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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 08-1405


Recent Actions during the 2008 Regular Session of the General Assembly

[38 Pa.B. 4066]
[Saturday, August 2, 2008]

   The following is a summary of recent actions of the General Assembly during the 2008 Regular Session.

Doc. Date of Bill Printer's Effective Subject Matter
No. Action Number Number Date
032 Jul 2SB1063 PN2229 Immediately* Local Tax Enabling Act--omnibus amendments
033 Jul 3 SB1147 PN2159 180 days Domestic Relations Code (23 Pa.C.S.)--omnibus amendments
034 Jul 4HB0239 PN4106 60 daysSecond Class Township Code--liens for assessments and connection to water system
035 Jul 4HB0306 PN4181 July 1, 2008 Judicial Code (42 Pa.C.S.)--appeals from Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board and dissemination of names for Statewide jury list
036 Jul 4HB0883 PN4183 July 1, 2009Newborn Child Testing Act--newborn child screening and testing
037 Jul 4HB1167 PN1431 60 daysInsurance Department Act of 1921--risk-based capital reporting requirements
038 Jul 4HB1199 PN4189 90 days Physical Therapy Practice Act--omnibus amendments
039 Jul 4HB1329 PN3192 ImmediatelyPennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code--omnibus amendments
040 Jul 4HB1330 PN3193 ImmediatelyJudicial Code (42 Pa.C.S.)--appeals generally and appeals from ordinances, resolutions, maps, etc.
041 Jul 4HB1589 PN4129 ImmediatelyCapital Budget Project Itemization Act of 2007-2008--enactment
042 Jul 4HB1612 PN4084 Immediately*Cigarette Fire Safety and Firefighter Protection Act--enactment
043 Jul 4HB1705 PN3108 ImmediatelyGreat Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact--enactment
044 Jul 4HB1788 PN4179 Immediately*Public Welfare Code--omnibus amendments
045 Jul 4HB1804 PN4112 Immediately*Medical Practice Act of 1985--State Board of Medicine, jointly promulgated regulations, physician assistants, respiratory care practitioners, physicians assistants license and respiratory care practitioner certificates and permits
046 Jul 4HB2088 PN4113 Immediately*Osteopathic Medical Practice Act--State Board of Osteopathic Medicine, practice without license, physician assistants, respiratory care practitioner certificates and permits, refusal, revocation or suspension of license and regulations
047 Jul 4HB2158 PN4128 ImmediatelyConveyance--Commonwealth property in Pike, Berks, Montgomery, Lancaster, Lehigh and Lackawanna Counties
048 Jul 4HB2231 PN4190 ImmediatelyCapital Facilities Debt Enabling Act--appropriation for and limitation on redevelopment assistance capital projects
049 Jul 4HB2295 PN3999 ImmediatelyReal and Personal Property (68 Pa.C.S.)--application of subpart relating to condominiums created by prior statutory law and lien for assessments
050 Jul 4HB2302 PN3912 ImmediatelyTourism Promotion Act--enactment
051 Jul 4HB2428 PN3875 ImmediatelyMortgage Property Insurance Coverage Act--enactment
052 Jul 4SB1000 PN2228 ImmediatelyVoice-Over-Internet Protocol Freedom Act--enactment
053 Jul 4SB1297 PN2302 ImmediatelyFiscal Code--omnibus amendments
054 Jul 7HB2522 PN4191 ImmediatelyCapital Budget Act of 2008-2009--enactment
055 Jul 7SB0949 PN2275 180 daysBituminous Coal Mine Safety Act--enactment
056 Jul 8HB2179 PN4020120 daysBanks and Banking (7 Pa.C.S.)--regulating mortgage loan industry practice, licensure and penalties, and unlicensed mortgage loan activity
057 Jul 8SB0483 PN2163 60 daysLoan Interest and Protection Law--maximum lawful interest rates, residential mortgage interest rates and penalties and enforcement
058 Jul 8SB0484 PN2251 Immediately*Department of Banking Code--supervision and exercise of discretion, disclosure of certain information, criminal history record information and conduct of administrative proceedings relating to institutions and credit unions
059 Jul 8SB0485 PN2252 60 daysReal Estate Appraisers Certification Act--omnibus amendments
060 Jul 8SB0486 PN1752 60 daysHousing Finance Agency Law--general authority, notice and institution of foreclosure proceedings, notice requirements, assistance payments and repayment and ongoing foreclosure study
