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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 02-2346

   Act 266 of 1982 provides for the payment of interest penalties on certain invoices of "qualified small business concerns". The penalties apply to invoices for goods or services when payments are not made by the required payment date or within a 15 day grace period thereafter.
   Act 1984-196 redefined a "qualified small business concern" as any independently owned and operated, for-profit business concern employing 100 or fewer employees. See 4 Pa.Code § 2.32. The business must include the following statement on every invoice submitted to the Commonwealth: "(name of business) is a qualified small business concern as defined in 4 Pa. Code 2.32."
   A business is eligible for payments when the required payment is the latest of:
      The payment date specified in the contract.
      30 days after the later of the receipt of a proper invoice or receipt of goods or services.
      The net payment date stated on the business' invoice.
   A 15-day grace period after the required payment date is provided to the Commonwealth by the Act.
   For more information: contact: Small Business Resource Center
                                                  PA Department of Community and Economic Development
                                                  374 Forum Building
                                                  Harrisburg, PA 17120
                                                  800-280-3801 or (717) 783-5700

The Treasury Department's Bureau of Contracts and Public Records can help you do business with state government agencies. Our efforts focus on guiding the business community through the maze of state government offices. The bureau is, by law, the central repository for all state contracts over $5,000. Bureau personnel can supply descriptions of contracts, names of previous bidders, pricing breakdowns and other information to help you submit a successful bid on a contract. We will direct you to the appropriate person and agency looking for your product or service to get you "A Step Ahead." Services are free except the cost of photocopying contracts or dubbing a computer diskette with a list of current contracts on the database. A free brochure, "Frequently Asked Questions About State Contracts," explains how to take advantage of the bureau's services.
Contact: Bureau of Contracts and Public Records
              Pennsylvania State Treasury
              Room G13 Finance Building
              Harrisburg, PA 17120

State Treasurer

   Department: Fish and Boat Commission
   Location: Harrisburg, PA
   Duration: One Time Purchase.
   Contact: Dennis Grove, (717) 705-7915 


ADV 171
Indiana University of Pennsylvania is seeking qualified vendors to respond to a Request for Proposal to furnish cable television system operation and/or programming services, related equipment and billing services for 15 residential buildings and other select locations on the IUP main campus in Indiana, PA 15701. Requests for copies of the bid package should be made in writing referencing ADV#171 and directed to the attention of Barbara Cerovich, Contracts Administrator, IUP, Robertshaw Building, 650 S. 13th Street, Indiana, PA 15705; Fax No. (724) 357-2670; e-mail Interested vendors must submit their response to be placed on the bidders list no later than January 10, 2003.
   Department: State System of Higher Education
   Location: Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA 15705
   Duration: Three years with option for 2 year renewal
   Contact: Barbara Cerovich, (724) 357-2301

C8:2-103.1 Garden Street Pumping Station Improvements, Civil/Mechanical. Complete and in place improvements to the pumping station shall include, but not be limited to, the following: demolition of the existing pumping station and outlet structure, installation of a new pumping station consisting of a substructure and enclosure including heating and ventilation equipment, three vertical axial flow stormwater pumps, sump pump, piping, valves and fittings, trash rack, discharge chamber with gravity drain inlet flap valve and levee drainage pipe inlet sluice gates, hand railing, access hatches, ladder and staff gage, installation of a new 30-inch, RCP discharge pipe/gravity drain, concrete outlet structure and elastomeric check valve, installation of new concrete levee access steps, sidewalk, retaining walls and generator pad, television inspection of existing levee drainage pipes, installation of new pumping station level transducer system and secondary float switches, and all other work as specified and indicated on the contract documents. Pre-bid meeting will be held January 15, 11:00 AM at the Garden Street Pumping Station site. This project issues December 27, 2002. Payment in the amount of $15.00 must be received before bid documents will be sent.
   Department: Environmental Protection
   Location: Borough of Sayre, Bradford County
   Duration: 300 calendar days after notice to proceed or December 31, 2003, whichever comes first
   Contact: Construction Contracts Section, (717) 783-7994

C8:2-103.2 Garden Street Pumping Station Improvements, Electrical. Complete and in place improvements to the pumping station shall include, but not be limited to, the following: demolition and removal of the existing pumping station electrical equipment, installation of new electrical service and distribution equipment, Motor control center, grounding, lighting, and appurtenant items, installation of new standby power generator, weatherproof generator enclosure, and automatic transfer switch, installation of new autodialer and telephone service, installation of new digital pump station control system, installation of new security intrusion alarm system, transferring of electric service from the existing to the new pumping station, and all other work as specified and indicated on the contract documents. This project issues December 27, 2002. Pre-bid meeting will be held January 15, 11:00 AM at the Garden Street Pumping Station site. Payment in the amount of $15.00 must be received before bid documents will be sent.
   Department: Environmental Protection
   Location: Borough of Sayre, Bradford County
   Duration: 300 calendar days after notice to proceed or December 31, 2003, whichever comes first
   Contact: Construction Contracts Section, (717) 783-7994

