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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 09-1418




[4 PA. CODE CH. 1]

Executive Orders, Management Directives, and Other Issuances of the Directives Management System indexed for Reference Purposes

[39 Pa.B. 4760]
[Saturday, August 8, 2009]

   The Index of Issuances is being updated to reflect changes since 38 Pa.B. 6943 (December 20, 2008). This amendment adds new issuances, amends and rescinds others. Recipients of publications listed in this index should be kept informed of the status of these publications.

Secretary of Administration

   (Editor's Note: This Index of Issuances is published under 1 Pa. Code § 3.1(a)(9) (relating to contents of Code). This document meets the criteria of 45 Pa.C.S. § 702(7) as a document general and permanent in nature which shall be codified in the Pennsylvania Bulletin.)


   This manual provides a complete listing of issuances, specified in Title 4 of the Pennsylvania Code § 1.2, from the Governor's Office and from agencies under the Governor's jurisdiction, except proclamations and press releases, that are intended for distribution to two or more agencies following the procedures for publication of issuances in Management Directive 210.1, Directives Management System. This manual is amended weekly to reflect the latest issuances, and published annually in Title 4 of the Pennsylvania Code § 1.4 at the end of each fiscal year. This amendment updates the index for all executive orders, management directives, and manuals issued, amended, and rescinded between July 1, 2008, and June 30, 2009.

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PA Office of Administration
Office of Enterprise Records Management
613 North Street
Room 311, Finance Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120-0400

   This manual replaces, in its entirety, Manual M210.3 dated August 11, 2008.

   This manual includes all new and amended issuances through June 30, 2009.

How to Use Index:

   * Executive orders are by year of issuance.

   * Management directives and manuals are numbered in sequence by category (e.g., Financial Management) and subcategory (e.g., Payroll).

   * All documents preceded by the letter ''M'' are manuals.

   * Documents that have been rescinded are indicated as rescinded.

   * Amendments are presented as complete documents that incorporate all changes since the last issuance.

   * Revisions which generally affect older issuances are pen and ink changes or replacement pages and affect only those parts of an issuance being changed. Therefore the issuance changed by a revision will be in more than one document because there will be original issuance and any revision.

   Fiscal Note: GOV 2009-210.3. No fiscal impact; (8) recommends adoption.

Annex A




§ 1.4.  Index of Issuances.