061Jul 9 HB1067 PN4199 ImmediatelyPublic School Code of 1949--omnibus amendments
062Jul 9 HB1150 PN4133 Immediately*Insurance Company Law of 1921--omnibus amendments
063Jul 9 SB0002 PN2294 60 daysH2O PA Act--enactment
064 Jul 9 SB1341 PN2292 ImmediatelyWater and Sewer Systems Assistance Act--enactment
065Jul 9 HB0069 PN4031 ImmediatelyGame and Wildlife Code (34 Pa.C.S.)--buying and selling game and safety zones
066 Jul 9 HB0377 PN4195 ImmediatelyTax Reform Code of 1971--alternative special tax for poverty study, contributions to breast and cervical cancer research and volunteer responder retention and recruitment tax credit
067 Jul 9HB1116 PN1843 60 daysGame and Wildlife Code (34 Pa.C.S.)--vouchers for licenses
068 Jul 9HB1693 PN3393 60 daysSocial Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors Act--qualifications for license, endorsement of out-of-State licenses and proscribing unlawful practice
069 Jul 9SB0004 PN2235 ImmediatelyState Lottery Law--PACE and PACENET eligibility
070 Jul 9SB0266 PN1554 ImmediatelyPennsylvania Climate Change Act--enactment
071 Jul 9SB0356 PN1098 ImmediatelyEnvironmental Education Act--establishment of Pennsylvania Center for Environmental Education and Pennsylvania Center for Environmental Education Board
072 Jul 9SB0385 PN2248 120 daysPublic Safety Emergency Telephone Act--Interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol service and VoIP 911 Emergency Services Fund
073 Jul 9SB0838 PN2247 60 daysCPA Law--omnibus amendments
074 Jul 9SB0999 PN2276 60 daysMarine Sergeant David ''DJ'' Emery, Jr. Highway--designation
075 Jul 9SB1020 PN1871 60 daysConservation District Law--omnibus amendments
076 Jul 9SB1332 PN2300 60 daysGeneral Local Government Code (53 Pa.C.S.)--oaths of office and hotel room rental tax
077 Jul 9SB1424 PN2209 ImmediatelyBoard of Vehicles Act--licensing cost
078 Jul 10HB1202 PN4184 90 daysBiofuel Development and In-State Production Incentive Act--enactment
079 Jul 10SB1412 PN2285 60 daysKeystone Opportunity Zone, Keystone Opportunity Expansion Zone and Keystone Opportunity Improvement Zone Act--omnibus amendments
080 Jul 11HB2167 PN3950 ImmediatelyCommunity and Economic Improvement Act--Philadelphia hospitality promotion tax and apportionment of revenue
007A Jul 4HB2313 PN4149 ImmediatelyPennsylvania State University--education and general expenses, agricultural research and extension services, Pennsylvania College of Technology and debt service related to Williamsport Area Community College
008A Jul 4HB2314 PN4150 ImmediatelyFox Chase Institute for Cancer Research--operation and maintenance of cancer research program
009A Jul 9HB2315 PN4187 ImmediatelyUniversity of Pittsburgh--educational and general expenses, student life initiatives, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic teen suicide center, recruitment and retention of disadvantaged students and rural education outreach
010A Jul 4HB2316 PN4152 ImmediatelyWistar Institute--operation and maintenance expenses and AIDS research
011A Jul 4HB2317 PN4153 ImmediatelyTemple University--education and general expenses and recruitment and retention of disadvantaged students
012A Jul 4HB2318 PN4154 ImmediatelyCentral Penn Oncology Group--operation
013A Jul 4HB2319 PN4155 ImmediatelyLancaster Cleft Palate--outpatient-inpatient treatment
014A Jul 4HB2320 PN4156 ImmediatelyLincoln University--educational and general expenses
015A Jul 4HB2321 PN4157 ImmediatelyBurn Foundation--outpatient and inpatient treatment
016A Jul 4HB2322 PN4158 ImmediatelyChildren's Institute--treatment and rehabilitation of children and young adults with disabling diseases
017A Jul 4HB2323 PN4159 ImmediatelyDrexel University--instruction and student aid
018A Jul 4HB2324 PN4160 ImmediatelyChildren's Hospital of Philadelphia--comprehensive patient care for children and general maintenance and operation
019A Jul 4HB2325 PN4161 ImmediatelyBeacon Lodge Camp--services to the blind
020A Jul 4HB2326 PN4162 ImmediatelyUniversity of Pennsylvania--dental clinics, doctor of medicine program, veterinary activities, center for infectious disease and cardiovascular studies
