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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 97-310


Availability of Technical Guidance

[27 Pa.B. 1081]

Governor's Office List

   Once a year on the first Saturday in August, the Governor's Office publishes a list of the nonregulatory guidance documents of all State agencies in the Pennsylvania Bulletin. The first publication of this list was in the August 3, 1996, edition of the Bulletin.

DEP's Technical Guidance Document Inventory

   DEP publishes a list of its technical guidance documents in its Technical Guidance Document Inventory twice a year. The most recent edition of the Inventory is the December 1996 edition. One version of the list of the documents contained in this edition is now available on DEP's World Wide Web site. DEP's Web address is To go to the location of the Inventory once on the DEP home page, persons should choose the Public Participation Center, scroll down to the ''Technical Guidance Document'' heading and (under this heading) click on ''Basic Inventory.''

   Bound paper copies of the Inventory have been printed and are available now. DEP automatically mails a paper copy of the December 1996 Inventory to persons who received a bound paper copy of the June 1996 Inventory. Persons who wish to add their address to the mailing list should call Nina Huizinga at (717) 783-8727.

DEP's Technical Guidance Documents on the World Wide Web

   DEP's Web address is To go to the location of DEP's Technical Guidance Documents once on the DEP home page, persons should choose the Public Participation Center. The Center contains several links to DEP's Technical Guidance Documents. The link to draft technical guidance documents is listed under the heading ''Proposals Open to Comment.'' The link to recently finalized technical guidance documents is listed under the heading ''Recently Finalized Proposals.'' Two links are under the heading ''Technical Guidance Documents'':  one link is to the ''Basic Inventory'' and one link is to ''Final Documents'' on the Web. The final documents menu will list DEP's bureaus. Persons should click on the name of the bureau to get to the list of the documents from that bureau that are currently on the Web. Then, to get to see a document, persons should click on the ID number of the document. DEP will be adding its revised documents to the Web throughout 1997.

Ordering Paper Copies of DEP Technical Guidance

   Persons can order an unbound copy of the latest Inventory or a copy of any of the final documents listed on the Inventory by calling Elwyn, Inc. (the printer) at 1 (800) 804-4020 if calling in Pennsylvania or (610) 497-5841 if calling from outside Pennsylvania.

Changes to Technical Guidance Documents

   Between publication of its Inventory, DEP announces changes to its technical guidance documents in its weekly newsletter, the UPDATE and the Pennsylvania Bulletin. Here is the current list of recently finalized documents, draft documents and notices of intended changes to technical guidance.

   Persons who have any questions or comments about a particular document should call the contact person whose name and phone is listed with each document. Persons who have questions or comments about the Inventory, the documents on the World Wide Web, the availability of paper copies from the printer or the technical guidance document process in general should call Nina Huizinga at (717) 783-8727.

Final Technical Guidance Documents

   DEP ID:  253-4500-606. Title:  Applicable or Relevant and Appropriate Requirements (ARARs) for Cleanup Response and Remedial Actions in Pennsylvania. Description:  Remedial actions conducted at various waste sites and facilities in Pennsylvania require the implementation of regulatory standards from several Bureaus within DEP and other agencies. This document provides an index of these standards. This is only a minor revision of that document to put it into DEP's standard format for all its technical guidance documents and to place it on DEP's World Wide Web site. Effective Date:  May 15, 1996. Page Length:  25 pages. Location:  Volume 5, Tab 36. Contact:  Josephine Valencia at (717) 787-9870.

   DEP ID:  363-0900-016. Title:  Implementation of Act 34. Description:  This guidance identifies the changes to the Storage Tank and Spill Prevention Act of 1989 as amended by Act 34 of 1996. Effective Date:  November 19, 1996. Page Length:  4 pages. Location:  Volume 33, Tab 14B. Contact:  Tammy Young at (717) 772-5831.

   DEP ID:  363-0900-017. Title:  Requirements for Registration of Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) and Underground Storage Tanks (USTs). Description:  This guidance establishes requirements for owners of tanks that were not installed by certified individuals or tanks that previously stored unregulated substances. Effective Date: December 6, 1996. Page Length:  4 pages. Location:  Volume 33, Tab 14C. Contact:  Tammy Young at (717) 772-5831.

   DEP ID:  363-2300-001. Title:  Final Rulemaking: Chapter 245, Subchapters A and B (Storage Tanks Certification Program). Description:  This guidance establishes a plan to implement the amendments to Chapter 245, Subchapters A and B. Effective Date:  November 15, 1996. Page Length:  6 pages. Location:  Volume 33, Tab 14D. Contact:  Tammy Young at (717) 772-5831.

Draft Technical Guidance

   DEP ID:  012-4180-001. Title:  Policy for the Acceptance of Community Environmental Projects in lieu of a Portion of Civil Penalty Payments. Background:  DEP wishes to facilitate projects which have a substantial public health, safety or environmental benefit to the community through the use of funds which would otherwise be paid to DEP as a civil penalty. Deadline for Submittal of Comments:  March 31, 1997. Contact:  Terry R. Bossert at (717) 787-4449.