Date of
Executive or Latest Current
Orders. Amendment Revisions
1973-9 Environmental Protection By State Agencies7/13/1973
1974-7 Directives Management SystemRescinded by EO2001-1--2/13/2001
1974-11 Governor's Interdepartmental Council on Seasonal Farmworkers11/2/1978
1975-3 Establishment of the Pennsylvania Commission for WomenRescinded by EO1997-3--6/25/1997
1975-5 Commitment Toward Equal Rights9/19/1978
1975-6Preservation of Historic Resources5/6/1975
1977-4 Compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
(P. L. 93-112)
1977-5 Implementation of Act No. 1976-1019/27/1977
1978-4 Flood Plain Management3/1/1978
1978-9 Public Information Policies and Practices5/23/1978
1978-19 Access by Handicapped Individuals to Meeting Locations12/19/1978
1979-10 Commonwealth Child Development Committee7/25/1979
1979-13 Governor's Office of Policy and Planning9/18/1979
1980-3 Life Cycle Costing2/8/1980
1980-4 Golden Keystone Discount Card Program2/27/1980
1980-5 Task Force on Employment Services to Displaced Homemakers2/28/1980
1980-7 Small Business Service Center2/29/1980
1980-13 Contract ManagementRescinded by EO1999-5--12/9/1999
1980-18 Code of Conduct5/16/19841--3 (-4 Rescinded)
1980-20 Pennsylvania Coastal Zone Management Program9/22/1980
1981-3 Scheduling of Bond and Note Issue Sales1/30/1981
1981-4 Federal Program Coordination2/9/1981
1981-6 Pennsylvania Department of Health Advisory Board of Arthritis5/22/1981
1981-13 Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped10/19/1981
1983-1 Transfer of Cresson Center to the Bureau of Correction1/4/1983
1983-4 Coordination of State Employment and Training ProgramsRescinded by EO1997-7--6/30/1998
1984-3 Accounting and Financial Reporting10/11/1984
1985-1 State Employee Combined AppealRescinded by EO2001-2--2/14/2001
1986-1 Commonwealth Single Audit Coordinator2/24/1986
1986-2 Task Force on Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)4/22/1986
1986-5 Standby Allocations of the Volume Cap Under the Tax Reform Act of 198610/2/1986
1986-7 Liquor Control Board Sunset: Privatization of State Liquor Monopoly; Transfer of Liquor Control Board Functions12/1/1986
1987-1 1987 Allocations of the Unified Volume Cap Under the Tax Reform Act of 19861/7/1987
1987-2 Permanent Transfer of Retreat State Hospital to the Department of Corrections1/16/1987
1987-3 Transfer of Waynesburg Youth Development Center to the Department of Corrections1/16/1987
1987-4 Economic Development Partnership (EDP)Rescinded by EO2001-4--6/5/2001
1987-7 State Inspector General4/6/1987
1987-8 Pennsylvania Emergency Response Commission4/20/1987
1987-9 Allocation of State Low-Income Housing Credit Authority Under the Internal Revenue Code of 19864/22/1987
1987-10 Highway Safety11/25/1992
1987-12 Cultural Advisor to the Governor5/27/1987
1987-19 Delegation to Department of Environmental Resources in Compliance with Federal Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Amendments Act12/21/1987
1988-4 Coordination of Food and Nutrition Programs; Appointment of the Advisor to the Governor on Food and Nutrition Programs and the Inter-Agency Council on Food and Nutrition4/7/19881
1988-5 Pennsylvania Department of Health Diabetes Task ForceTerminated 12/31/1994
1988-8 Pennsylvania State Data Center7/12/1988
1988-9 Small Business Advisory CouncilTerminated 12/31/1994
1988-10 Management of Automated TechnologyRescinded by EO2002-12--9/25/2002
1988-11 Motor Carrier Advisory Committee11/18/19881-2-3
1989-2 Upper Delaware Federal Scenic RiverRescinded by EO2003-5--6/22/2003
1989-3 Master Leasing Program3/2/1989
1989-4 Developmental Disabilities Planning CouncilRescinded by EO1997-2--5/30/1997
1989-8 Municipal Waste Reduction and Planning Program10/17/1989
1990-1 Municipal Waste Transportation Enforcement Program3/14/1990
1990-2 Bureau of Women's Business DevelopmentTerminated 6/30/1995
1990-3Contractor Responsibility Program 6/29/1990
1990-4 UNITED STATES BRIG NIAGARA--''Flagship of Pennsylvania''8/17/1990
1990-7 Interagency River Island Task Force10/17/19901
1991-2 Utilization of Commonwealth Owned and Leased SpaceRescinded by EO2004-2--2/18/2004
1991-3 Use of Permanently-Assigned Commonwealth-Registered Vehicles2/27/1991
1991-4 Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and SportsRescinded by EO1997-5--9/24/1997
1991-5 Environmental Training Partnership4/22/1991
1991-8 Pennsylvania Heritage Affairs CommissionTerminated 12/31/1994
1992-1 Records Management1/8/1992
1992-2 Housing and Supportive Services Task ForceTerminated 1/31/1995
1993-2 Civil Disorder and Emergency4/9/1993
1999-3 State Land Use Planning--Goals and Objectives for Commonwealth Agencies8/31/1993
1993-4 State Center for Health Statistics and Research10/13/1993
1994-1 State Commission on National and Community Service1/28/1994
1994-2 Governor's Office of PennPORTS3/29/1994
1994-3 Agricultural Land Preservation PolicyRescinded by EO1997-6--10/14/1997
1994-4 Governor's Committee on Education Standards and Assessment5/18/1994
1994-5 Nursing Home Loan Agency's Authorization to Sell Loans11/4/1994
1995-1 Judicial Appointments2/27/1995
1995-2 Drug Policy Planning Coordination12/19/1997
1995-3 Pennsylvania Energy Development AuthorityRescinded by EO2004-5--4/8/2004
1995-4 Monitoring Supplies of Petroleum Products7/10/1995
1995-5 Money-Back Guarantee Permit Review Program for the Department Environmental Protection8/23/1995
1995-6Governor's Community Partnership for Safe Children9/14/1995
1995-7 Governor's Executive Council on Recycling Development and Waste Reduction10/11/1995
1995-8 Governor's Advisory Commission on Public School Finance10/11/1995
1995-9 Governor's Sportsmen's Advisory CouncilRescinded by EO2001-5--9/17/2001
1995-10 Governor's Sports and Exposition Facilities Task Force10/27/1995
1996-1 Regulatory Review and Promulgation2/6/1996
1996-2 Implementation of the IMPACCT Commission Recommendations4/19/1996
1996-3 Governor's Advisory Commission on African American AffairsRescinded by EO2003--76/22/2003
1996-4 Governor's Advisory Commission on Latino AffairsRescinded by EO2003-9--7/1/2003
1996-5 Municipal Waste Facilities Review Program8/29/1996
1996-6 Governor's Advisory Commission on Academic Standards9/30/1996
1996-7 Pennsylvania Center for Environmental Education12/20/1996
