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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 99-971



Retention of an Engineering Firm

[29 Pa.B. 3090]

Project Reference No. FDC-500-632

   The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (Department) will retain an engineering firm for the development and preparation of emergency action plans for 46 high hazard dams owned and operated by the Bureau of State Parks and the Bureau of Forestry. The contract will be for a 24-month period with three 12-month extensions possible.

   Letters of Interest for this project will only be accepted from individuals, firms or corporations duly authorized to engage in the practice of engineering. If an individual, firm or corporation not authorized to engage in the practice of engineering desires to submit a Letter of Interest, the individual, firm or corporation may do so as part of a joint venture with an individual, firm or corporation which is permitted under State law to engage in the practice of engineering.

   The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through the Department owns, operates and maintains each of the dams as listed. As mandated under the provisions of the Pennsylvania Dam Safety and Encroachments Act (Act 325 and Act 70), emergency warning and action plans must be prepared for each of these dams. The Pennsylvania Code, Title 25, Chapter 105, Dam Safety and Waterways Management, §§ 105.63 and 105.134 details the conditions and requirements of emergency procedures, emergency warning systems and their operation plans which are administered jointly through the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Bureau of Waterways Engineering, and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA).

   The services to be provided under this contract shall include a field review of each dam, review of design plans and operational procedures, field review of downstream conditions, hydrologic and hydraulic studies, a sudden dam failure downstream flood analysis, and downstream inundation mapping. Emergency action plans shall be prepared in accordance with ''Guidelines for Developing an Emergency Action Plan for High Hazard Dams'' dated January 1996, as published by the DEP and PEMA.

   A summary of the principal features of work required in the development of an emergency action plan includes the following:

   1.  Attend an initial meeting with personnel from DEP and the Department to discuss specific issues and procedures for the development of the emergency action plans.

   2.  Research and review existing emergency action plans, design plans and Phase I reports to become familiar with each dam. Review existing flood-related data at each dam and downstream hazard areas including hydrologic and hydraulic design calculations, published Flood Insurance Studies, and other hydraulic information which may be available.

   3.  Field reconnaissance of each dam and downstream areas to assess hazard potential and evaluate routing reaches. Where appropriate, perform limited surveys to determine relative depths to first floor levels or to obtain geometric data at constrictions which may impact the analysis.

   4.  Verify the probable maximum flood (PMF) to be utilized in the dam breach analysis and compile hydrologic data through the dam failure impact area. Determine the degree to which runoff from uncontrolled downstream areas influences limits of hazard area identification.

   5.  Compile and execute analytic hydrologic/hydraulic models capable of simulating a dam failure and perform routings of resulting breach flood wave. Analyze the non-storm event failure condition and a range of storm event conditions assuming failure and non-failure of each dam. Following is a list of computer programs which are acceptable in performing the dam breach analysis:

   A.  NWS-DAMBRK, National Weather Service Dam--Break Flood Forecasting Model, 1988.

   B.  UNET, One-Dimensional Unsteady Flow Model for Open Channel Flow Networks, Hydrologic Engineering Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1995.

   C.  Flood Hydrograph Package, HEC-1, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, supplemented where appropriate with COE HEC-2 or RAS Hydraulic Modeling Through Downstream Constrictions.

   D.  Technical Release No. 66, Soil Conservation Service.

   Upon completion of the dam break analysis, prepare a summary dam breach analysis report for each dam identifying the purpose of the analysis, source of data, analytic methods, pertinent special conditions, assumptions and computed results of each analysis. Submit each summary report to the Department. A copy of the summary dam breach analysis report will be submitted to the DEP, Bureau of Waterways Engineering, Division of Dam Safety for review, comments and approval prior to completion of the inundation mapping and the final emergency action plan.

   6.  After approval of the dam break analysis by the Division of Dam Safety, evaluate the results of the flood routing and prepare flood inundation mapping of hazard areas downstream of each dam. The degree of sophistication, level of detail and effort expended for any particular dam break analysis shall be commensurate with the extent of potential hazards associated with the dam. The mapping shall identify the maximum area impacted by the sudden failure of the dam. The inundation maps shall depict one hazard zone. The mapped hazard zone shall be terminated when flood stages for the PMF failure condition converge to the non-failure PMF conditions, but must extend downstream until the non-storm event breach flood wave as determined to be non-damaging.

   7.  Submit copies of the emergency action plan, which includes dam breach analysis report, downstream inundation mapping, surveillance procedures, emergency response contacts and operations, and all other requiredinformation to the appropriate agencies for review, comments and approval.

   Each engineering firm will be evaluated upon, but not limited to, the following criteria:

   1.  Professional qualifications, experience and technical competence of hydrologists and hydraulic engineers proposed to perform the assignment. Evaluation will consider relevant past experience, education, training, registration and longevity with the firm.

