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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 98-555

Contract Awards

April 4, 1998

   The following awards have been made by the Department of General Services, Bureau of Purchases:

Contract #
ToIn the
Amount Of
8177140-0103/23/98Rigidply Rafters46,836.17
1680117-0103/23/98Altoona Roofing Co., Inc.13,500.00
1506257-0103/23/98Ram Tech10,718.40
1686357-0103/23/98Quantachrome Corp.18,650.00
1483157-0103/23/98Bruker Instruments181,600.00
1482357-0103/23/98Applied Technical Services Corp.10,845.00
1635117-0103/23/98Keystone Electrical Supply Co.18,000.00
1654157-0103/23/98Phillips Bros., Inc.26,037.00
1640237-0103/23/98Government Forms and Systems41,132.00
1714187-0103/23/98Moore Business Forms5,622.10
8209090-0103/23/98J & L Systems Ltd.8,600.00
1632117-0103/23/98Weber Company, Inc.14,454.00
1392117-0103/23/98Edward Don and Company59,011.66
1529217-0103/23/98Siemens Bus. Comm. Systems36,350.00
1783207-0103/23/98Sigarms, Inc.15,925.00
1530817-0103/23/98Intelligent Barcode Systems, Inc.24,465.00
1569357-0103/23/98Arizona Instrument Corp.7,880.00
1575387-0103/23/98Treesentials Company59,510.00
5850-02 Supp No. 203/25/98Alternate Solutions100,000.00
5850-02 Supp No. 203/25/98Betac Corporation100,000.00
5850-02 Supp No. 203/25/98Compuspirit100,000.00
5850-02 Supp No. 203/25/98Comsys Technical Services100,000.00
5850-02 Supp No. 203/25/98Cyber Tech100,000.00
5850-02 Supp No. 203/25/98Diversified Data Systems100,000.00
5850-02 Supp No. 203/25/98L. R. Weschler, Ltd.100,000.00
5850-02 Supp No. 203/25/98SAIC100,000.00
5850-02 Supp No. 203/25/98Tangent Computer100,000.00
5850-02 Supp No. 203/25/98Tri-Logic100,000.00
5850-02 Supp No. 203/25/98TSR Incorporated100,000.00
6505-0003/11/98Bellco Drug Corporation11,551,772.92
5810-03 Supp. No. 203/25/98Computer Integration Group, Inc.10,000.00
5810-03 Supp. No. 203/25/98Microland of Rockville10,000.00
5810-03 Supp. No. 203/25/98PC Network, Inc.10,000.00
5810-03 Supp. No. 203/25/98Raritan Computer, Inc.5,000.00
5810-03 Supp. No. 203/25/98Atlantic Business Products5,000.00
5810-03 Supp. No. 203/25/98Perfect Order5,000.00
5810-03 Supp. No. 203/25/98Raytheon E Systems/HRB Sys., Inc.10,000.00
5810-03 Supp. No. 203/25/98Software AG Americas, Inc.5,000.00
6510-0103/25/98Ragold Corporation107,189.80
6510-0103/25/98Krasity's Medical and Surgical Supply, Inc.165,574.30
6510-0103/25/98Dav Mar Medical Products568,380.00
6510-0103/25/98Sysco Food Services of Central PA, Inc.234,626.00
6510-0103/25/98Sherwood Medical Company4,416.00
6510-0103/25/98Resourcenet International1,102,263.50
6510-0103/25/98Druzak Medical, Inc.728,815.10
6530-0704/01/98Jordan-Reses Home Health Care225,000.00
9150-0304/01/98Guttman Oil Company201,260.00
9150-0304/01/98Export Fuel Company, Inc.92,994.00
9150-0304/01/98Prolube, Inc.123,065.00
9150-0304/01/98Carlos R. Leffler, Inc.124,802.00
9150-0304/01/98American Agip Co., Inc.75,398.00
9150-0304/01/98Montour Oil Service Co.59,627.50
9150-0304/01/98Lubeco, Inc.1,413.50
9330-0104/01/98Commercial Plastics and Supply Corp.92,014.59
9330-0104/01/98Laird Plastics3,403.99
1624357-0103/24/98Gilson Company, Inc.2,900.00
1624357-0203/24/98Chemical Environmental Consulting10,717.00
1589357-0103/24/98L. H. Boleky11,093.00



[Pa.B. Doc. No. 98-555. Filed for public inspection April 3, 1998, 9:00 a.m.]