1996-8 Minority and Women Business Enterprise and Contract Compliance ProgramsRescinded by E02004-6--4/15/2004
1996-9 Equal Employment OpportunityRescinded by EO2002-3--5/3/2002
1996-10 State Employee Assistance Program12/20/1996
1996-11 Disability-Related PolicyRescinded by EO2002-5--5/3/2002
1996-12 Workplace Policy for HIV/AIDSRescinded by EO2003-4--5/5/2003
1996-13 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Policy on Substance Abuse in the Workplace12/20/1996
1996-14 Prohibition of Sexual Harassment in the CommonwealthRescinded by EO1999-3--5/13/1999
1997-1 Governor's Travel and Tourism Council3/17/1997
1997-2 Developmental Disabilities Council5/30/1997
1997-3 Pennsylvania Commission for WomenRescinded by EO2003-6--6/22/2003
1997-4 The 21st Century Environment Commission7/1/19971
1997-5 Governor's Advisory Council on Physical Fitness and Sports9/24/1997
1997-6 Agricultural Land Preservation PolicyRescinded by EO2003-2--3/20/2003
1997-7 Pennsylvania Human Resources Investment CouncilRescinded by EO2000-2--2/14/2000
1998-1 Governor's Green Government Council3/25/1998
1998-2 Governor's Census 2000 Advisory PanelTerminated 3/1/2001
1998-3 The Pennsylvania Greenways Partnership Commission8/16/2001
1998-4 Interagency Committee to Coordinate Services Provided to Individuals with DisabilitiesTerminated 12/31/1999
1999-1Land Use Planning 1/7/99
1999-2 Pennsylvania Rural Development CouncilRescinded by EO2007-09--10/2/2007
1999-3 Prohibition of Sexual Harassment in the CommonwealthRescinded by EO2002-4--5/3/2002
1999-4 Pennsylvania Justice Network (JNET) Governance Structure6/8/1999
1999-5 Rescission of Executive Order 1980-1312/9/1999
2000-1 Extension of Filing Deadline for Nomination PetitionsTerminated 1/26/2000
2000-2 Pennsylvania Workforce Investment Board2/14/2000
2001-1 Directives Management System2/13/2001
2001-2 State Employee Combined Appeal2/14/2001
2001-3 The Voting Modernization Task ForceTerminated 12/31/2001
2001-4 Economic and Community Development Partnership6/5/2001
2001-5 Governor's Sportsmen's Advisor, Governor's Sportsmen's Advisory Council, and the Governor's Youth Sportsmen's Advisory CouncilRescinded by EO2003-13--9/22/2003
2001-6 Governor's Task Force on SecurityRescinded by EO2002-11--9/12/2002
2002-1 Commonwealth Internal Operations Emergency Preparedness Steering CommitteeRescinded by EO2006-1--1/10/2006
2002-2 Governor's Task Force on Early Childhood Care and Education7/15/2002
2002-3 Equal Employment OpportunityRescinded by EO2003-10--7/28/2003
2002-4 Prohibition of Sexual Harassment in the Commonwealth5/3/2002
2002-5 Disability-Related Policy5/3/2002
2002-6 PA Open for Business6/6/2002
2002-7 Integrating Mediation Into State Government6/14/2002
2002-8 Governor's Interagency Task Force on Energy7/18/2002
2002-9 Governor's Fire and Emergency Services Task ForceTerminated 10/1/2002
2002-10 Governor's Commission and Abandoned Mine Voids and Mine SafetyTerminated 11/15/2002
2002-11 Pennsylvania Homeland Security Organizational StructureRescinded by EO2006-05--6/26/06
2002-12 Rescission of Executive Order 1988-10Terminated 10/15/2002
2002-13 Proposed Keystone Opportunity Improvement Sub-zones12/31/2002
2003-1 Commonwealth's Health Care Reform Agenda1/21/2003
2003-2 Agricultural Land Preservation Policy3/20/2003
2003-3 Management and Productivity Improvement Initiative4/30/2003
2003-4 Workplace Policy for HIV/AIDS5/5/2003
2003-5 Upper Delaware Federal Scenic River6/22/2003
2003-6 Pennsylvania Commission for Women4/28/2008
2003-7 Governor's Advisory Commission on African American Affairs6/22/2003
2003-8 Governor's Advisory Commission on Asian American Affairs6/22/2003
2003-9 Governor's Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs9/15/2005
2003-10 Equal Employment Opportunity7/28/2003
2003-11 Governor's Office of Housing and Community Revitalization9/10/2003
2003-12 Governor's Cabinet on Children and Families9/18/2003
2003-13 Governor's Advisor for Hunting, Fishing and Conservation; Governor's Advisory Council for Hunting, Fishing and Conservation; Governor's Youth Council for Hunting, Fishing and Conservation9/22/20031
2004-1 Governor's Invasive Species Council9/18/2006
2004-2 Utilization of Commonwealth-Owned and Leased Space2/18/2004
2004-3 Pennsylvania Business Tax Reform Commission3/4/20041
2004-4 Anti-Sweatshop Procurement Policy3/18/2004
2004-5 Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority4/8/2004
2004-6 Minority and Women-Owned Business Opportunities4/15/2004
2004-7 Financial Education and Literacy4/29/2004
2004-8 Enterprise Information Technology Governance Board5/9/2007
2004-9 Economic Development Committee of the Cabinet6/15/2004
2004-10 Proposed Economic Development DistrictRescinded by EO2005-3--5/18/2005
2004-11 Pennsylvania Election Reform Task Force12/13/2004
2004-12 Energy Management and Conservation in Commonwealth Facilities12/15/2004
2005-1 Transportation Funding and Reform Commission2/28/2005
2005-2 Commission to Address Gun Violence4/22/20051
2005-3 Proposed Economic Development DistrictRescinded by EO2005-4--7/14/2005
2005-4 Proposed Economic Development District7/14/2005
2005-5 Training America's Teachers Commission11/2/2005
2005-6 Commission on College and Career Success8/10/2005
2005-7 Fuel Conservation Program  12/30/2005Terminated 3/31/2006
2005-8 Governor's Renewable Agricultural Energy Council9/20/2005
2006-1 Commonwealth Continuity of Government Steering Committee1/10/2006
2006-2 Contract Compliance1/31/2006
2006-3 Commonwealth Business License Information Exchange Program4/12/2006
2006-4 Pennsylvania 2020 Vision Project6/16/2006
2006-5 Pennsylvania Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Organization tructureRescinded by EO2007-10--12/4/2007
2006-6 The Pennsylvania Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission6/30/2006
2006-7 Governor's Pandemic Advisory Council7/27/2006
2006-8 Contractor Social Responsibility and Offshore Services9/14/2006
2006-9 Governor's Cabinet for People with Disabilities--Governor's Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities11/21/2006
2006-10 Strategic Development Areas12/22/2006
2006-11 Governor's Dog Law Advice Group12/22/2006
2007-01 Strategic Development Area, Butler County4/24/2007
2007-02 Strategic Development Area, Westmoreland County4/30/2007
2007-03 Commonwealth Automotive Fleet Efficiency Initiative5/9/2007
