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Catalog of Nonregulatory Documents; Update

[45 Pa.B. 4990]
[Saturday, August 22, 2015]

 The following is an update to the Department of Environmental Protection listing in the notice published at 45 Pa.B. 4493, 4546—4557 (August 8, 2015).

Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

Policy and Technical Guidance Report

August 2015

 The following is a current list of the Department of Environmental Protection's (Department) draft and final technical guidance documents. These documents are available to view and download on the Department's online eLibrary at Persons who have questions or comments about a particular document should contact Hayley Jeffords, at (717) 783-8727 or by e-mail to The Department will continue to revise its technical guidance documents as necessary.

Identification Number
Policy Office
Policy for Consideration of Local Comprehensive Plans and Zoning Ordinances in GRANTS  Review 012-0200-002
Policy for Applications for Technical or Financial Assistance Proposals 012-0200-004
Public Access to Information and Right to Know Law Policy 012-0200-005
DEP Mediation Confidentiality 012-0501-001
Environmental Justice Public Participation Policy 012-0501-002
Policies and Procedures for Implementing the History Code 012-0700-001
Guidance for Implementation of the Agricultural Land Preservation Policy 012-0700-002
Confidential Security Information 012-0800-001
Policy for Development, Approval and Distribution of Regulations 012-0820-001
Policy to Encourage Voluntary Compliance by Means of Environmental Audits 012-0840-001
Policy for Development and Publication of Technical Guidance 012-0900-001
Policy on Public Participation in the Permit Review Process 012-0900-003
Public Participation in the Development of Regulations and Technical Guidance 012-1920-001
Advisory Committee Guidelines 012-1920-002
Policy on Meeting the Requirements of the 1996 Amendments to Engineer, Land Surveyor  and Geologist Registration Law 012-2000-001
Policy for the Consideration of Community Environmental Projects in Conjunction with  Assessment of Civil Penalty 012-4180-001
Information Technology
DEP Locational Data Policy 013-0830-003
Loan of DEP Personal Computers to Local Procurement Units 013-0830-004
Suggested Formats for Required Electronic Deliverable Attachments 013-0830-005
Formats for Required Electronic Deliverable CAD Attachments 013-0830-006
Formats for Required Electronic Deliverable GIS Attachments 013-0830-007
Geospatial Digital Data Submission Guideline 013-0830-008
Office of Program Integration
Policy for PA Natural Diversity Inventory (PNDI) Coordination During Permit Review and  Evaluation 021-0200-001
Policy for Permit Coordination 021-2000-301
Policy for Implementating the DEP Permit Review Process and Permit Decision Guarantee 021-2100-001
Office of Administration
DEP Policy on Professional Work Assignments Conducted by Licensed Professional  Engineers, Geologists 150-0200-001
Operator Certification Program Guidelines 150-0200-002
Critical Elements for Certification of Laboratories for Chemistry 150-2302-001
Critical Elements for Certification of Laboratories for Microbiology 150-2302-002
Critical Elements for Certification of Laboratories for Radionuclides 150-2302-003
Procedures for the Approval and Accreditation of Laboratories in PA, Utilizing the NELAC  Standards 150-2302-004
Procedures for the Approval and Accreditation of Drinking Water Laboratories in the  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 150-2302-005
Waste Management
Guidance on Radioactivity Monitoring at Municipal and Residual Waste Processing/Disposal  Facilities 250-3100-001
Quality Assurance Program 250-3100-401
Execution of Release Forms by Waste Management Field Inspectors 250-3120-320
Purge Water from Groundwater Sampling 250-3130-763
Citing Inspection Violations 250-4000-001
