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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 97-1836


List of Names of Qualified Unlicensed Reinsurers

[27 Pa.B. 6019]

   Under section 319.1 of The Insurance Company Law of 1921 (40 P. S. § 442.1), the Insurance Commissioner hereby lists reinsurers not licensed by the Insurance Department (Department) which shall be considered qualified to accept reinsurance from insurers licensed by the Department.

   This listing of qualified unlicensed reinsurers shall be published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin when additions to or deletions from the listing are made by the Insurance Commissioner. This present listing shall replace in their entirety previously published listings of qualified unlicensed reinsurers which appeared at 6 Pa.B. 2423 (September 25, 1976); 6 Pa.B. 3140 (December 18, 1976); 7 Pa.B. 501 (February 19, 1977); 7 Pa.B. 1766 (June 25, 1977); 8 Pa.B. 276 (January 28, 1978); 8 Pa.B. 1646 (June 17, 1978); 8 Pa.B. 1646 (June 17, 1978); 8 Pa.B. 3461 (December 2, 1978); 9 Pa.B. 4235 (December 22, 1979); 11 Pa.B. 38 (January 3, 1981); 12 Pa.B. 37 (January 2, 1982); 12 Pa.B. 2368 (July 23, 1982); 13 Pa.B. 657 (February 5, 1983); 13 Pa.B. 2826 (September 10, 1983); 14 Pa.B. 1053 (March 24, 1984); 14 Pa.B. 3065 (August 18, 1984); 15 Pa.B. 402 (February 2, 1985); 15 Pa.B. 3214 (September 7, 1985); 16 Pa.B. 290 (January 25, 1986); 17 Pa.B. 461 (January 24, 1987); 17 Pa.B. 5368 (December 26, 1987); 18 Pa.B. 5540 (December 10. 1988); 19 Pa.B. 713 (February 18, 1989); 19 Pa.B. 3129 (July 22, 1989); 19 Pa.B. 5476 (December 23, 1989); 20 Pa.B. 6227 (December 15, 1990); 21 Pa.B. 3286 (July 20, 1991); 21 Pa.B. 5445 (November 23, 1991); 22 Pa.B. 4591 (September 5, 1992); 23 Pa.B. 60 (January 2, 1993); 23 Pa.B. 48 (November 27, 1993); 24 Pa.B. 33 (August 13, 1994); 24 Pa.B. 49 (December 3, 1994); 25 Pa.B. 50 (December 16, 1995); 26 Pa.B. 46 (November 16, 1996) and 27 Pa.B. 21 (May 24, 1997).