2007-04 Office of Health Equity5/21/2007
2007-05 Chronic Care Management, Reimbursement and Cost Reduction Commission5/21/2007
2007-06 Registered Family Child Care Providers6/14/2007
2007-07 Subsidized Child Care Providers Exempt From Certification Or Regulation6/14/2007
2007-08 Strategic Development Area, Lehigh County9/6/2007
2007-09 Governor's Advisory Council On Rural Affairs10/2/2007
2007-10 Pennsylvania Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Organizational Structure12/4/2007
2008-01 Extension of Filing Deadline for Nomination Petitions2/12/2008
2008-02 Sustainable Water Infrastructure Task Force4/28/2008
2008-03 Pennsylvania Health Information Exchange (PHIX) Governance Structure3/26/2008
2008-04 Pennsylvania All-Hazard Incident Management (PA-IMT3)5/13/2008
2008-05 Transition Period for the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council7/8/20081
2008-06 Office of Diversity Management7/29/2008
2008-07 Early Learning Council9/11/2008
2008-08 Early Learning Investment Commission9/11/2008
2008-09 Governor's Food Safety Council12/17/2008
2009-01 Pennsylvania Stimulus Oversight Commission3/27/2009
ManagementDate of
and Manuals.or Latest
105.1 Allocation and Allotment of Funds for ICS Transactions10/22/1984
105.2 Contingent Commitments7/2/1985
105.3 Block GrantsRescinded/Obsolete 2/10/2006
105.4 Allocation and Allotment of Funds for Non-ICS Transactions10/22/1984
105.5 Use of the Determination of Tax-Exempt Category for Capital Projects Form9/12/1991
Budget Preparation
110.2 Request for Approval of Federal Funds1/14/1985
110.3 Budgeting and Accounting for Federal Appropriations5/29/1985
M110.1 2009-10 Budget Instructions8/15/2008
M110.2 2004-05 Rebudget Instructions Rescinded/Obsolete 2/10/2006
205.2 Powers and Duties of Policing Forces2/9/1977
205.4 Delegation of Authority to Sign and Delegation to Authorize SAP Payments5/11/2009
205.6 Defense of Suits Against Commonwealth Employees9/30/1986
205.9 Implementation of Financial Disclosure Provisions of theGovernor's Code of Conduct4/17/2007
205.10 Financial Disclosures Required by the Public Official and Employee Ethics Act, 65 Pa.C.S. §§ 1101--11134/17/2007
205-10AB Abridged Version of MD205.104/17/2007
205.12 Financial Disclosures Required of Former Employees by the Public Official and Employee Ethics Act, 65 Pa.C.S. §§ 1101--11134/17/2007
205.14 Prohibition of Activities Not Specifically or Directly Connected With the Official Business of the Commonwealth on Commonwealth Property2/2/1988
205.15 Memberships in Associations, Organizations, or Societies2/9/2006
205.16 Compliance With the Whistleblower Law, Act 1986-16911/22/1995
205.17 1987 Chesapeake Bay AgreementRescinded/Obsolete 5/9/2007
205.18 Ballot Question Advocacy by Executive Branch Employees, Appointees and Officials4/11/1988
205.19 Smoking in Commonwealth Buildings and Facilities7/1/1997
205.20Documents and Evidence Relating to Asbestos in Commonwealth Buildings6/7/1989
205.21 Commonwealth Child Care Program9/12/20011
205.22 Recycling, Waste Reduction and Procurement of Environmentally Preferable Products8/29/2007
205.23 Submission of Commonwealth Publications to the State Library for Distribution to Other Designated Libraries12/6/2005
205.24 Display of Flags on Commonwealth Grounds and Buildings and Other Locations within the Commonwealth3/24/2008
205.25 Disability-Related Employment Policy2/13/2009
205.26 The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, Title II, Subtitle A, Nondiscrimination in State and Local Government Services7/22/1992
205.27 Implementation of Act 194-1990, Asbestos Occupations Accreditation and Certification Act12/2/2008
205.28 Purchase of Recycled Content Products by State AgenciesRescinded by MD205.22--8/29/2007
205.29 Commonwealth Internet AccessRescinded/Obsolete 8/21/2007
205.30 Personal Use of Promotions and Offers10/23/1997
205.31 Pro Bono Publico Legal Services2/11/1999
205.32 Hiring Sign Language Interpreters/Transliterators6/16/19991
205.33 Workplace Violence6/22/1999
205.34 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy3/28/2007
205.35 Information Reporting From the Commonwealth's Enterprise SAP Business Information Warehouse System7/5/2002
205.36 Right-to-Know Law 11/20/2008
205.37 Role Assignment, Security, and Internal Control Maintenance6/13/2005
205.38 Procedures for Safe Assembly of Commonwealth Employees During Emergency Evacuation of Commonwealth Facilities7/5/2007
205.39 Street Addresses for Department of General Services Owned or Administered Buildings3/10/2009
M205.2 Meeting Room FacilitiesRescinded by M210.3--3/18/2005
Management Programs
210.1 Directives Management System3/31/2003
210.4 Central Microfilm Management11/18/2002
210.5 The Commonwealth's Enterprise Records Management Program12/30/2008
210.6 Selection, Acquisition and Use of Filing Equipment9/16/2002
210.8 Micrographics Procedures to be Used in Conjunction With Central Microfilm Management11/18/2002
210.9 Electronic Imaging Systems Procedures Relating to the Management of RecordsRescinded by MD210.5--5/22/2006
210.10 Electronic Records ManagementRescinded by MD210.5--5/22/2006
210.11 Acceptance of Imaged Documents6/16/1997
210.12 Electronic Commerce Initiatives and Security2/14/2000
210.13 Retention and Disposition of Records Created on Electronic Mail (E-mail) SystemsRescinded by MD210.5--12/30/2008
210.14 Retention and Disposition of Records Upon Departure of Senior Management EmployeesRescinded by MD210.5--12/30/2008
210.15 Instant Messaging11/29/2004
M210.1 Guide to Efficient Filing7/21/1976
M210.3 Index of Issuances7/21/2009
M210.4 Forms Management8/16/19831-2
M210.5 Standard (STD) Forms Management9/15/1998
M210.6 Publications Management8/1/19841
M210.7 State Records Management Manual6/8/2004
M210.8 Vital Records Disaster Planning5/9/1995
M210.9 General Administrative Records Retention and Disposition Schedule for Records Common to Most Agencies2/27/2008
Contracts Management
215.6Contract ManagementRescinded by M215.3--8/20/99
215.7 Affirmative Action/Contract Compliance ProgramRescinded by M210.3--4/8/1997
215.8 Contractor Integrity Provisions for Commonwealth Contracts12/20/1991
215.9 Contractor Responsibility Program4/16/1999
215.10 Offset Provision for Commonwealth ContractsRescinded MD215.9--4/16/1999
