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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 06-1261


Recent Actions during the 2006 Regular Session of the General Assembly

[36 Pa.B. 3802]
[Saturday, July 22, 2006]

   The following is a summary of recent actions of the General Assembly during the 2006 Regular Session.

Doc. Date of Bill Printer's Effective Subject Matter
No. Action Number Number Date
066 Jul 5 HB1992 PN4516 Immediately Fiscal Code--omnibus amendments
067 Jul 6 SB0300 PN1986 Immediately* Tax Reform Code of 1971--omnibus amendments
068 Jul 7 HB0030 PN0033 ImmediatelyWorkers' Compensation Act--compensation to widows, widowers and children
069 Jul 7 HB0247 PN4415 Immediately* Health Care Facilities Act--licensure of home care agencies and home care registries, consumer protections, inspections and plans of correction and applicability of act
070 Jul 7 HB0248 PN4277 60 days Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)--legislative review of State highway transfers and allocation of proceeds from taxes for highway maintenance and construction
071 Jul 7 HB0456 PN1074 60 daysCrimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.) and Judicial Code (42 Pa.C.S.)--terrorism offenses, controlled substances forfeitures, terrorism forfeitures, procedure with respect to seized property subject to liens and rights of lienholders and penalties
072 Jul 7 HB0496 PN4210 60 daysCrimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.) and Judicial Code (42 Pa.C.S.)--destruction of survey monument and actions relating to land surveying
073 Jul 7 HB0509 PN4505 60 daysPublic School Code of 1949--campus police powers and duties
074 Jul 7 HB0801 PN4514 Immediately*Administrative Code of 1929--fees charged by Insurance Department and establishment of Cervical Cancer Task Force
075 Jul 7 HB1320 PN4308 60 daysFish and Boat Code (30 Pa.C.S.)--restriction of transport, sale, importation or release of non-native injurious fish
076 Jul 7 HB1326 PN4044 ImmediatelyAt-Risk Elderly Wireless Emergency Telephone Program Act--enactment
077 Jul 7 HB1528 PN4309 90 days Agriculture Code (3 Pa.C.S.) and Game and Wildlife Code (34 Pa.C.S.)--licenses and fees relating to taxidermists
078 Jul 7 HB1632 PN4284 60 daysUnfair Insurance Practices Act--further defining ''abuse,'' ''unfair methods of competition'' and ''unfair or deceptive acts or practices''
079 Jul 7 HB1641 PN4392 120 days Fish and Boat Code (30 Pa.C.S.) and Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)--boat and marine forfeiture, powers and duties of Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and Department of Transportation and boat, marine equipment and watercraft trailer forfeiture
080 Jul 7 HB1725 PN3757 60 daysLocal Tax Collection Law--omnibus amendments
081 Jul 7 HB1746 PN4389 7 days Judicial Code (42 Pa.C.S.)--fees and charges, time limitations for other offenses, inspection of court files and records, law enforcement records and expiration of provisions on access to justice
082 Jul 7 HB2295 PN3734 60 daysVehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)--special registration plate for recipients of Korean Defense Service Medal
083 Jul 7 HB2317 PN4338 ImmediatelyCapital Budget Project Itemization Act of 2005-2006--enactment
084 Jul 7 HB2376 PN4310 Immediately*Liquor Code--omnibus amendments
085 Jul 7 HB2383 PN4459 ImmediatelyLiquor Code--Bureau of Alcohol Education reports to General Assembly and special occasion permits
086 Jul 7 HB2425 PN3822 60 daysRequirements for valid recording of documents
087 Jul 7 HB2437 PN3506 60 daysMilitary and Veterans Code (51 Pa.C.S.)--amounts of part-time student assistance grants
088 Jul 7 HB2441 PN3510 60 daysProcurement (62 Pa.C.S.)--electronic bidding by local government units
089 Jul 7 HB2627 PN4053 ImmediatelyRetroactivity of death benefit eligibility for firefighters, ambulance service or rescue squad members, law enforcement officers or National Guard members killed in line of duty
090 Jul 7 HB2633 PN4282 60 daysCpl. Victor Kozares, D.S.C., Bridge--designation