Insurance Department's Qualified Unlicensed Reinsurers List

1.37958American Insurance Company, Omaha, Nebraska
2.37532Agricultural Excess and Surplus Insurance Company, Wilmington, Delaware
3.10651AIG Global Trade & Political Risk Insurance Company, Parsippany, New Jersey
4.10103American Agricultural Insurance Company, Indianapolis, Indiana
5.41858American Dynasty Surplus Lines Insurance Company, Wilmington, Delaware
6.37990American Empire Insurance Company, Cincinnati, Ohio
7.26883American International Specialty Lines Insurance Company, Anchorage, Alaska
8.91785American Phoenix Life and Reassurance Company, Hartford, Connecticut
9.27898Americas Insurance Company, New Orleans, Louisiana
10.10316Appalachian Insurance Company, Johnston, Rhode Island
11.Assicurazioni General Di Trieste, Rome, Italy
12.Associated Electric & Gas Insurance Services, Ltd., Hamilton, Bermuda
13.27189Associated International Insurance Company, Woodland Hills, California
14.50687Attorneys' Title Insurance Fund, Inc., Orlando, Florida
15.19925Audubon Indemnity Company, Jackson, Mississippi
16.18988Auto-Owners Insurance Company, Lansing, Michigan
17.36552Axa Reinsurance Company, Wilmington, Delaware
18.61395Beneficial Life Insurance Company, Salt Lake City, Utah
19.61417Beneficial Standard Life Insurance Company, Los Angeles, California
20.British Aviation Insurance Company, Ltd., London, England
21.10021Capital Mortgage Reinsurance Company, New York, New York
22.30180Capital Reinsurance Company, New York, New York
23.33596Centre Reinsurance Company of New York, New York
24.36951Century Surety Company, Columbus, Ohio
25.38989Chubb Custom Insurance Company, Dover, Delaware
26.80322Citicorp Life Insurance Company, Phoenix, Arizona
27.CNA Reinsurance Company Limited, London, England
28.39993Colony Insurance Company, Richmond, Virginia
29.40371Columbia Mutual Insurance Company, Columbia, Missouri
30.27955Commercial Risk Re-Insurance Company, South Burlington, Vermont
31.Commercial Union Assurance Company, P.L.C., London, England
32.37567Commonwealth Insurance Company, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
33.20923Continental Reinsurance Corporation, San Francisco, California
34.Copenhagen Reinsurance Company (U. K.), Ltd., (The), London, England
35.17400Coregis Indemnity Company, Durham, North Carolina
36.42048Diamond State Insurance Company, Indianapolis, Indiana
37.10928Eagle Insurance Company, Jersey City, New Jersey
38.E+S Ruckversicherungs-AG, Hannover, Germany
39.40509EMC Reinsurance Company, Des Moines, Iowa
40.21334Empire Indemnity Insurance Company, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
41.90670ERC Life Reinsurance Corporation, Jefferson City, Missouri
42.39020Essex Insurance Company, Wilmington, Delaware
43.29700European Reinsurance Corporation of America, Manchester, New Hampshire
44.35378Evanston Insurance Company, Evanston, Illinois
45.44792Executive Risk Specialty Insurance Company, Simsbury, Connecticut
46.32018First Excess and Reinsurance Corporation, Jefferson City, Missouri
47.85472First ING Life Insurance Company of New York, New York
48.37184First Reinsurance Company of Hartford, Avon, Connecticut
49.34916First Specialty Insurance Corporation, Jefferson City, Missouri
50.38776Folksamerica Reinsurance Company, New York, New York
51.Gan Insurance Company Limited, London, England
52.37362General Star Indemnity Company, Stamford, Connecticut
53.34991Genesis Indemnity Insurance Company, Bismarck, North Dakota
54.92673Gerling Global Life Insurance Company, Toronto, Canada
55.87017Gerling Global Life Reinsurance Company, Los Angeles, California
56.22098Grain Dealers Mutual Insurance Company, Indianapolis, Indiana
57.40193Great Lakes American Reinsurance Company, New York, New York
58.14117Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company, Grinnell, Iowa
59.Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance Public Limited Company, London, England
60.42811Gulf Underwriters Insurance Company, Raleigh, North Carolina
61.Hannover Ruckversicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft, Hannover, Germany
62.39187Hansa Reinsurance Company of America, Tarrytown, New York
63.87572Harbourton Reassurance, Inc., Wilmington, Delaware
64.36200Health Providers Insurance Company, Deerfield, Illinois
65.78972Healthy Alliance Life Insurance Company, St. Louis, Missouri
66.42374Houston Casualty Company, Houston, Texas
67.Illinois Insurance Exchange, Chicago, Illinois
68.27960Illinois Union Insurance Company, Chicago, Illinois
69.Indemnity Marine Assurance Company, Ltd., London, England
70.10040Inner Harbor Reinsurance, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland
71.22829Interstate Fire & Casualty Company, Chicago, Illinois
72.11622Investors Insurance Company of America, Red Bank, New Jersey