215.11 Contractor Responsibility Provisions for Commonwealth ContractsRescinded by MD215.9--4/16/1999
215.12 Provisions for Commonwealth Contracts Concerning The Americans With Disabilities Act1/16/2001
215.13 Contract Provision for Donation of Excess Prepared Food6/21/1994
Contracts Management
215.14 Recycled Content Products Provision for Commonwealth Contracts for ServicesRescinded by M215.3--8/20/1999
215.15 Statewide Contracts for the Purchase of ServicesRescinded by M215.3--8/20/1999
215.16 Contract Compliance Program6/30/1999
M215.1 Contracting for ServicesRescinded by M215.3--8/20/1999
M215.2 Commonwealth Contract Compliance Program GuidelinesRescinded by M210.3--4/8/1997
M215.3 Field Procurement Handbook
(Current publication available at: handbook/1277)
Central Services
220.1 Commonwealth Media Services1/14/2008
220.3 Mail Delivery Between Harrisburg and the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh State Office Buildings1/10/2006
220.5 Payment of Interagency Billings for Centralized ServicesRescinded by MD310.25--12/5/2002
220.9 Graphic Design, Typesetting, Reproduction, and Printing Services6/4/1987
220.10 Processing Automated MailRescinded/Obsolete 5/8/2006
220.11 Preservation of Commonwealth Deeds5/3/2006
M220.3 Computer PrintingRescinded/Obsolete 5/25/2005
Travel and Expenses
230.6 Travel Expenses of Job Applicants4/30/1997
230.7 Remittance of Witness Fees5/24/2007
230.9 Acquisition and Payment of Travel ServicesRescinded by MD230.10--7/1/2009
230.10 Travel and Subsistence Allowances6/17/2009--Effective 7/1/2009
230.11 Use of Pittsburgh and Erie Convention Centers by State AgenciesRescinded/Obsolete 2/10/2006
230.13 Commonwealth Corporate Card ProgramRescinded by MD230.10--7/1/2009
230.14 Foreign Areas Subsistence AllowancesRescinded by MD230.10--7/1/2009
230.15 Continental United States High Cost Subsistence AllowancesRescinded by MD230.10--7/1/2009
230.16 Using E-ZPass in Commonwealth VehiclesRescinded/Obsolete 2/10/2006
230.17 Commonwealth Office of Travel Operations3/28/2007
M230.1 Commonwealth Travel Procedures Manual6/17/2009--Effective 7/1/2009
Information Technology Management
240.7 Submission of Changes to the Commonwealth Telephone Directory8/18/2008
240.11Commonwealth Wireless Communication Policy10/8/2004
240.12 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Mobile Devices Security Policy12/29/2008
245.12 Implementation of the Data Center Project Plan7/1/1997
245.13 Strategic Direction for Information Technology Investments2/8/2006
245.14 Wireless Antenna Tower Management3/8/2006
245.15 Statewide Public Safety Radio System3/7/2006
245.16 Pennsylvania Justice Network (JNET) Governance Structure3/7/2006
245.17 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Public Safety Communications
245.18 IT Administrator Acceptable Use, Auditing and Monitoring, Incident Notification, and Response Policies and Procedures2/7/2006
245.19 Enterprise Technology Security Council5/3/2006
M245.2 State Computer Maintenance Contract for Terminals, Microcomputers Printers, and Other Related Peripheral EquipmentRescinded/Obsolete 10/18/2005
M245.4 Policy for Personal Computers and Networks (PCs/LANs)Rescinded/Obsolete 11/2/2005
Public Information Programs
250.1 The Sunshine Act Meeting Notices9/22/1995
250.3 State Contracts Information DocumentRescinded by M215.3 Rev. 2--10/5/2001
Organization and Space Management
260.1 Organization Requests10/17/2005
260.2 Reorganization Plans for Transfers of Functions Between Agencies11/16/1987
M260.1 Manual For Space Utilization3/11/2004
305.2 Standard Check Endorsement Procedure5/22/2009
305.3 Responsibilities of Comptroller Operations3/19/1997
305.4 Payments to Counties5/24/2000
305.5 Cash Management5/22/2009
305.6 Withholding Payments to Municipalities (Act No. 166 of 1978)5/1/1997
305.7 Interest Penalties for Late Payments5/11/2009
305.8 Commonwealth Bank Accounts and Special Banking Services6/11/1997
305.9 Use of Forms STD-419/419L, Refund of Expenditures, and STD-420/C420/420L, Transmittal of Revenue, When Unaccompanied by RemittancesRescinded by MD305.11--5/22/2009
305.10 Receipt of Federal Funds by Wire Transfer1/23/1989
305.11 Depositing Checks, Money Orders and Cash5/22/2009
305.12 Accounting, Reporting, and Cash Management of Federal Grants and Contracts1/25/1999
305.13 Use of Forms STD-419/419L, Refund of Expenditures, and STD-420/C420/420L, Transmittal of Revenue, When Accompanied by RemittancesRescinded by MD305.11--5/22/2009
305.14 Identifying Payments to Local Governments and Other SubrecipientsRescinded by MD305.21--6/13/2003
305.15 Processing and Distributing Returned Checks8/30/1989
305.16 Lobbying Certification and Disclosure7/3/2003
305.17 Preparation and Use of Form STD-417, Adjustment Memorandum From Department of Revenue to Treasury DepartmentRescinded by MD305.11--5/22/2009
305.18 Obtaining Authority for Electronic Approval of Commonwealth Voucher TransmittalsRescinded/Obsolete--8/24/2006
305.19Identification of Boards, Commissions, and Councils8/15/1997
305.20 Grant Administration5/26/2000
305.21 Payments to Local Governments and Other Subrecipients9/23/2005
305.22 Commonwealth Business License Information Exchange Program4/13/2006
310.1 Fiscal Guidelines for Federal Reimbursement of Disaster Related Expenditures1/5/1983
310.3 Encumbering and Lapsing of Appropriations5/4/19981
310.7Report of Lapse (STD-292)Rescinded/Obsolete 2/10/2006
310.8Postage Due Procedures1/8/1987
310.9 Purpose and Use of Restricted Receipt and Restricted Revenue
310.10 Collection, Requests for Compromise, and Write-Off of Delinquent Claims8/29/1996
310.11 Payment and Financial Reporting Requirements for Non-Preferred Appropriations1/19/19821
310.12 Refunding Erroneously Collected Fees and Charges4/30/1982
310.13 Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)6/13/1995
310.14 Fixed Asset Accounting and ReportingRescinded/Obsolete 2/10/2006
310.14 General Capital Asset and Other Fixed Asset Accounting and Reporting in SAP2/3/2003
310.15 Agency Federal ID Numbers6/7/1996
310.16 Advancement Account Balances8/21/1987
310.17 Accounting for Payments of Federal Funds to SubrecipientsRescinded by MD305.21--6/13/2003
310.18 Reporting of Pending or Threatened ClaimsRev. 1--5/27/1999