SU-921B SU-921B Structural Maintenance Seavers Apartments--Phase 2. Invitation To Bid-Shippensburg University of the State System of Higher Education invites General Contractors to request bid documents for this project. Work includes all work necessary to repair concrete, brickwork, steel painting and handrail replacement. Prospective Bidders may obtain project plans for a nonrefundable fee of $40.00 from STV Architects, 205 West Welsh Drive, Douglassville, PA 19518, ATTN: Virginia Stoudt, 610-385-8325. Pre-Bid Meeting with site visit immediately to follow will be held on January 3, 2003 at 10:00 AM in Reed Operations Center Conference Room. Bids Due: January 22, 2003 at 4:00 PM in Old Main Room 300. Public Bid Opening: January 23, 2003 at 2:00 PM., Old Main Room 203B. Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity are the policies of the Commonwealth and of the PA State System of Higher Education.
   Department: State System of Higher Education
   Location: Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA 17257
   Duration: Completion 7-25-03
   Contact: Deborah K. Martin, (717) 477-1121

401-BL-665 Renovations to Bakeless Hall HVAC--Provide all labor, equipment and material necessary to replace the existing cooling tower with associated condenser water pumps, replacement of existing unit ventilators and fan coil units, installation of new rooftop air handling units, installation of new automatic temperature control system and electrical power connections to the equipment. There will be an HVAC and Electrical prime contract on this project. To obtain the bid documents for this project submit a non-refundable $100.00 deposit to Rettew Associates, Inc., 3897 Adler Place, Suite 120C, Bethlehem, Pa. 18017; Phone: (610) 866-8330. Documents should be available late December 2002, and all information regarding bid dates and prebid will be included in the package.
   Department: State System of Higher Education
   Location: Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA
   Duration: 77 Calendar Days
   Contact: Joe Quinn, (570) 389-4311

   Department: Transportation
   Location: 929 Plymouth Road, Gwynedd, PA 19436
   Duration: OPEN
   Contact: Linda Bunt, (610) 205-6784

PR30004015 Hydrogeologic investigations to be conducted at the Corry Fish Culture Station, Erie County, and the Oswayo Fish Culture Station, Potter County. The goal of the project is to determine the hydrogeologic framework at these two properties to facilitate locations and development of on-site water supply wells. Scope of the work will consist of three basic tasks including: A) Conduct a geologic review of the properties and area immediately surrounding the PFBC facilities and prepare two geological reports of the results of all work conducted in all three tasks, B) Conduct a representative geophysical survey on each property and C) Install one hollow stem auger test boring at each site at a location determined in Task B. Work to be completed from March 1--June 30, 2003.
   Department: Fish and Boat Commission
   Location: PA Fish and Boat Commission, Corry Fish Culture Station, Erie County and Oswayo Fish Culture Station, Potter County, PA
   Duration: June 30, 2003
   Contact: Kathi Tibbott, (814) 359-5130

PennDOT-ECMS The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has established a website advertising for the retention of engineering firms. You can view these business opportunities by going to the Department of Transportation's Engineering and Construction Management System at
   Department: Transportation
   Location: Various

   Department: Environmental Protection
   Location: Brothersvalley Township, Somerset County
   Duration: 180 calendar days after notice to proceed
   Contact: Construction Contracts Section, (717) 783-7994

BF 441-101.1 Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation, McCandless Mining Company, Mining Permit No. 1079112-01-0, 01-2. The work consists of clearing and grubbing, 32,000 c.y. grading, and 9.6 acre seeding. Federal funds are available for this project from the $37.8 million 2001 Pennsylvania AML grant. This project issues December 27, 2003. Payment in the amount of $10.00 must be received before bid documents will be sent.
   Department: Environmental Protection
   Location: Brady Township, Butler County
   Duration: 180 calendar days after notice to proceed
   Contact: Construction Contracts Section, (717) 783-7994

   Department: Public Welfare
   Location: Ebensburg Center, Department of Public Welfare, Rt. 22 West, PO Box 600, Ebensburg, PA 15931
   Contact: Cora Davis, Purchasing Agent, (814) 472-0288