Enforcement Actions 250-4000-002
Violations Requiring a Long Term to Correct 250-4000-003
Program Implementation Guidance 250-4000-004
Notices of Violations (NOVs) 250-4110-001
Calculation of Civil Penalties 250-4180-302
Risk Assessment Guidelines for Facilities Burning Hazardous Waste 251-0300-402
Exclusionary Siting Criteria—Hazardous Waste Treatment & Disposal 251-2000-704
Revisions to Exclusionary Siting Criteria Document 251-2000-705
Time Frame for Application of Hazardous Waste Exclusionary Siting Criteria 251-2000-706
Hazardous Sites Cleanup Act, Preapplication Meetings 251-2100-203
Policy and Procedure for Municipal Waste Facilities Equivalency Approvals 251-2100-727
Review Procedure for Hazardous Waste Transfer Facilities for PBR Status 251-2149-713
Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program 251-2200-502
Guidance for the Application of Section 269a.(46)—Transportation Standards, Phase II  Hazardous Waste Siting Criteria 251-2200-503
Establishment of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Program 251-2200-515
Performing Hazardous Waste Facility Inspections 251-3120-001
Reimbursement to Host County for Hazardous Review 251-5500-758
Section 902 Recycling Grant Applications that must comply with Act 57 252-5500-100
Review of Residual and Hazardous Waste Source Reduction Strategies 252-6600-516
Assessing the Potential for Vapor Intrusion into Buildings from Groundwater and Soil 253-0300-101
Issuance of Grants for Technical Evaluations under HSCA 253-5500-612
Clean Fill Policy and Procedures 254-2000-715
Local Municipality Involvement Process 254-2100-100
Environmental Assessment Process, Phase I Review 254-2100-101
Municipal Waste Facility Review—Traffic Analysis 254-2100-102
Process for Evaluating Daily Volume 254-2100-103
Areas Where Municipal Waste Landfills (MWLF) are Prohibited 254-2153-721
Leak Detection Tests for Installed Liners 254-2153-723
Issue of Emergency Municipal Waste Transfer 254-2158-745
Guidelines for the Development of County Waste Management Plan Revisions 254-2212-504
Act 90 Waste Transportation Safety Program Placarded Authorizations 254-2412-002
Performing Municipal and Residual Waste Facility Inspection 254-3120-001
BMP's for Storage, Processing, or Disposal of Land-Clearing, Grubbing, and Excavation  Wastes 254-5400-001
The Food Processing Residual Management Manual 254-5400-100
Best Practices for Environmental Protection in the Mushroom Farm Community 254-5401-001
Guidelines for Yard Waste Composting Facilities 254-5403-100
Guidelines for the Development and Implementation of PPG Plans for Generators/Burners of  Waste Oil 254-5900-001
Guidance for Commonwealth Funded Water Supply Response Actions 255-5800-001
Requirements for Registration of AST's and USTs 257-0900-017
New Waste Streams Review 258-2000-764
Chemical Analysis 258-2000-767
Management of Fill 258-2182-773
Environmental Cleanup and Brownfields
Policy for Coordinating Immediate Responses and Final Remediation of Releases of  Regulated Substances 260-0500-001
Land Recycling Program Technical Guidance Manual 261-0300-100
Guidelines for the Storage Tank Cleanup Program—Identifying, Tracking and Resolving  Violations for Storage Tanks 262-4000-001
Applicable or Relevant and Appropriate Requirements (ARARs) for Cleanup Response and  Remedial Actions in Pennsylvania 262-4500-606
Outdoor Shooting Range Guidance 262-5400-001
Stationary/Nonstationary Tanks 263-0900-006
Exemption From Registration Fees for Volunteer Fire Cos/Volunteer EMS Orgs 263-0900-009
Storage Tank Modification and Maintenance Issues 263-0900-011
Storage Tank Cleaning Activities 263-0900-012
Applicability of 40 CFR, Subpart 280, Sub G to Previously Closed Tanks 263-0900-014
Implementation of Act 16 263-0900-015
Implementation of Act 34 263-0900-016
UST/AST System Variances 263-0900-021
Verification of Emergency Containment Structures for Aboveground Storage Tanks 263-0900-022
