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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 01-2094
   Notices of invitations for bids and requests for proposals on State contracts for services and commodities for which the bid amount is reasonably expected to be over $10,000, are published in the State Contracts Information Section of the Pennsylvania Bulletin prior to bid opening date. Information in this publication is intended only as notification to its subscribers of available bidding and contracting opportunities, and is furnished through the Department of General Services, Vendor Information and Support Division. No action can be taken by any subscriber or any other person, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is not liable to any subscriber or any other person, for any damages or any other costs incurred in connection with the utilization of, or any other reliance upon, any information in the State Contracts Information Section of the Pennsylvania Bulletin. Interested persons are encouraged to call the contact telephone number listed for the particular solicitation for current, more detailed information.

   Act 266 of 1982 provides for the payment of interest penalties on certain invoices of "qualified small business concerns". The penalties apply to invoices for goods or services when payments are not made by the required payment date or within a 15 day grace period thereafter.
   Act 1984-196 redefined a "qualified small business concern" as any independently owned and operated, for-profit business concern employing 100 or fewer employees. See 4 Pa.Code § 2.32. The business must include the following statement on every invoice submitted to the Commonwealth: "(name of business) is a qualified small business concern as defined in 4 Pa. Code 2.32."
   A business is eligible for payments when the required payment is the latest of:
      The payment date specified in the contract.
      30 days after the later of the receipt of a proper invoice or receipt of goods or services.
      The net payment date stated on the business' invoice.
   A 15-day grace period after the required payment date is provided to the Commonwealth by the Act.
   For more information: contact: Small Business Resource Center
                                                  PA Department of Community and Economic Development
                                                  374 Forum Building
                                                  Harrisburg, PA 17120
                                                  800-280-3801 or (717) 783-5700

The Treasury Department's Bureau of Contracts and Public Records can help you do business with state government agencies. Our efforts focus on guiding the business community through the maze of state government offices. The bureau is, by law, the central repository for all state contracts over $5,000. Bureau personnel can supply descriptions of contracts, names of previous bidders, pricing breakdowns and other information to help you submit a successful bid on a contract. We will direct you to the appropriate person and agency looking for your product or service to get you "A Step Ahead." Services are free except the cost of photocopying contracts or dubbing a computer diskette with a list of current contracts on the database. A free brochure, "Frequently Asked Questions About State Contracts," explains how to take advantage of the bureau's services.
Contact: Bureau of Contracts and Public Records
              Pennsylvania State Treasury
              Room G13 Finance Building
              Harrisburg, PA 17120

State Treasurer

   Department: General Services
   Location: All Using Agencies of the Commonwealth, PA
   Duration: Contract Period 01/01/00--12/31/02
   Contact: Vendor Services (717) 787-2199

8415-01 Supplement #2 Work Gloves. For a copy of bid package fax request to (717) 787-0725.
   Department: General Services
   Location: All Using Agencies of the Commonwealth, PA
   Duration: Contract Period 09/01/00--08/31/02
   Contact: Vendor Services (717) 787-2199


   Department: Fish and Boat Commission
   Location: To be shipped to Pleasant Gap, PA
   Duration: Expected shipment December 2001/January 2002
   Contact: Kathi Tibbott, Purchasing Agent (814) 359-5130

SU-01-05 Shippensburg University is seeking vendors interested in submitting bids to furnish and install New Fiber 12M.M/12S.M from Shippensburg University's Mathematics and Computing Technology Center to the Ezra Lehman Memorial Library then on to the Franklin Science Center. Please fax your request to be added to the bidders list by November 23, 2001 to the attention of Pam King at (717) 477-4004. All responsible bidders are invited to participate including MBE/WBE firms.
   Department: State System of Higher Education
   Location: Shippensburg University, Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 17257
   Duration: 45 days ARO
   Contact: Pamela King (717) 477-1121