12ROW04 APPLICATION FOR LEASE OF RIGHT-OF-WAY: Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Title 67 Pa. Code § 7495.4(d), an application to lease highway right-of-way has been submitted to the Department by the Borough of Donora, of 603 Meldon Avenue, Donora, Pennsylvania 15033, seeking to lease highway right-of-way of 23,040 square feet originally acquired as parcels 179, 181, 182 and 183 by Commonwealth Plans for Legislative Route 1099, Section 002. The area, previously known as tax map lots 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54 and 56, is located adjacent to the western side of McKean Avenue (SR 0857) between Walnut Street and Chestnut Street in the Borough of Donora, Washington County, Pennsylvania and will be used for the erection of a war memorial to honor the Borough of Donora natives who have served in our Nation's wars and armed conflicts. Interested persons are invited to submit, within thirty (30) days from the publication of this notice in the Pennsylvania Bulletin, written comments, suggestions and/or objections regarding the approval of this application to Michael H. Dufalla, P.E., District Engineer, Engineering District 12-0, PO Box 459, Uniontown, PA 15401. Questions regarding this application may be directed to: Steve Holowach, Real Estate Specialist, PO Box 459, Uniontown, PA 15401, e-mail, fax (724) 425-3009 or telephone (724) 439-7144.
   Department: Transportation
   Location: PENNSYLVANIA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION, Engineering District 1200, PO Box 459, 805 North Gallatin Avenue Extension, Uniontown, PA 15401
   Duration: Unspecified . . . infinite time period.
   Contact: Steve Holowach, Real Estate Specialist, (724) 439-7144

8598-02 Provide Transportation and Counseling Services to The State Correctional Institution at Muncy, PA
   Department: Corrections
   Location: State Correctional Institution, Route 405, P.O. Box 180, Muncy, PA 17756
   Duration: 1 to 3 Year Contract; Start date: 7/1/03
   Contact: Cindy Lyons, (570) 546-3171
[Pa.B. Doc. No. 02-2346. Filed for public inspection December 27, 2002, 9:00 a.m.]

[ Pa.B. 5]


1 Advertising,Public Relations, Promotional Materials 22 Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Plumbing, Refrigeration Services, Equipment Rental & Repair
2 Agricultural Services, Livestock, Equipment, Supplies & Repairs: Farming Equipment Rental & Repair, Crop Harvesting & Dusting, Animal Feed, etc. 23 Janitorial Services & Supply Rental: Interior
3 Auctioneer Services 24 Laboratory Services, Maintenance & Consulting
4 Audio/Video, Telecommunications Services, Equipment Rental & Repair 24 Laboratory Services, Maintenance & Consulting
5 Barber/Cosmetology Services & Equipment 25 Laundry/Dry Cleaning & Linen/Uniform Rental
6 Cartography Services 26 Legal Services & Consultation
7 Child Care 27 Lodging/Meeting Facilities
8 Computer Related Services & Equipment Repair: Equipment Rental/Lease, Programming, Data Entry, Payroll Services, Consulting 28 Mailing Services
9 Construction & Construction Maintenance: Buildings, Highways, Roads, Asphalt Paving, Bridges, Culverts, Welding, Resurfacing, etc. 29 Medical Services, Equipment Rental and Repairs & Consultation
10 Court Reporting & Stenography Services 30 Moving Services
11 Demolition\Structural Only 31 Personnel, Temporary
12 Drafting & Design Services 32 Photography Services (includes aerial)
13 Elevator Maintenance 33 Property Maintenance & Renovation\Interior & Exterior: Painting, Restoration, Carpentry Services, Snow Removal, General Landscaping (Mowing, Tree Pruning & Planting, etc.)
14 Engineering Services & Consultation: Geologic, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Solar & Surveying 34 Railroad/Airline Related Services, Equipment & Repair
15 Environmental Maintenance Services: Well Drilling, Mine Reclamation, Core & Exploratory Drilling, Stream Rehabilitation Projects and Installation Services 35 Real Estate Services\Appraisals & Rentals
16 Extermination Services 36 Sanitation\Non-Hazardous Removal, Disposal & Transportation (Includes Chemical Toilets)
17 Financial & Insurance Consulting & Services 37 Security Services & Equipment\MArmed Guards, Investigative Services & Security Systems
18 Firefighting Services 38 Vehicle, Heavy Equipment & Powered Machinery Services, Maintenance, Rental, Repair & Renovation (Includes ADA Improvements)
19 Food 39 Miscellaneous: This category is intended for listing all bids, announcements not applicable to the above categories
20 Fuel Related Services, Equipment & Maintenance to Include Weighing Station Equipment, Underground & Above Storage Tanks
21 Hazardous Material Services: Abatement, Disposal, Removal, Transportation & Consultation


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