   2.  Record of satisfactory performance by the firm on similar assignments. This record shall establish the ability to properly manage the project in terms of costs, quality control and performance schedules. Names and telephone numbers of references shall be included.

   3.  Specialized experience and demonstrated use of the acceptable computer programs utilized in performing the dam break analysis within the past 2 years with specific application to dams in this Commonwealth.

   4.  The engineering firm shall have previously prepared and had approved emergency action plans by the DEP, Bureau of Waterways Engineering, Division of Dam Safety.

   Following is a list of high hazard dams which will require emergency action plans under this contract:

Dam No.Dam NameCountyClassDCNR Permittee
04-031Group CampBeaverC-2Bureau of State Parks
04-034Raccoon CreekBeaverB-1Bureau of State Parks
05-070Shawnee LakeBedfordB-1Bureau of State Parks
06-401HopewellBerksC-1Bureau of State Parks
06-435Scott's RunBerksC-1Bureau of State Parks
07-084Canoe CreekBlairB-1Bureau of State Parks
08-059Stephen FosterBradfordB-1Bureau of State Parks
09-166NockamixonBucksA-1Bureau of State Parks
10-068Moraine State ParkButlerA-1Bureau of State Parks
11-101GlendaleCambriaB-1Bureau of State Parks
11-104Sandy RunCambriaC-1Bureau of State Parks
12-011George B. StevensonCameronA-1Bureau of State Parks
13-090Sand Spring RunCarbonC-2Bureau of State Parks
14-089KephartCentreB-2Bureau of State Parks
14-105PoeCentreC-1Bureau of State Parks
14-117Penn NurseryCentreC-1Bureau of Forestry
15-296Marsh Creek ReservoirChesterB-1Bureau of State Parks
17-087ParkerClearfieldC-2Bureau of State Parks
17-114Shaggers Inn Waterfowl DamClearfieldC-2Bureau of Forestry
20-007PymatuningCrawfordA-1Bureau of State Parks
21-025Laurel LakeCumberlandC-1Bureau of State Parks
29-028Cowans GapFultonB-1Bureau of State Parks
30-020Ryerson StationGreeneB-1Bureau of State Parks
32-074Yellow CreekIndianaB-1Bureau of State Parks
32-082Seph MackIndianaC-2Bureau of State Parks
35-139LackawannaLackawannaB-1Bureau of State Parks
38-080Memorial LakeLebanonB-2Bureau of State Parks
40-016Lake JeanLuzerneB-1Bureau of State Parks
40-174UnnamedLuzerneC-3Bureau of State Parks
40-218Frances SlocumLuzerneB-1Bureau of State Parks
41-091Little Pine CreekLycomingA-1Bureau of State Parks
43-053Lake WilhelmMercerA-1Bureau of State Parks
45-036Tobyhanna No. 2MonroeB-1Bureau of State Parks
50-060Little Buffalo CreekPerryB-1Bureau of State Parks
52-012Promised LandPikeB-2Bureau of State Parks
52-015Pecks PondPikeB-1Bureau of Forestry
52-144Lower LakePikeB-2Bureau of State Parks
53-049Lyman RunPotterB-1Bureau of State Parks
54-164Locust LakeSchuylkillB-1Bureau of State Parks
54-170Locust Creek DamSchuylkillB-1Bureau of State Parks
56-061Kooser RunSomersetC-1Bureau of State Parks
56-066Laurel Hill LakeSomersetB-1Bureau of State Parks
59-058Hills CreekTiogaB-1Bureau of State Parks
62-026ChapmanWarrenB-1Bureau of State Parks
65-044KeystoneWestmorelandB-1Bureau of State Parks
67-486Pinchot LakeYorkB-2Bureau of State Parks

   The services shall include, but not be limited to, a preliminary meeting for this project with the Bureau of Facility Design and Construction, located on the 8th Floor, Rachel Carson State Office Building, 400 Market Street, Harrisburg. The contract shall be based on the hours of service and qualifying expenses not exceeding the contract amount. Work may be done on an hourlybasis or a maximum cost work order for each individual dam.

Commitment to Enhance Socially/Economically Restricted Businesses (SERB)

   The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania strongly encourages the submission of proposals by SERBs.

   To achieve the objective of enhancing SERB participation, the Commonwealth has established SERB utilization as a selection criteria in the evaluation process.

   The Bureau of Contract Administration and Business Development (BCABD), Department of General Services, will evaluate the aforementioned criteria and will assign a point value to be considered within the overall RFP total point tabulation.

   Proposers not considered to be socially/economically restricted businesses seeking to identify the businesses for joint venture and subcontracting opportunities are encouraged to contact: Department of General Services, Office of Minority and Women Business Enterprise, Room 502, North Office Building, Harrisburg, PA 17125 (717) 787-7380.

   Proposals submitted by individuals claiming SERB status or proposals submitted by individuals reflecting joint venture and subcontracting opportunities with SERBs must submit documentation verifying their claim.