Underground Storage Tank Class A and Class B Operator Training Courses 263-2300-001
Policy for Existing Field—Constructed Hazardous Substance Underground Storage Tanks at  Facilities Regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act 263-2320-001
Evaluation of Underground Storage Tank Liners 263-3120-001
Storage Tank Program Internal Policy on Inspections and On-Site Visits 263-3120-002
Guidelines for Conducting Underground Storage Tank Facility Operations Inspections 263-3120-003
Permeability of Secondary Containment & Emergency Containment 263-3300-002
Storage Tank Product Delivery Prohibition 263-4000-001
Penalty Assessment Matrix 263-4180-001
Storage Tank Program Compliance Assistance Strategy 263-4180-002
Closure Requirements for Aboveground Storage Tank Systems 263-4200-001
Closure Requirements for Underground Storage Tank Systems 263-4500-601
Air Quality
Guidance Document for the Pennsylvania Clean Vehicles Program 270-0810-005
Guidance for Performing Single Stationary Source Determinations for the Oil and Gas  Industries 270-0810-006
Policy on Clean Alternative Fuel Conversion Systems 270-0810-007
Employer Trip Reduction Policy 271-5000-001
Interstate Ozone Reduction/Chapter 145 Regulation Overview 271-5000-002
Compliance Assurance Policy for Cement Kilns with CEMS 273-4000-001
Compliance Assurance Policy for Hospital Waste Incinerators 273-4000-002
Compliance Assurance Policy for Municipal Waste Incinerators, including Revisions 273-4000-003
Enforcement Policy for CEMS on Fluid Catalytic Crackling Units 273-4000-004
Enforcement Policy—CEMS and Coal Sampling/Analysis Systems 273-4000-005
Interim Compliance Strategy on RACT for NOx Sources with CEMS 273-4000-007
Policy for Sampling/Determination of Compliance with Low RVP Gasoline Requirements in  the Pittsburgh 273-4000-008
Guidelines for Identifying, Tracking and Resolving Violations for Air Quality 273-4110-001
Guidance for Rounding, Determination of Significant Figures, Test Method Error Tolerances  and Timeliness for Evaluation of Air Contaminant Emissions and Concentrations 273-4110-002
DEP/EPA Asbestos Demolition/Renovation Civil Penalty Policy 273-4130-001
Guidance for Application of Regional Civil Assessment Procedure 273-4130-003
Compliance Docket Procedure 273-4130-004
Stage II Penalty Assessment Guidance 273-4130-005
Stage I Penalty Assessment Guidance 273-4130-006
Compliance Strategy for Mushroom Composting Operations 273-5401-001
Continuous Source Monitoring Manual 274-0300-001
Continuous Emissions Monitoring Manual 274-0300-003
Applicability Determination for Continuous Source Monitoring Manual Revision No. 8 and  PA EDR Record Type Formats and Reporting Instructions Version 2.00 274-0300-005
Policy for Stage II Vapor Recovery Testing Requirements 274-3100-001
Interim Procedures Pertaining to Continuous Source Monitoring System Quarterly Data  Reports 274-3100-002
AQ Operating Permit—Permitting Procedures 275-2101-002
Air Quality Permit Exemptions 275-2101-003
AQ Operating Permit—Modification/Reactivation 275-2101-004
AQ Operating Permit—Delegation Conditions & Policy Performance Test Waivers 275-2101-005
AQ Operating Permit—Requirements 275-2101-006
AQ Operating Permit—Best Available Technology & Other Permitting Criteria 275-2101-007
AQ Operating Permit—Hazardous Waste Incineration 275-2101-008
AQ Operating Permit—Waste Derives Liquid Fuel Policies 275-2101-009
AQ Operating Permit—Air Toxics Policies 275-2101-010
AQ Operating Permit—Public Notification 275-2101-011
AQ Operating Permit—Prevention of Significant Deterioration 275-2101-014
AQ Operating Permit—Volatile Organic Compounds 275-2101-015
AQ Operating Permit—Continuous Source Monitors 275-2101-016
Radiation Protection
Compliance and Enforcement Policy 291-4100-001
Medical X-Ray Procedures Operator Training Guide 291-4200-001
Conducting Radiological Performance Assessments For LLRW Disposal in PA 293-2400-001