73.93505ITT Hartford International Life Reassurance Corporation, Westport, Connecticut
74.16187John Hancock Property and Casualty Insurance Company, Wilmington, Delaware
75.(La) Concorde, Campagnie, D'Assurances, S. A., Paris, France
76.33138Landmark American Insurance Company, Englewood, Colorado
77.35637Landmark Insurance Company, San Francisco, California
78.29912Legion Indemnity Company, Chicago, Illinois
79.19437Lexington Insurance Company, Wilmington, Delaware
80.Lloyd's Underwriters, London, England
81.98078Manulife Reinsurance Corporation (USA), Buffalo, New York
82.32089Medmarc Mutual Insurance Company, Vergennes, Vermont
83.97071Mercantile and General Life Reassurance Company of America, Lansing, Michigan
84.23531Millers Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Ft. Worth, Texas
85.33189Monticello Insurance Company, Wilmington, Delaware
86.20079National Fire & Marine Insurance Company, Omaha, Nebraska
87.33510Neumann Insurance Company, Denver, Colorado
88.41629New England Reinsurance Corporation, Hartford, Connecticut
89.Northern Assurance Company, Ltd., London, England
90.Ocean Marine Insurance Company, Ltd., London, England
91.31143Old Republic Union Insurance Company, Montgomery, Alabama
92.88099Optimum Re Insurance Company, Dallas, Texas
93.37338Pacific Insurance Company, Los Angeles, California
94.Phoenix Assurance Public Limited Company, London, England
95.29807PXRE Reinsurance Company, Edison, New Jersey
96.15466Realm National Insurance Company, New York, New York
97.88340Reassurance Company of Hannover, Orlando, Florida
98.24481Reliance Insurance Company of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois
99.River Thames Insurance Company, Ltd., London, England
100.38636SAFR Reinsurance Corporation of the U. S., New York, New York
101.St. Paul Reinsurance Company, Ltd., London, England
102.21911San Francisco Reinsurance Company, Novato, California
103.41297Scottsdale Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio
104.23388Shelter Mutual Insurance Company, Columbia, Missouri
105.Sphere Drake Insurance PLC, London, England
106.93483Swiss-Am Reassurance Company, Wilmington, Delaware
107.84565Swiss Re Life and Health Limited, London, England
108.Terra Nova Insurance Company, Limited, London, England
109.Through Transport Mutual Insurance Association, Ltd., Hamilton, Bermuda
110.37982Tudor Insurance Company, Keene, New Hampshire
111.24319Ulico Indemnity Company, Little Rock, Arkansas
112.Unionamerica Insurance Company, Limited, London, England
113.36048Unione Italiana Reinsurance Company of America, Inc., New York, New York
114.39330United Capitol Insurance Company, Atlanta, Georgia
115.28053United Coastal Insurance Company, Phoenix, Arizona
116.13021United Fire & Casualty Company, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
117.29220United Republic Insurance Company, Houston, Texas
118.38032US International Reinsurance Company, Manchester, New Hampshire
119.26425Wausa General Insurance Company, Lisle, Illinois
120.21067Westchester Surplus Lines Insurance Company, Honolulu, Hawaii
121.29548Western Indemnity Insurance Company, Houston, Texas
122.13196Western World Insurance Company, Keene, New Hampshire
123.Yorkshire Insurance Company, Ltd., York, England
124.Zurich International (Bermuda), Ltd., Hamilton, Bermuda
125.Zurich Reinsurance (London) Limited, London, England

Changes to the Qualified Unlicensed Reinsurers List Since It Was Published on May 24, 1996

   The following companies have been added to the list since it was published on May 24, 1997:

   AIG Global Trade & Political Risk Insurance Company, Parsippany, New Jersey

   Swiss-Am Reassurance Company, Wilmington, Delaware

   The following companies have been removed from the list since it was published on May 24, 1997:

   Capital Assurance Company, Coral Gables, Florida

   The following companies have changed their names since the list was published on May 24, 1997:

   The Mercantile and General Life Reinsurance Company Limited, London, England has changed its name to Swiss Re Life and Health Limited, Toronto, Canada

   Zurich Re (U. K.) Limited, London, England has changed its name to Zurich Reinsurance (London) Limited, London, England.

   The following company was added back to the list because it was removed in error from the list which was published on May 24, 1997:

   Gerling Global Life Reinsurance Company, Nashville, Tennessee

   The following company changed its state of domicile since the list was published on May 24, 1997:

   Gerling Global Life Reinsurance Company redomesticated from Nashville, Tennessee to San Francisco, California.

Acting Insurance Commissioner

[Pa.B. Doc. No. 97-1836. Filed for public inspection November 14, 1997, 9:00 a.m.]

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