310.19 Accounting for Disbursement of Funds for Interagency Agreements, Memorandums of Understanding, and Notifications of Subgrant; Accounting for the Subgranting of Federal, Federal Matching Funds, or State Funds Between Commonwealth Agencies9/4/1997
310.20 Charging Equipment Expenditures to Federal Programs8/31/1994
310.21 Master Lease Tracking System4/21/1995
310.22 Central Vendor Information SystemRescinded/Obsolete 6/17/2006
310.23 Commonwealth Purchasing Card Program5/11/2009
310.24 Accepting Debit/Credit Cards for Commonwealth Revenues9/3/2008
310.25 Transfers of Revenue or Expenses in SAP12/5/2002
310.26 Central Vendor Management Unit (CVMU)2/9/2004
310.27 Month-End Closing Processes12/14/2005
310.28 Use of One-Time Vendor Records in SAP6/16/2006
310.29 Using Value (Service) Date in SAP6/10/2009
310.30 Pennsylvania Electronic Payment Program (PEPP)5/22/2009
310.31 Purchase Order Receiving, Invoice Processing and Invoice Reconciliation Processes5/11/2009
M310.1 Agency Operated Advancement Accounts8/11/1999
M310.2 Definitions of Major and Minor Objects of Expenditures8/26/19981
M310.3 Manual of Accounting7/17/1996
M310.4 Fixed Asset Accounting SystemRescinded/Obsolete 2/10/2006
M310.10 Revenue and Receipts Accounting SubsystemRescinded/Obsolete 2/10/2006
M310.11 Budget Control SubsystemRescinded/Obsolete 2/10/2006
M310.12 General Ledger SubsystemRescinded/Obsolete 2/10/2006
M310.13 Project Accounting SubsystemRescinded/Obsolete 2/10/2006
M310.14 Grant Accounting SubsystemRescinded/Obsolete 2/10/2006
M310.15 Commitment and Expenditure Control SubsystemRescinded/Obsolete 2/10/2006
M310.16ICS Information System (IIS) Terminal Operators ManualRescinded/Obsolete 2/10/2006
315.1Calculation and Payment of Statutory Salaries1/9/2009
315.6 Employees' Requests for Additional State or Federal Income Tax Withholding1/6/1981
315.7 Employee Payroll Deductions for Credit Unions6/1/19891-2-3
315.8Restitution of Overpayments10/1/1997
315.9 Withholding of Delinquent Local Taxes from Employees' Paychecks11/4/1996
315.10 Recording and Reporting of Wage, Overtime, Shift Differential, and Short-Term Leave Without PayRescinded/Obsolete 2/10/2006
315.11 Distribution and Retention of Payroll Deduction Authorization Documents4/24/1980
315.13 Payments of Wages, Salary, Benefits, and Travel Expenses to Survivors of Deceased Employees8/19/1996
315.14 Charges for State Employees Residing or Subsisting in Commonwealth Facilities5/29/1997
315.15 Withholding of Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency Loans from Employee Paychecks8/28/2008
315.16 Payment of Annuitant Medical and Hospital Benefits9/10/1997
315.17 Direct Deposit of Pay Program10/20/20001
315.18 Delivery of Payroll Checks to Employees11/28/1990
315.19 Check Distribution Codes9/20/1993
315.20 Taxability of the Use of State-Provided Vehicles11/17/2008
315.21 Deductions for U.S. Savings Bonds11/7/1985
315.22 Preparation and Filing of Federal Forms 1099 and 10961/3/1995
315.23 Processing Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4)2/9/1988
315.25 Pennsylvania Personal Income Tax9/12/1988
315.26 Backup Withholding on Missing and/or Incorrect Taxpayer Identification Numbers1/24/19941
315.27 Recoupment of Conversion Pay Amounts5/4/1992
315.28 Taxability of State-Provided Parking6/18/2008
315.29 Mailing SAP-Generated Checks12/5/2002
M315.1 Municipal Tax Rate SchedulesRescinded by Rev. 3--4/1/2002
325.2 Audit Inquiry Relative to Agency Litigation, Claims, and Assessments9/12/2008
325.3 Performance of Audit Responsibilities9/14/1994
325.4 Agency Annual Audit Plan6/11/2001
325.5 Single Audit Costs--State Level9/27/2000
325.6 Auditing Computer Based Systems6/12/1987
325.7 Implementation of the Commonwealth's State Level Single Audit7/13/1998
325.8 Remedies for Recipient Noncompliance with Audit Requirements6/11/1999
325.9 Processing Audits of Federal Pass-Through Funds8/26/2008
325.10 Review of Auditor General, Treasury, and Legislative Budget and Finance Committee Audit Reports8/31/1994
Equal Employment Opportunity Programs
410.5 Affirmative Action ProgramRescinded by M210.3--4/8/1997
410.9 Personnel Procedures for Affirmative Action Analysts, Affirmative Action Directors, and Compliance SpecialistsRescinded by M210.3--4/8/1997
410.10 Guidelines for Investigating and Resolving Internal Discrimination Complaints2/21/2008
410.11 Commonwealth's Equal Employment, Outreach, and Employment Counseling Program5/8/1997
M410.3 Guidelines for Equal Employment Opportunity Plans and Programs12/18/2007
505.1 Employee Furlough Policy2/16/2006
505.2 Salaried Complement Management System12/1/2006
505.4 Salaried Complement Control2/18/19821
505.7 Personnel Rules10/9/2008
505.8 Transmittal of Personnel Action Notifications4/2/1998
505.9 Standard Abbreviations for Use With the Compensation Plan and SAP R/3 System3/11/2004
505.11 Emergency Assignments of Employees During Emergencies6/17/1998
505.12 Annual List of Employees6/26/2001
505.15 Employee Mobility Information Program10/3/2007
505.17 Furlough of Employees on Work-Related Disability LeaveRescinded/Obsolete 2/1/2008
505.18 Maintenance, Access, and Release of Employee Information2/14/2003
505.20 Wage Complement Management and Control11/10/1999
505.21 Office Hours1/19/2000
505.22 State Employee Assistance Program4/2/2003
505.23 Employee Recognition Program1/23/2007
505.25 Substance Abuse in the Workplace11/29/2004
505.26 HIV/AIDS and Other Bloodborne Infections/Diseases in the Workplace3/18/2005
505.27 The Worker and Community Right to Know Act (P. L. 734, No. 159)8/3/1993
505.28 Family Care Account Program10/11/2005
505.29 Commercial Driver License Drug and Alcohol Testing RequirementsRescinded by M505.5--11/5/1999
505.30 Prohibition of Sexual Harassment in Commonwealth Work Settings6/19/20021
505.31Domestic Violence and the Workplace5/31/2004
505.32 Governor's Awards for Excellence11/12/2008
505.33Working From Home During Emergencies Including a Pandemic Influenza Event8/20/2007
M505.2 Personnel Management Review7/9/1997
M505.3 State Employee Assistance Program11/29/2004
M505.4 Personnel Records Retention and Disposition Schedule  12/7/1998
M505.5 Commercial Driver License Drug and Alcohol Testing and Licensing Requirements Administrative Manual5/30/2002
M505.6 An Agency Guide to Workplace Violence Prevention and Response5/28/2002
515.2 Transfer of Employees From One Agency to Another6/16/2000
515.3 Classified Service Emergency Appointments9/3/2008