Requirements for LLRW Minimization Plan 293-2400-003
Radon Certification Policy 294-2309-001
Radon Mitigation Standards 294-2309-002
Schematic Radon Mitigation Installation for New Construction 294-2309-004
Radon Reduction Techniques for Existing Detached Houses 294-2309-005
Application of Radon Reduction Techniques 294-2309-006
Using Engineered Structures to Provide Enhanced Containment 294-2400-002
Waterways Engineering and Wetlands
Interagency Agreement with the Susquehanna River Basin 310-0600-002
Implementation Plan for Act 162 of 2014 310-2135-001
Riparian Buffer or Riparian Forest Buffer Equivalency Demonstration 310-2135-002
Riparian Buffer or Riparian Forest Buffer Offsetting 310-2135-003
Pennsylvania Function Based Aquatic Resource Compensation Protocol 310-2137-001
Pennsylvania Wetland Condition Level 2 Rapid Assessment Protocol 310-2137-002
Pennsylvania Riverine Condition Level 2 Rapid Assessment Protocol 310-2137-003
Pennsylvania Lacustrine Condition Level 2 Rapid Assessment Protocol 310-2137-004
Land Acquisition Policies 310-2139-002
Criteria and Fees for Dam Safety Limited Power Permits 310-2140-001
Annual Dam Inspection Report Policy 310-3120-001
Category 3 Dam Inspection Program 310-3140-002
Water Management
Conservation District Fund Allocation Program 361-0100-001
Chesapeake Bay Nonpoint Source Pollution Abatement Program 361-0100-002
Water Quality Toxics Management Strategy (Now: 385-0100-001) 361-0100-003
Manure Management for Environmental Protection 361-0300-001
Field Application of Manure 361-0300-002
Principles for Ground Water Pollution Prevention and Remediation 361-0800-001
Administrative Manual for the Special Projects Funding Program of the Pennsylvania  Chesapeake Bay Program 361-5500-001
Chesapeake Bay Financial Assistance Funding Program Guidelines 361-5500-004
Manual for Land Treatment of Wastewater 362-0200-009
Domestic Wastewater Facilities Manual 362-0300-001
Guidelines for Design, Installation and Operation of Small Flow Treatment Facilities 362-0300-002
Sewage Facilities Planning: Preparing Act 537 Update Revisions 362-0300-003
A Guide to Requirements and Procedures For Obtaining Permits Etc. for Industrial  Wastewater Mgt. Systems 362-0300-004
Handbook—NPDES Permit for Industrial Wasterwater Dischargers 362-0300-006
NPDES Program Implementation—MOU Concerning WQM, NPDES Program  Implementation, and Related Matters 362-0400-001
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Program Implementation 362-0600-001
Agreement Between Oil/Gas Mgmt. and Water Quality on Pollution Discharge 362-0600-002
Locational Data Policy for the Wastewater Management Program 362-0830-001
Permitting Policy and Procedure Manual 362-2000-001
Policy for Permitting Surface Water Diversions 362-2000-003
Subsurface Disposal of Carwash Waste 362-2000-005
Conducting Technical Reviews of Minor NPDES Renewal Applications 362-2000-008
Technology-Based Control Requirements for Water Treatment Plant Wastes 362-2183-003
Technical Guidance for Development of NPDES Permit Requirements Steam Electric  Industry 362-2183-004
Guidelines for Agricultural Utilization of Sewage Sludge 362-2192-003
Guidelines for Identifying, Tracking and Resolving Violations for the Land Application of  Biosolids 362-2192-004
Review and Coordination of Chapter 94 Reports and Act 537 Planning 362-2206-001
Policy Establishing New Program Direction for Act 537 Comprehensive Planning 362-2206-007
Impact/Subsurface Disposal on Ground Water Nitrate-Nitrogen Levels 362-2207-004
Administration of Fee Collection for Planning Module Reviews 362-2207-008
Municipal Guidance—Reconstructive Planning 362-2208-002
Technical Decision Making and the Use of Technology in Onlot Sewage System Repair  Situations 362-2208-003
Act 537 Program Guidance; Local Agency, Municipality Evaluation and Compliance Activity 362-4000-003
Act 537 Program Guidance, Sewage Enforcement Officer Evaluation and Compliance  Activity 362-4000-004