091 Jul 7 HB2740 PN4349 60 daysSergeant Carl F. Curran II Memorial Bridge--designation
092 Jul 7 HB2802 PN4393 ImmediatelySign Language Interpreter and Trans- literator State Registration Act--State registration requirements
093 Jul 7 SB0082 PN1983 30 days American, Commonwealth and Military Flag Act--enactment
094 Jul 7 SB0151 PN0137 60 daysPublic School Code of 1949--State Report Card
095 Jul 7 SB0243 PN1836 Jan. 1, 2007 Enforcement Officer Disability Benefits Law--payment of salary, medical and hospital expenses to sheriffs and deputy sheriffs under certain circumstances
096 Jul 7 SB0332 PN1777 60 daysDomestic Relations Code (23 Pa.C.S.)--foreign decree of adoption
097 Jul 7 SB0651 PN1987 ImmediatelyLibrary Code--omnibus amendments
098 Jul 7 SB0660 PN1969 Immediately*Probate, Estates and Fiduciary Code (20 Pa.C.S.)--Uniform Trust Act, and rule against perpetuities
099 Jul 7 SB0707 PN1971 60 daysCosmetology Law--omnibus amendments
100 Jul 7 SB0775 PN1795 60 daysInterstate Compact for the Supervision of Adult Offenders Act--application fee and collection and use of application fee
101 Jul 7 SB0809 PN1958 60 daysSecond Class Township Code--organization meeting and appointment of secretary and treasurer, duties of township supervisors, county association, and State Association of Township Supervisors
102 Jul 7 SB0868 PN1970 ImmediatelyForest Reserves Municipal Financial Relief Law--distribution of annual charge
103 Jul 7 SB0874 PN1914 ImmediatelyHighway-Railroad and Highway Bridge Capital Budget Supplemental Act for 2005-2006--enactment
104 Jul 7 SB1007 PN1650 60 daysInsurance Company Law of 1921--fire insurance contracts and standard policy provisions to exclude damage caused by terrorism
105 Jul 7 SB1043 PN1944 60 daysMilitary and Veterans Code (51 Pa.C.S.)--association group life insurance for Pennsylvania National Guard and tuition costs and fees for children and spouses of deceased soldiers
106 Jul 7 SB1114 PN1782 60 daysSecond Class Township Code--county associations and appropriations by townships to counties for land acquisitions
107 Jul 7 SB1169 PN1756 60 daysPennsylvania State Police Cpl. Joseph R. Pokorny, Jr., Memorial Highway--designation
108 Jul 7 SB1179 PN1982 60 daysPennsylvania Construction Code Act--training of inspectors and exemptions
109 Jul 7 SB1205 PN1869 60 daysDomestic Relations Code (23 Pa.C.S.)--insurance proceeds intercept and State disbursement unit
110 Jul 7 SB1224 PN1955 60 daysConservation District Law--Commonwealth appropriations
111 Jul 7 SB1188 PN1985 Immediately*State Lottery Law--omnibus amendments
112 Jul 9 SB1090 PN1973 ImmediatelyMinimum Wage Act of 1968--federal changes in wage rates and preemption
113 Jul 10 HB0804 PN4503 60 daysVehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)--omnibus amendments
010A Jul 7 HB2504 PN4465 ImmediatelyPennsylvania State University--education and general expenses, agricultural research and extension services, Pennsylvania College of Technology and debt service related to Williamsport Area Community College
011A Jul 7 HB2505 PN4466 ImmediatelyUniversity of Pittsburgh--education and general expenses, student life initiatives, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, recruitment and retention of disadvantaged students, and rural education outreach
012A Jul 7 HB2506 PN4467 ImmediatelyTemple University--education and general expenses and recruitment and retention of disadvantaged students
013A Jul 7 HB2507 PN4468 ImmediatelyLincoln University--education and general expenses
014A Jul 7 HB2508 PN4469 ImmediatelyDrexel University--instruction and student aid
015A Jul 7 HB2509 PN4470 ImmediatelyUniversity of Pennsylvania--dental clinics, doctor of medicine program, veterinary activities, center for infectious disease and cardiovascular studies
016A Jul 7 HB2510 PN4471 ImmediatelyPhiladelphia Health and Education Corporation--Colleges of Medicine, Public Health, Nursing and Health professions, continuation of pediatric services and handicapped student aid and children's clinic