515.4 Seniority Rights of Commonwealth Employees7/12/2006
515.10 Selection and Appointment to Non-Civil Service Positions2/16/2006
515.12 Confidential Employees9/28/2004
515.15 Identification, Employment, and Education Verification Checks6/13/1997
515.16 Appointment to Senior Level Positions2/14/2006
515.17 Computer Systems Intern Program8/29/1989
515.18 Supplementary Employment7/7/1998
515.19 Accounting Intern Program10/7/1985
515.20 Reemployment of Commonwealth Annuitants2/21/2002
515.21 Commonwealth School-to-Work Program2/14/2006
520.3 Unclassified Codes and Titles6/16/2003
520.4 Position Classification Post-Audits11/16/1999
520.5 Centralized Job Control System12/1/2006
520.6 Processing of Reclassification Actions1/23/2007
520.7 Development and Validation of Job Standards10/16/2006
520.8 Pay Action Effective Dates for Changes to Position Classifications and the Classification Plan1/23/2007
520.9 Appointments Above the Minimum3/5/1998
525.4 Temporary Assignment in Higher Classification4/20/2004
525.6 Advances on Salaries or Wages Earned8/29/1996
525.8 Processing of Pay IncrementsRescinded by M210.3--4/8/1997
525.11 Dual Employment2/10/1997
525.12Reinstatement of Discharged Employees9/21/1979
525.13 Maintenance of Weighted Salaries9/28/2001
525.15 Overtime2/10/1997
525.16 Physicians and Related Occupations Quality Assurance Program2/14/2006
525.17 Internal Revenue Service Levies on Wages, Salary, and Other Income of Payments6/28/1991
525.20 Implementation & Maintenance of Local Service Tax10/10/2008
M525.2 Commonwealth Pay PlanRescinded by M210.3--3/12/2004
530.1 Agency Employee Services Coordinators5/16/2006
530.2Sick Leave Without Pay, Parental Leave Without Pay, and Family Care Leave Without Pay3/12/2008
530.3State Employe Combined Appeal for New Employees and Employees on Inter-Agency Transfers1/18/1996
530.4 State Paid Benefits While on Sick, Parental, or Family Care Leave Without Pay3/11/2008
530.8 Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law7/22/1997
530.9 Social Security Records10/9/1997
530.10 Administrative Leave to Compete in International and World Championships7/23/1996
530.11 Benefit Rights of Permanent and Temporary Employees7/25/2006
530.14 Payment for LeaveRescinded by MD530.14 Rev. 1 M210.3--10/3/1999
530.15 Disability Benefits, Related Pay Status Options, and Retired Employee Health Program (REHP) Effective Dates7/8/1997
530.17 Partial and Full Day Closings of State Offices11/13/2007
530.18 Benefit Rights of Furloughed Employees2/24/1997
530.20 State Paid Benefits While on Cyclical Leave Without Pay7/8/1997
530.21 Paid Leave for Blood Donation5/13/1997
530.22Unemployment Compensation, Noncovered Employment--''Major Nontenured Policymaking or Advisory Positions''11/20/1996
530.23 State Employee Combined Appeal2/1/2008
530.24Retired Employees Health Program Eligibility Requirements4/7/2009
530.26 Military Leaves of Absence9/3/2008
530.27 Leave Related Policies for Employees Excluded From Earning Leave and Leave Service Credit2/7/1997
530.28 Pennsylvania Employees Benefit Trust Fund (PEBTF)9/14/2004
530.29 Commuter Benefits Program5/20/2009
530.30 Sick, Parental and Family Care Absence Policy12/14/2007
530.31 Workplace Safety and Health Program9/29/2008
M530.2 Injury Leave Manual11/29/20011
M530.3 Group Life Insurance Program Administrative Manual6/26/2001
M530.4 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Highlights of State Employee
M530.7 Absence Program4/23/2009
M530.9 Unemployment Compensation Insurance12/7/1998
M530.14 Unemployment Compensation and the Supervisor3/1/1982
M530.15State Police Health Program/State Police Supplemental Benefits Program Administrative Manual6/5/20011-2
M530.16 Temporary Clerical Pool Agency User Manual10/1/1999
M530.17 Temporary Clerical Pool Employee Handbook10/1/1999
M530.18 The Benefits of a ''Healthy'' Sick Leave Balance11/1/1997
M530.19Leave Without Pay and Injury Leave Processing InstructionsRescinded/Obsolete 2/1/2008
M530.20Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Employee BenefitsRescinded by M210.3--03/18/2005
535.1 Employee Training and Development2/9/2000
535.2Physicians and Related Occupations Specialty Board Certification Payments2/21/2006
535.3 Out-Service Training11/16/1999
535.4 Use of State Work Program and Public Services Trainee Classes2/16/1984
535.5 Use of Trainee Classes in the Classified Service10/8/2004
535.6 Commonwealth Management Development Program2/9/2000
535.7 Annual Agency Training Plan and Report7/8/1999
535.9 Physical and Information Security Awareness Training10/3/2006
Performance Evaluations
540.7 Employee Performance Review3/5/2002
570.1 State Employees' Retirement System, Duties of Departments and Agencies5/8/2006
570.2Use of Form SERS-147 to Elect Membership in Full Coverage Retirement GroupRescinded/Obsolete 11/28/2005
570.5 Employer Contributions Required on the Purchase of Previously Uncredited State Service4/9/2006
570.6 Optional Membership in State Employees' Retirement System2/22/2006
570.7 Credited State ServiceRescinded/Obsolete 11/28/2005
570.8 Reinstatement of Dismissed or Furloughed Employees' Into the State Employees' Retirement System4/3/2006
570.9 Reinstatement Into the State Employees' Retirement System of Employees Furloughed or Otherwise Terminated and Reemployed2/17/2006
570.10Final Average Salary--Part-Time Service, State Employees' Retirement SystemRescinded/Obsolete 11/28/2005
570.11 Changes to Retirement and Personnel/Payroll System and Collection of Arrears Balances3/23/2006
570.12 Refusal of Recall From Furlough--Termination of Interest on Retirement Contributions2/17/2006
570.13State Employees' Retirement System, Regional Field Offices5/30/2007
570.14 Deferred Compensation Program3/25/2005
570.15 Public Employee Pension Forfeiture Act No. 1978-1406/6/2006
M570.3 State Employees' Retirement System Counselors' ManualRescinded/Obsolete 1/31/2001
Civil Service
580.2 Civil Service Availability Survey/Interview Notice1/21/2009
580.6 Tabulation of Classified Service Employees6/16/2006
580.8Classified Service Probationary Periods10/5/2004
580.10 Rights of Certified Eligibles in the Classified Service5/16/1986
580.11 Documentation of Classified Service Personnel Actions6/27/2006
580.12 Recruitment for Classified Service Positions3/28/2007