Act 537 Program Guidance—Identifying, Tracking, and Resolving of Sewage Facilities Act  Violations 362-4000-005
Guidelines for Identifying, Tracking and Resolving Violations for Water Quality 362-4000-006
Guidance for Calculating Civil Penalty Assessment Amounts under the Sewage Facilities Act 362-4180-004
Act 537 Program Guidance: Civil Penalty Assessment Processing 362-4180-005
Civil Penalty Assessment Informal Hearing Procedure 362-4180-006
PA Sewage Facilities Act 537, Enforcement Reimbursement 362-5512-001
Act 537 Sewage Facilities Planning Grants 362-5512-002
Recognition of Selected Cost Items Associated with ''Inflow and Infiltration Studies'' 362-5512-003
Recognition of Cost Items Associated with Concurrent Act 537 and Combined Sewer  Overflow LTCP Planning 362-5512-004
Delegation of Authority for Chapters 105—106 363-0200-002
Pennsylvania Wetland Replacement Project 363-0200-003
Design Criteria—Wetland Replacement/Monitoring 363-0300-001
Delegation of Chapter 105 Functions to County Conservation Districts 363-0600-001
Interagency agreement with Susquehanna River Basin Commission 363-0600-002
Agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 363-0600-003
Delegation of Chapter 105 Functions to Oil & Gas and Field Operations 363-2100-002
Erosion and Sedimentation Pollution Control Manual 363-2134-008
Underground Utility Line Construction 363-2134-012
Permit Guidelines for Phased Projects for NPDES Stormwater Discharges, w/Erosion and  SPC & WRP Permits 363-2134-013
Criteria and Fees for Waterways Management Limited Power Permits 363-2140-001
Chapter 105 General Permits 363-2141-001
Certification for Corps Nationwide Permits (Wetlands) 363-2316-001
Guidelines for Determining Bonds 363-2505-001
Acid Mine Drainage Set-Aside Program: Program Implementation Guidelines 370-5500-001
Experimental Onlot Wastewater Technology Verification Program 381-2208-001
Guidance for Reviewing Capital Grants for Construction 381-5500-001
DEP and Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority Agreement 381-5511-012
Guidance on the Utilization of Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Firms (DBE) 381-5511-014
Guidelines for the Uniform Environmental Review Process 381-5511-111
Handbook for PennVest Wastewater Projects 381-5511-113
Policy for Recognizing succession to Water Rights as a Result of Change of Ownership 382-2130-012
Ground Source Heat Pump Manual 383-0300-001
Working Guide to the Lead and Copper Rule 383-0300-107
Health Effects and Risk Management Staff Handbook 383-0400-104
Safe Drinking Water Program Compliance Strategy 383-0400-110
Pennsylvania's Capability Enhancement Strategy 383-0400-114
Principles for Ground Water Pollution Prevention and Remediation 383-0800-001
Summary of Key Requirements for Phase 2 & Phase 5 Wellhead Protection Rule 383-0810-105
Summary of Key Requirements for Surface Water Identification Protocol 383-0810-206
Summary of Key Requirements for Vended/Bulk Water Hauling 383-0810-303
Quality Management Plan for the Bureau of Water Supply and Wastewater Management 383-0830-001
Comprehensive State Ground Water Protection Program (CSGWPP) 383-2000-030
Guidance for Construction and Operation Permits Guidance 383-2000-108
Pilot Plant Filtration Studies for Filtration of Surface Sources 383-2000-208
DEP Permit Guide to Public Water Systems 383-2100-108
DEP Approval Guide for Noncommunity Water Systems 383-2100-208
Proposals to Add or Remove Fluoridation Treatment by a Community Water System 383-2125-001
Public Water Supply Manual, Part 2—Community Water System Design Standards 383-2125-108
Development of a Replacement Source for a Community Water System 383-2125-110
Permitting of Vended Water Systems 383-2126-103
Permitting of Retail Water Facilities 383-2126-203
Permitting of Bulk Water Hauling Systems 383-2127-103
Public Water Supply Manual, Part IV—Noncommunity System Design Standards 383-2128-108