017A Jul 7 HB2511 PN4472 ImmediatelyThomas Jefferson University--instruction in doctor of medicine program, maintenance, College of Allied Health Sciences, student aid, Children's Heart Hospital and Tay-Sachs Disease
018A Jul 7 HB2512 PN4473 ImmediatelyPhiladelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine--instruction in doctor of osteopathy program
019A Jul 7 HB2513 PN4474 ImmediatelyLake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine--instruction in doctor of osteopathy program
020A Jul 7 HB2514 PN4475 ImmediatelyPennsylvania College of Optometry--instruction
021A Jul 7 HB2515 PN4476 ImmediatelyUniversity of the Arts, Philadelphia--instruction and student aid
022A Jul 7 HB2516 PN4477 ImmediatelyBerean Training and Industrial School--operation and maintenance expenses
023A Jul 7 HB2517 PN4478 ImmediatelyJohnson Technical Institute of Scranton--operation and maintenance expenses
024A Jul 7 HB2518 PN4479 ImmediatelyWilliamson Free School of Mechanical Trades--operation and maintenance expenses
025A Jul 7 HB2519 PN3699 ImmediatelyFox Chase Institute for Cancer Research--operation and maintenance of cancer research program
026A Jul 7 HB2520 PN3700 ImmediatelyWistar Institute--operation and maintenance expenses and AIDS research
027A Jul 7 HB2521 PN3701 ImmediatelyCentral Penn Oncology Group--operation
028A Jul 7 HB2522 PN4480 ImmediatelyLancaster Cleft Palate--outpatient-inpatient treatment
029A Jul 7 HB2523 PN3703 ImmediatelyBurn Foundation, Philadelphia--outpatient and inpatient treatment
030A Jul 7 HB2524 PN3704 ImmediatelyChildren's Institute--treatment and rehabilitation of certain persons with disabling diseases
031A Jul 7 HB2525 PN3705 ImmediatelyChildren's Hospital of Philadelphia--comprehensive patient care and general maintenance and operation
032A Jul 7 HB2526 PN3706 ImmediatelyBeacon Lodge Camp--services to the blind
033A Jul 7 HB2527 PN4481 ImmediatelyCarnegie Museums of Pittsburgh--operations and maintenance expenses and purchase of apparatus, supplies and equipment
034A Jul 7 HB2528 PN4482 ImmediatelyFranklin Institute Science Museum--maintenance expenses
035A Jul 7 HB2529 PN4483 ImmediatelyAcademy of Natural Sciences--maintenance expenses
036A Jul 7 HB2530 PN4484 ImmediatelyAfrican-American Museum--operating expenses
037A Jul 7 HB2531 PN4485 ImmediatelyEverhart Museum--operating expenses
038A Jul 7 HB2532 PN4486 ImmediatelyMercer Museum--operating expenses
039A Jul 7 HB2533 PN4487 ImmediatelyWhitaker Center for Science and the Arts--operating expenses

   *denotes an effective date with exceptions

Effective Dates of Statutes

   The effective dates specified above for laws and appropriation acts were contained in the applicable law or appropriation act. Where no date is specified or where the effective date specified is prior to the date of enactment, the effective date is 60 days after final enactment except for statutes making appropriations or affecting budgets of political subdivisions. See 1 Pa.C.S. §§ 1701--1704 (relating to effective dates of statutes).

Advance Copies of Statutes

   Section 1106 of Title 1 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes provides that the prothonotaries of each county shall file advance copies of statutes in their offices for public inspection until the Laws of Pennsylvania are generally available. Section 2406(h) of The Administrative Code of 1929 provides that the Department of General Services shall distribute advance sheets of the Laws of Pennsylvania to each law judge of the courts, to every county and public library of this Commonwealth and to each member of the General Assembly. These copies shall be furnished without charge. The Department shall also mail one copy of each law enacted during any legislative session to any person who pays to it the sum of $20.

   Requests for annual subscriptions for advance copies of statutes should be sent to the State Bookstore, Commonwealth Keystone Building, 400 North Street, Harrisburg, PA 17120, accompanied by a check or money order in the sum of $20, payable to the ''Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.''

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