081520004 Keypunch and key verify 30,000 Non-Public Schools purchase orders, creating one ASCll file per workday (Mon--Fri) to the Office of the Budget, BMIS; file will be transferred electronically via FTP by 3pm each day. Purchase Orders (PO's) will be supplied in batches of 50 and required input of 3 levels of information, batch, document and item. Maximum record sizes are 116 characters each for batch record, document record and item record. Peak workload occurs April--July and Dec--Feb. Average daily volume projected to 110 PO's; maximum one-day volume not to exceed 1,250 PO's. Error rate not to exceed one-half percent which is calculated on a character basis. Pick up and delivery by contractor will be made on a daily basis, M-F between 8am and 3:30 p.m. at location. Turnover time not to exceed 3 working days and 2 days transportation. Bids must be received no later than 9 a.m. on November 29, 2001.
   Department: Office of the Budget/Executive Offices
   Location: 15th floor, Labor and Industry Bldg.
   Duration: One year period with option to renew for up to 4 one-year periods.
   Contact: Christina Jovic (717) 783-9715

   Department: Fish and Boat Commission
   Location: Headquarters Office Building, Elmterton Avenue, Harrisburg, PA
   Contact: Kathi Tibbott, Purchasing Agent (814) 359-5130

Contracting for Demolition and/or Removal of Structures Notice is hereby given by the Department of Transportation that it is seeking bids for the Demolition and/or Removal of certain residential and commercial structures in conjunction with the construction of SR 222, Section 001/002 in the County of Lehigh, Townships of Upper Macungie and Lower Macungie. There is asbestos in some or all of the structures. The bidding will be open to the pre-qualified contractors only. For Bid Forms, date of inspections, specifications and further information, Contact: Presnell Associates, Inc., 5930 Hamilton Blvd., Suite 6, Wescosville, PA 18106.
   Department: Transportation
   Location: Upper Macungie and Lower Macungie Townships
   Duration: As Specified in Contract
   Contact: David Eckhardt (610) 336-4840

   Department: Transportation
   Location: Various

110070 Perform soil, rock aggregate and water testing services primarily on samples taken during investigation of District 11's design and maintenance projects. Samples must be picked up at the District Office or Bridgeville Maintenance facility no later than three working days after being notified. Results are to be supplied no later than seven working days after receipt of samples unless testing procedures require additional time. All laboratory data sheets, graphs, calculations and computer input/output must be submitted with results. The laboratory must be AAP accredited, and located within 40 miles of the Engineering District Office building.
   Department: Transportation
   Location: 45 Thoms Run Road, Bridgeville, PA 15017
   Duration: The contact will be for an original period of two years from the effective date. The contract will be renewable by mutual consent for one additional two-year period. Escalation clause for the renewal shall not exceed the current Producer Price Index.
   Contact: William R. Adams Jr., PhD., P.G., P.E. (412) 429-4919

   Department: Environmental Protection
   Location: Luzerne Township, Fayette County
   Duration: 310 calendar days after notice to proceed
   Contact: Construction Contracts Section (717) 783-7994

   Department: Public Welfare
   Location: Torrance State Hospital, State Route 1014, Torrance, PA 15779
   Duration: 07/01/02--06/30/06
   Contact: Linda J. Zoskey (724) 459-4547

   Department: Public Welfare
   Location: Selinsgrove Center, 1000 U. S. Highway 522, Selinsgrove, PA 17870
   Duration: January through March, 2002
   Contact: Arletta K. Ney, Purch. Agt. (570) 372-5670

   Department: State System of Higher Education
   Location: Millersville Borough
   Duration: 9 days
   Contact: Jill M. Coleman (717) 872-3730

44 Contractor must supply nine (9) various sizes of uniforms to be determined by actual measurement. (22 shirts/11 pants) pants 65% polyester and 35% cotton NAVY color, shirts 65% polyester and 35% cotton GREY-BLUE stripe color for mechanics, one BLUE-WHITE stripe for Manager. One employee 100% cotton (welder) 22 shirts/11 pants (same color as mechanics). Once awarded and approved, the vendor will make arrangements with the Purchasing Agent and Equipment Manager with a date and time to get sizes.
   Department: Transportation
   Location: PA Department of Transportation, 1901 Ruffner Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140-2889
   Duration: One year, with 4 renewals
   Contact: Suleica Vazquez (215) 225-1415

   Department: Public Welfare
   Location: Torrance State Hospital, State Route 1014, Torrance, PA 15779
   Duration: 07/01/02--06/30/06
   Contact: Linda J. Zoskey (724) 459-4547

20973403 Contractor, board certified in cardiology, to provide reading and interpreting of EKG's.
   Department: Public Welfare
   Location: Torrance State Hospital, State Route 1014, Torrance, PA 15779
   Duration: 07/01/02--06/30/06
   Contact: Linda J. Zoskey (724) 459-4547