   SERBs are businesses whose economic growth and development has been restricted based on social and economic bias. The businesses are BCABD certified minority- and women-owned businesses and certain restricted businesses whose development has been impeded because their primary or headquarter facility is physically located in an area designated by the Commonwealth as being in an enterprise zone. Businesses will not be considered socially/economically restricted if one of the conditions listed exists:

   1.  The business has gross revenues exceeding $4,000,000 annually, or

   2.  The concentration of an industry is such that more than 50% of the market is controlled by the same type of SERB (Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Women Business Enterprise (WBE)) or businesses within designated enterprise zones.

   Proposers not considered to be socially/economically restricted businesses seeking to identify the businesses for joint venture and subcontracting opportunities are encouraged to contact the

         Department of General Services
         Bureau of Contract Administration and
            Business Development
         Room 502, North Office Building
         Harrisburg, PA 17125
         Telephone: (717) 787-7380
         Fax: (717) 787-7052

SERB Information

   SERBs are encouraged to participate as prime proposers. SERBs qualifying as an MBE/WBE must provide their BCABD certification number. SERBs qualifying as a result of being located in a designated enterprise zone must provide proof of this status.

   Proposers not considered to be SERBs must describe, in narrative form, their company's approach to enhance SERB utilization on a professional level in the implementation of this proposal.

   The following options will be considered as part of the final criteria for selection:

*  Priority Rank 1--Proposals submitted by SERBs.

*  Priority Rank 2--Proposals submitted from a joint venture with a Commonwealth-approved SERB as a joint venture partner.

*  Priority Rank 3--Proposals submitted with subcontracting commitments to SERBs.

   Each proposal will be rated for its approach to enhancing the utilization of SERB. The optional approach used will be evaluated with Option Number 1 receiving the greatest value and the succeeding options receiving a value in accordance with the above-listed priority ranking.

   The percent designated for SERB Commitment should be placed in a separate sealed envelope and stapled to the SERB section of the proposal. The selected contractor's SERB Commitment amount will be included as a contractual obligation when a contract is entered into. One copy of the SERB information shall be submitted in a separate sealed envelope, clearly marked. The information will be evaluated by the Department of General Services.

General Requirements and Information

   Firms interested in performing the required services for this project are invited to submit Letters of Interest to: Eugene J. Comoss, P.E., Director, Bureau of Facility Design and Construction, Rachel Carson State Office Building, 8th Floor, 400 Market Street, P.O. Box 8451, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8451. Additional information concerning the services described in this notice may be obtained by contacting: Edward E. Raptosh, Senior Civil Engineer Hydraulic, Bureau of Facility Design and Construction at (717) 783-3329.

   Each Letter of Interest must include the firm's Federal identification number and the project reference number. The Letter of Interest shall also include a description of the firm's three most recently completed projects similar to the project being proposed. The description shall include the client, contact person and telephone number, the estimated or actual construction cost of the portion of the work which the firm designed, the project manager and the names of all personnel who made major contributions to the project.

   A standard new 1999 DGS Form 150-ASP must accompany the Letter of Interest and shall indicate the individual in charge. Forms may be obtained by calling (717) 787-4892, or by visiting the DGS website at Additional information pertinent to the firm's qualifications to do the work of this contract may be included.

General Requirements

   Direct costs other than payroll, such as travel and subsistence, shall be based on the current State rates. Miscellaneous expenses such as copies, prints, sepias, postage and film shall be reimbursed at cost upon approval by the Department.

   The following factors will be considered during the evaluation of the firm's Letter of Interest:

*  Criteria evaluated by the Technical Review will include:

   A.  Professional's understanding of the problem as demonstrated in Letter of Interest, and as stated in their own interpretation of the tasks to be performed.

   B.  Qualifications of firm.

   C.  Professional personnel in firm.

   D.  Soundness of approach as demonstrated in Letter of Interest.

   E.  Available manpower to perform the services required.

   F.  SERB participation (evaluated by DGS).

   G.  Equitable distribution of the contracts.

   Each proposer shall relate their proposal to the above criteria.

   Six copies of the Letter of Interest and the required forms and also one copy of the SERB information must be received no later than 4 p.m. on July 30, 1999. The six copies shall be submitted in six complete sets that shall be spiral bound or in folders or secured by binder clips. The assignment and services will be made to one of the firms responding to this notice. However, the Department reserves the right to reject all Letters of Interest submitted, cancel the solicitation requested under this notice, and/or readvertise solicitation for this service.

   The Department will not offer a debriefing session to the unsuccessful firms. The Department disclaims any liability whatsoever to its review of the proposal submitted and in formulating a recommendation for selections. Recommendations made by the Department shall be final.


[Pa.B. Doc. No. 99-971. Filed for public inspection June 18, 1999, 9:00 a.m.]

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