580.13* Report of Personnel Transactions for Non-State Employees8/18/1987
580.15 Selective Certification of Classified Service Eligibles6/26/1990
580.16 Provisional Employment in the Classified Service11/16/2006
580.17 Performance Evaluations to Determine Order of Furlough for Classified Service EmployesRescinded by M580.2--10/16/1997
580.18 Pennsylvania Residency Requirements for the Classified Service2/15/2005
580.19 Promotion in the Classified Service Without Examination12/4/2001
580.20 Classified Service Furlough and ReemploymentRescinded by M580.2--10/16/1997
580.21 Veterans' Preference on Classified Service Employment Lists5/5/2008
580.23 Resignation From and Reinstatement to the Classified Service3/12/1990
580.24 Promotion of Employees in Unskilled Positions Into the Classified Service9/14/2006
580.25 Political Activities of Classified Service Employees9/30/1992
580.26 Transfer or Reassignment of Classified Service Employees2/28/1990
580.27Limited Appointments to Positions Exempted from the Classified Service Pursuant to Section 3(c)(4), Civil Service Act2/18/1988
580.28 Reallocation to a Lower Class in the Classified Service2/27/1990
580.29 Rapid Promotion Examinations in the Classified ServiceRescinded/Obsolete 5/17/2006
580.30 Classified Service Leave Without Pay and Return Rights3/24/1986
580.31 Classified Service Temporary Appointments8/14/2006
*Special Distribution
Civil Service
580.32 Substitute Employment in the Classified Service10/24/2006
580.33 Reproductions of Documents for Classified Service Personnel Actions4/30/2009
580.34Removal of Eligibles for Certification or Appointment in the Classified Service5/20/2002
580.35 Employees Placed in the Classified Service by Position Reallocation3/29/1988
580.36 Engineering Intern Program1/14/1994
580.37 Promotion by Appointment of Unclassified Service Employees Into the Classified Service5/5/2008
580.38 Use of Intern Job Titles in the Classified Service10/8/2004
M580.1 Certification of Eligibles for the Classified Service4/7/1997
M580.2 Furlough of Classified Service Employees Not Covered by Labor Agreements6/22/2007
Labor Relations
590.1 Labor Relations11/27/2007
590.2 Confidential Positions and Employees3/8/2006
590.3 Deduction of Union Dues/Fair Share Fees5/22/2006
590.5 Guidelines to be Followed During Legal or Illegal Strikes5/25/2006
590.6 Information Needed to Obtain Injunctions Against Illegal StrikesRescinded by MD590.5--5/13/1997
590.7 Labor Relations--Grievance Administration6/8/2006
590.8 Classification Grievance Processing3/30/2006
M590.2 Digest of Commonwealth Employee Classification Arbitration CasesRescinded/Obsolete 11/25/2005
Supplies and Equipment Acquisition/Disposition
610.2Release and Receipt of Surplus State PropertyRescinded by M215.3--8/20/1999
610.3 Transfer or Sale of Surplus State PropertyRescinded by M215.3--8/20/1999
610.4 Procedures for Purchasing Goods and Services Not Exceeding $1,500 Through Advancement Accounts11/17/1983
610.5 Disposition of Personal Property and Equipment Purchased with GSA Bond MoneysRescinded M215.3--8/20/1999
610.7 Acquisition of Surplus Federal Personal PropertyRescinded by M215.3--8/20/1999
610.9 Recovery of Precious MetalsRescinded by M215.3--8/20/1999
610.11 Equipment Lease RenewalsRescinded by M215.3--8/20/1999
610.12 Renewal of Multiyear Equipment Leases Containing Purchase OptionsRescinded by M215.3--8/20/1999
610.13 Local Bids and Local Awards for Goods Costing $1,500 to $10,000Rescinded by M215.3--8/20/1999
610.14 Review of Sole Source Purchase Requisitions for Equipment and SuppliesRescinded by M215.3--8/20/1999
610.15 Master Lease ProgramRescinded by MD610.15 Rev. 1--7/26/2004
(Revision No. 1 to 610.15 is rescinded upon publication of M210.3, Index of Issuances dated 3/18/2005.)
M610.1 General Services Commodity Distribution Center CatalogRescinded/Obsolete 7/14/2005
M610.5 Field Purchasing ManualRescinded by M215.3--8/20/1999
Automotive Services
615.1 Temporary Assignment of Commonwealth Automotive Fleet Vehicles1/6/2006
615.2 Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance and Accident Reporting6/17/1996
615.3 Rates and Billing for Motor Vehicles of the Commonwealth Automotive Fleet10/12/2005
615.6 License Plates for Commonwealth-Owned Vehicles6/30/1997
615.7 Repairs, Maintenance, and Payment for Services10/12/2005
615.8 Use of State Automobiles3/26/1980
615.9 Permanent Assignment of Commonwealth Automotive Fleet Vehicles10/12/2005
615.11 Use and Condition Inspections of Commonwealth-Owned Motor
Rescinded/Obsolete 04/28/2006
615.12 Motor Vehicle Authorization List5/1/2006
615.13 Emission Control Program--Commonwealth Automotive Fleet Vehicles9/26/1997
615.14 Repairs and Maintenance, Commonwealth Automotive FleetRescinded/Obsolete 10/13/2005
615.15 Vehicle Parking License Agreements10/26/2006
Commodity Standards
620.1 Coal Sampling and Reporting10/4/2005
Buildings, Property, and Real Estate
625.1 Repairs, Alterations, and Improvements to Commonwealth Buildings Under the Direct Supervision of the Department of General Services10/4/2004
625.2 Inventory of Commonwealth Real Property9/16/2008
625.3 Moving Employee Household Goods and Commonwealth Property3/14/1996
625.4 Enforcement of Fire and Panic Regulations3/27/1991
625.5 Reporting Surplus Real Property5/6/1996
625.6 Leasehold Improvements5/1/2009
625.7 Use of Form STD-291, Request for Lease Action and Budget Approval11/6/1997
625.8 Contracting for Bargaining Unit Work2/25/1994
625.9 Payment of Contractors and Design Professionals for Agency-Funded Construction Projects Undertaken by the Department of General Services3/9/2001
625.10 Card Reader and Emergency Response Access to Certain Capitol Complex Buildings and Other State Office Buildings1/30/2008
Bonds and Insurance
630.1 Agency Insurance Coordinators10/2/1987
630.2 Reporting of Employee Liability Claims4/28/1998
Protection and Safety
720.2 Wage Standards Picketing2/3/1977
720.3 Emergency Evacuation Plans at Commonwealth Facilities12/3/2004
720.4 Safety and Loss Prevention Program10/2/1987
720.5 Energy Conservation and Electrical Devices in Commonwealth-Owned or Leased Buildings7/25/2008
720.6 Call Trace Procedures for Threatening, Harassing, and Nuisance Telephone Calls9/28/2005
720.7 Bomb Threats and Suspicious Packages11/1/2004
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