20776003 To provide for the service of transporting patients to and from the Allentown State Hospital. Copies of the bid proposal can be obtained by contacting the purchasing department of the Allentown State Hospital at (610) 740-3425 OR FAX (610) 740-3424.
   Department: Public Welfare
   Location: Allentown State Hospital, 1600 Hanover Avenue, Allentown, PA 18109-2498
   Duration: 7/01/02 TO 6/30/06
   Contact: Robert Mitchell (610) 740-3425

   Department: Public Welfare
   Location: Torrance State Hospital, State Route 1014, Torrance, PA 15779
   Duration: 07/01/02--06/30/06
   Contact: Linda J. Zoskey (724) 459-4547

SP 107833019 The scope of work for this project covers the supplying of all labor, tools, equipment, building materials, and appurtenances to repair sills, trim and siding necessary to install new replacement windows in the Dormitory Buildings A and B, and renovation of existing window wall in the Administration Building.
   Department: Public Welfare
   Location: Youth Forestry Camp No. 2, Hickory Run State Park, R. R. 1, Box 82, White Haven, PA 18661
   Duration: Through June 30, 2002
   Contact: Susan E. Wilkinson, Business Manager (570) 443-9524

BHP-0600 Historic Farm Buildings Available for Donation The U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons (Bureau), offers to donate one or more buildings contributing to the Farview State Hospital Agricultural complex, a National Register of Historic Places eligible historic property, to a state, county, or municipal subdivision of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for their relocation and preservation of Bureau property. These buildings currently stand near the intersection of Canaan Road and Owego Turnpike in Cannaan Township, Wayne County. This donation is offered pursuant to the Memorandum of Agreement executed between the Bureau, the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office, and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation for the United States Penitentiary Project in Canaan Township, Pennsylvania. As part of the donation, the Bureau will require that all preservation activities regarding the building(s) must be in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation. The Bureau will also require that a restrictive covenant ensuring the future preservation of the building(s) be placed on the article of transfer. The Bureau offers up to ten buildings and structures for donation, including three frame barns, three silos, two manure storage buildings, one brick dairy farm, and one brick bull pen shelter. These buildings and structures comprise part of the institutional farm associated with the former Farview State Hospital, the Commonwealth's first facility for the treatment and incarceration of the criminally insane. The institutional farm operated between 1913 and 1975. For further information concerning these buildings or the offer of donation, please contact either Mr. David J. Dorworth, Chief, Site Selection and Environmental Review Branch, Federal Bureau of Prisons, at (202) 514-6470, or Mr. Stuart Dixon of The Louis Berger Group, Inc., the Bureau's cultural resources consultant, at (202) 331-7775, ext. 478.
   Department: Historical and Museum Commission
   Location: Address of building for donation: Intersection of Canaan Road and Owego Turnpike in Canaan Township, Wayne County
   Duration: 2 Months
   Contact: Ann Safley (717) 787-9121

   Department: Military Affairs
   Location: Hollidaysburg Veterans Home, Rte. 220 @ Meadows Intersection, P. O. Box 319, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648-0319
   Duration: Estimated: 01 July 2002 through 30 June 2005.
   Contact: Becky J. Clapper, Purchasing Agent (814) 696-5395

060026 The Department of Transportation (District 6) is accepting bids for the furnishing and installation of Automatic Dump Truck Body Tarps. The Tarps are to be installed on PENNDOT owned tandem axel and single axel trucks. These trucks are in PENNDOT'S County Maintenance Yards located in Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Philadelphia Counties. Interested Vendors may obtain a bidding package by faxing in your name, address, phone number, and E-mail address to Louis J. Porrini, Highway Maintenance Manager at (610) 205-6909 or E-mail your information to Louis at The anticipated time frame for the release of Bid Packages is the week of November 19, 2001. The Bid Opening is anticipated to be held on December 19, 2001 @ 11 a.m. in the Engineering District 6 Office located at 7000 Geerdes Boulevard, King of Prussia, PA 19406-1525.
   Department: Transportation
   Location: Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties
   Duration: One Year with one ( 1-Year) Renewal
   Contact: Louis J. Porrini, Highway Maintenance Manager (610) 205-6703