Notice of Intent to Revise Technical Guidance--Regulatory Basics Initiative Changes

   DEP has reviewed all of its regulations and technical guidance documents and published a report of its intended substantive revisions August 1996. Already many of these intended revisions have been announced in past issues of the Pennsylvania Bulletin. Here follows a list of all remaining DEP technical guidance documents that DEP programs intend to substantively revise to date:

DEP IDTitle:Information and Contact:
251-2100-754Change of Ownership/Transfer of PermitWaiting for reg change. Josephine Valencia at (717) 787-9870
251-2149-713Review Procedure for Hazardous Waste Transfer Facilities for PBR StatusWaiting for reg change. Josephine Valencia at (717) 787-9870
258-2181-771Interim Operating Requirements for Permitted and Unpermitted FacilitiesWaiting for reg change. Josephine Valencia at (717) 787-9870
258-2182-773Criteria/Use of Various Materials as Clean FillWaiting for reg change. Josephine Valencia at (717) 787-9870
361-3200-002Ambient Fixed Station Water Quality Network MonitoringWaiting for reg change. Ed Brezina at (717) 787-9637
361-3200-003Cause/Effect SurveysWaiting for reg change. Ed Brezina at (717) 787-9637
361-3200-004Aquatic Life Use Attainability Studies--Flow Water and ImpoundmentWaiting for reg change. Ed Brezina at (717) 787-9637
361-3200-005Aquatic Life Special Water Quality Protection SurveyWaiting for reg change. Ed Brezina at (717) 787-9637
361-3200-006Toxics SurveysEd Brezina at (717) 787-9637
361-3200-007Stream Enrichment Risk AnalysisEd Brezina at (717) 787-9637
361-3200-008Advanced Treatment Model Calibration/Verification SurveysEd Brezina at (717) 787-9637
361-3200-009Establishing FIX station and Ambient Groundwater Monitoring NetworksEd Brezina at (717) 787-9637
361-3200-010Standardized Biological Field CollectionWaiting for reg change. Ed Brezina at (717) 787-9637
361-3200-013Evaluation of Phosphorus to Lakes, Ponds and ImpoundmentsEd Brezina at (717) 787-9637
361-3200-014Guidance for Establishing Fixed Station Monitoring NetworksEd Brezina at (717) 787-9637
361-3200-016Quality Assurance Work Plans for Groundwater Monitoring StationsEd Brezina at (717) 787-9637
364-5500-001Capital Grants for Sewerage ConstructionReg has changed. Bob Gibson at (717) 787-3481
364-5511-006Capital Financing Plan--PENNVEST Funded ProjectsReg has changed. Bob Gibson at (717) 787-3481
364-5511-007Cost Effectiveness Review--PENNVEST Funded ProjectsReg has changed. Bob Gibson at (717) 787-3481
364-5511-012DEP and PENNVESTReg has changed. Bob Gibson at (717) 787-3481
364-5511-013A State Environmental Review Process for PennsylvaniaReg has changed. Bob Gibson at (717) 787-3481
364-5511-014Reviewing, Approving, Certifying MBE/WBE Proposals for WPCRFReg has changed. Bob Gibson at (717) 787-3481
364-5512-001PA Sewage Facilities Act 537, Enforcement ReimbursementLou Bercheni at (717) 787-4317
364-5512-002Act 537 Sewage Facilities Planning GuideLou Bercheni at (717) 787-4317
364-5513-001Act 339 Subsidy GrantsPete Slack at (717) 787-6744
382-2130-001Review of Water Allocation Permit ApplicationsBill Gast at (717) 787-5017
382-2130-002Subsidiary Water Allocation Permit RequirementBill Gast at (717) 787-5017
382-2130-003Attorney General Opinion 361 re:  1939 Water Rights ActBill Gast at (717) 787-5017
382-2130-004Rescission of Water RightsBill Gast at (717) 787-5017
382-2130-005Policy for Regulation of Interbasin TransfersBill Gast at (717) 787-5017
382-2130-006Metering of Withdrawals under Orders of ConfirmationBill Gast at (717) 787-5017
382-2130-007Constant Gallons per Capita per Day (GPCD)Bill Gast at (717) 787-5017
382-2130-008Permit LifeBill Gast at (717) 787-5017
392-2134-008Erosion and Sedimentation Pollution Control ManualWait for Reg Change. Ken Reisinger at (717) 787-5268
393-5500-004Chesapeake Bay Financial Assistance Funding Program GuidanceWait for Reg Change. Cedric Karper at (717) 787-5268
563-2112-654Technical Review, Mine StabilityWait for Reg Change. Evan Shuster at (717) 787-7846


[Pa.B. Doc. No. 97-310. Filed for public inspection February 28, 1997, 9:00 a.m.]

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