. McCulloch & Associates24,125.00
2342385-0107/01/96Foster F. Wineland, Inc.56,420.00
2377135-0107/01/96Applied Video Technology, Inc.15,137.00
2402165-0107/01/96Advanced Training Systems, Inc.52,179.00
2458115-0107/01/96Advanced Training Systems, Inc.117,214.00
2481225-0107/01/96Whitehill Lighting and Supply1,086.73
2481225-0207/01/96Keystone Electrical Supply Co.3,278.00
2481225-0307/01/96The Hite Co.7,997.80
2481225-0407/01/96Wesco Distribution9,180.00
2481225-0507/01/96Dauphin Electric Supply22,742.74
2502355-0107/01/96Hurley & Associates31,626.00
2546725-0107/01/96Gunther International538,899.00
2586155-0107/01/96Mountain Productions, Inc.56,571.00
2590155-0107/01/96Brodersen Instrument Co., Inc.21,894.00
2615355-0107/01/96Architectural Energy Corp.7,788.00
2622135-0107/01/96General Mat and Floor Products, Inc.77,487.00
2667815-0107/01/96The Trane Company10,860.00
2668815-0107/01/96H. C. Nye Company4,500.00
5665-03 Re-Award06/28/96Energy Absorption Systems, Inc.127,945.00
7220-0107/01/96Galer and Hults, Inc.57,605.05
7220-0107/01/96Associated Supply Company, Inc.47,943.80
7220-0107/01/96Industrial Soap Company70,496.75
7313530-0107/01/96Duro Bag Mfg. Co.533,415.00
7485-01 Rebid in Part No. 107/03/96Richard Young Journal, Inc.56,407.00
7485-01 Rebid in Part No. 107/03/96Sentry Business Products5,830.00
7485-01 Rebid in Part No. 107/03/96Swifeagle Enterprises, Inc.41,760.00
7485-01 Rebid in Part No. 107/03/96Miami Computer Supply6,749.00
7485-01 Rebid in Part No. 107/03/96Supply Line, Inc.464,935.00
7485-01 Rebid in Part No. 107/03/96G. A. Blanco and Sons26,500.00
7485-01 Rebid in Part No. 107/03/96Rudolphs Office Supply84,089.00
7920-0707/01/96Unisource Enterprise Paper Company27,232.92
7920-0707/01/96Industrial Soap Company17,175.69
8071780-0107/01/96Russell Standard Corp.396,877.50
8071790-0107/01/96Foster Grading Co.245,880.67
8231020-0107/01/96Mack Trucks, Inc.2,204,182.60
8231040-0107/01/96Furnival State Machinery Co.221,187.90
8415-0607/01/96Associated Supply Co., Inc.1,473.36
8415-0607/01/96Uniform Gallery14,414.52
8960-0107/01/96Cloister Spring Water Company198,160.00
9905-1007/01/96Trafcon Industries, Inc.53,286.00



[Pa.B. Doc. No. 96-1158. Filed for public inspection July 12, 1996, 9:00 a.m.]