   Department: Revenue
   Location: Pennsylvania Lottery, 2850 Turnpike Industrial Drive, Middletown, PA 17057 Door #5
   Duration: December 31, 2001
   Contact: (Supply) Carol Kirkpatrick (717) 772-0506

20873010 The vendor will be responsible for the annual inspection and service of the Anodes and Rectifier in two (2) 500M gallon Reservoirs and one (1) 400M gallon elevated water storage tanks at the Harrisburg State Hospital.
   Department: Public Welfare
   Location: Harrisburg State Hospital, Cameron & Maclay Streets, Harrisburg, PA 17106
   Duration: The term of this contract is anticipated to begin July 1, 2002 and end June 30, 2005, a period of 5 years
   Contact: Jack W. Heinze, PA III (717) 772-7435

FLBA01 Grant applications are being accepted for the Forest Lands Beautification Grant program. The purposes of the act are to deter illegal waste disposal practices on State Forest and State Park lands and provide for its removal, recycling and proper disposal. Grant funds are used for activities that cleanup active and inactive illegal dump sites and to prevent further unauthorized disposal of waste on State Forest and State Park lands. Local agencies and nonprofit organizations are eligible for funding.
   Department: Conservation and Natural Resources
   Location: Harrisburg, PA
   2 year grant Date:
   Contact: Ed Bortzfield (717) 783-0380

012029 Receive road side trash and construction and demolition materials delivered by PennDot vehicles.
   Department: Transportation
   Location: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, 9031 Peach Street, Waterford, PA 16441
   Duration: One (1) Year
   Contact: Jean Zarger (814) 871-4411
[Pa.B. Doc. No. 01-2094. Filed for public inspection November 16, 2001, 9:00 a.m.]

1 Advertising,Public Relations, Promotional Materials 22 Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Plumbing, Refrigeration Services, Equipment Rental & Repair
2 Agricultural Services, Livestock, Equipment, Supplies & Repairs: Farming Equipment Rental & Repair, Crop Harvesting & Dusting, Animal Feed, etc. 23 Janitorial Services & Supply Rental: Interior
3 Auctioneer Services 24 Laboratory Services, Maintenance & Consulting
4 Audio/Video, Telecommunications Services, Equipment Rental & Repair 24 Laboratory Services, Maintenance & Consulting
5 Barber/Cosmetology Services & Equipment 25 Laundry/Dry Cleaning & Linen/Uniform Rental
6 Cartography Services 26 Legal Services & Consultation
7 Child Care 27 Lodging/Meeting Facilities
8 Computer Related Services & Equipment Repair: Equipment Rental/Lease, Programming, Data Entry, Payroll Services, Consulting 28 Mailing Services
9 Construction & Construction Maintenance: Buildings, Highways, Roads, Asphalt Paving, Bridges, Culverts, Welding, Resurfacing, etc. 29 Medical Services, Equipment Rental and Repairs & Consultation
10 Court Reporting & Stenography Services 30 Moving Services
11 Demolition\Structural Only 31 Personnel, Temporary
12 Drafting & Design Services 32 Photography Services (includes aerial)
13 Elevator Maintenance 33 Property Maintenance & Renovation\Interior & Exterior: Painting, Restoration, Carpentry Services, Snow Removal, General Landscaping (Mowing, Tree Pruning & Planting, etc.)
14 Engineering Services & Consultation: Geologic, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Solar & Surveying 34 Railroad/Airline Related Services, Equipment & Repair
15 Environmental Maintenance Services: Well Drilling, Mine Reclamation, Core & Exploratory Drilling, Stream Rehabilitation Projects and Installation Services 35 Real Estate Services\Appraisals & Rentals
16 Extermination Services 36 Sanitation\Non-Hazardous Removal, Disposal & Transportation (Includes Chemical Toilets)
17 Financial & Insurance Consulting & Services 37 Security Services & Equipment\MArmed Guards, Investigative Services & Security Systems
18 Firefighting Services 38 Vehicle, Heavy Equipment & Powered Machinery Services, Maintenance, Rental, Repair & Renovation (Includes ADA Improvements)
19 Food 39 Miscellaneous: This category is intended for listing all bids, announcements not applicable to the above categories
20 Fuel Related Services, Equipment & Maintenance to Include Weighing Station Equipment, Underground & Above Storage Tanks
21 Hazardous Material Services: Abatement, Disposal, Removal, Transportation & Consultation


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