021A Jul 4HB2327 PN4163 ImmediatelyCarnegie Museums of Pittsburgh--operation and maintenance
022A Jul 4HB2328 PN4164 ImmediatelyPhiladelphia Health and Education Corporation--Colleges of Medicine, Public Health, Nursing and Health professions, continuation of pediatric services and handicapped student aid and children's clinic
023A Jul 4HB2329 PN4165 ImmediatelyFranklin Institute Science Museum--maintenance expenses
024A Jul 4HB2330 PN4166 ImmediatelyAcademy of Natural Sciences--maintenance expenses
025A Jul 4HB2331 PN4167 ImmediatelyThomas Jefferson University--instruction in doctor of medicine program, maintenance, College of Allied Health Sciences, student aid and Children's Heart Hospital
026A Jul 4HB2332 PN4168 ImmediatelyAfrican-American Museum--operating expenses
027A Jul 4HB2333 PN4169 ImmediatelyEverhart Museum--operating expenses
028A Jul 4HB2334 PN4170 ImmediatelyPhiladelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine--instruction in doctor of osteopathy program
029A Jul 4HB2335 PN4171 ImmediatelyMercer Museum--operating expenses
030A Jul 4HB2336 PN4172 ImmediatelyWhitaker Center for Science and the Arts--operating expenses
031A Jul 4HB2337 PN4173 ImmediatelyPennsylvania College of Optometry--instruction
032A Jul 4HB2338 PN4174 ImmediatelyUniversity of the Arts, Philadelphia--instruction and student aid
033A Jul 4HB2340 PN4175 ImmediatelyJohnson Technical Institute of Scranton--operation and maintenance
034A Jul 4HB2341 PN4176 ImmediatelyWilliamson Free School of Mechanical Trades--operation and maintenance
035A Jul 4HB2342 PN4177 ImmediatelyLake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine--instruction in doctor of osteopathy program
036A Jul 4HB2458 PN4185 ImmediatelyGaming Control Appropriation Act of 2008--enactment
037A Jul 9SB1348 PN2298 ImmediatelyPennsylvania Public Utility Commission--operation
038A Jul 4SB1389 PN2305 ImmediatelyGeneral Appropriation Act of 2008--enactment
001 Jul 14HB1438 PN2482 60 daysThird Class County Assessment Board Law--appeals by corporate authorities
002 Jul 14SB1247 PN1690 60 daysFourth to Eighth Class and Selective County Assessment Law-- appeals by municipalities
001 Jul 9HB0001 PN0086 ImmediatelyAlternative Energy Investment Act--enactment
002 Jul 10SB0022 PN0057 Immediately*Alternative Fuels Incentive Act--Alternative Fuels Incentive Fund and biomass-based diesel production incentives

   * denotes an effective date with exceptions

Effective Dates of Statutes

   The effective dates specified previously for laws and appropriation acts were contained in the applicable law or appropriation act. Where no date is specified or where the effective date specified is prior to the date of enactment, the effective date is 60 days after final enactment except for statutes making appropriations or affecting budgets of political subdivisions. See 1 Pa.C.S. §§ 1701--1704 (relating to effective dates of statutes).

Advance Copies of Statutes

   Section 1106 of Title 1 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes provides that the prothonotaries of each county shall file advance copies of statutes in their offices for public inspection until the Laws of Pennsylvania are generally available. Section 2406(h) of The Administrative Code of 1929 provides that the Department of General Services (Department) shall distribute advance sheets of the Laws of Pennsylvania to each law judge of the courts, to every county and public library of this Commonwealth and to each member of the General Assembly. These copies shall be furnished without charge. The Department shall also mail one copy of each law enacted during any legislative session to any person who pays to it the sum of $20.

   Requests for annual subscriptions for advance copies of statutes should be sent to the State Bookstore, Commonwealth Keystone Building, 400 North Street, Harrisburg, PA 17120, accompanied by a check or money order in the sum of $20, payable to the ''Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.''

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