Guidance for Evaluating Alternate Recycle Return Locations Proposed Under the FBRR 383-2129-002
Consumer Confidence Report Handbook 383-2129-003
Policy for Responding to Loss of Positive Pressure Situations in the Distribution System 383-2129-004
Policy for Issuing and Removing Water Supply Warnings 383-2129-005
Screening Criteria on Water Quality/Quantity Impacts for Drinking Water Permits 383-2131-001
Guidance for the Review & Approval of an Existing Well Water Source for Use at a Public  Water System 383-2200-108
Groundwater Monitoring Guidance Manual 383-3000-001
Safe Drinking Water Program Field-Related Compliance 383-3000-101
Program Guidance on the Total Coliform Rule Guidance 383-3000-102
Corrosion Control Treatment—Basic Feasibility Study 383-3000-307
Public Water Supply Manual, Part 7 383-3100-111
Public Water Supply Manual—Part 5, Sections 1 & 2 383-3110-111
Public Water Supply Manual, Part 5, App A 383-3110-211
Surveillance Strategy and Implementation Guidance 383-3120-101
Filter Plant Performance Evaluations and Response 383-3120-106
Giardia Sampling and Response 383-3130-106
Pennsylvania's Ground Water Quality Monitoring Network: Ambient and Fixed Station  Network 383-3200-009
Quality Assurance Work Plans for Groundwater Monitoring Stations 383-3200-016
Laboratory Reporting Instructions for Total and Fecal Coliform Bacteria 383-3301-102
Guide to Laboratory Reporting Instructions for BVRBs 383-3301-103
Laboratory Reporting Instructions for Chemical Contaminants 383-3301-105
Turbidity and LT2 ESWTR Reporting Instructions for Public Water Systems Using Filtered  Surface Water or GUDI Systems 383-3301-106
Laboratory Reporting Instructions, Lead and Copper Rule 383-3301-107
Laboratory Reporting Instructions/Radiological Contaminants/Drinking Water Distribution 383-3301-205
Filter Rule Reporting Instructions for Public Water Supply Systems Using Unfiltered  Surface Water 383-3301-206
Laboratory Reporting Instructions for Disinfectant Residuals, Disinfection Byproducts and  Precursors 383-3301-306
Pennsylvania Vulnerability Assessment Summary 383-3500-105
Guidance for Surface Water Identification 383-3500-106
Surface Water Identification Protocol—NCWS 383-3500-112
Guidelines for Identifying, Tracking and Resolving Violations for the Drinking Water  Program 383-4000-002
Source Water Assessment and Protection Program 383-5000-001
PENNVEST Guidance 383-5500-113
Public Water Supply Manual, Part VI 383-5900-111
Wastewater Treatment Requirements 385-0810-001
Designation Criteria for Regulated Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) 385-0820-001
Pennsylvania Combined Sewer Overflow Policy 385-2000-011
Policy and Procedure for NPDES Permitting of Discharges of Total Dissolved Solids  (TDS)—25 Pa. Code § 95.10 385-2100-002
Reuse of Treated Wastewater Guidance Manual 385-2188-002
Act 537 Program Guidance; Training Provider Manual for the Pennsylvania Onlot Sewage  System Training Program 385-2314-001
Act 537 Guidance; Sewage Enforcement Officer Certification and Training Program 385-2314-002
Field Order Instruction Manual for the Clean Water Program 385-4000-002
Application Review Instructions for NPDES CAFO Permits and Water Quality Management  Permits for Manure Storage Facilities 390-2100-001
Water Quality Antidegradation Implementation Guidance 391-0300-002
Establishment of Alternate Thermal Effluent Limitations 391-2000-002
Determining Water Quality Based Point Source Effluent Limits 391-2000-003
Implementation Guidance Design Conditions 391-2000-006
Technical Reference Guide—Wasteload Allocation Program for Dissolved Oxygen and  Ammonia Nitrogen 391-2000-007
Implementation Guidance for the Sampling and Analysis of Osmotic Pressure 391-2000-008
Implementation Guidance for Phosphorus Discharges to Lakes, Ponds, and Impoundments 391-2000-010
TRG PENNTOXSD for Windows PA Single Discharge Wasteload Allocation Program for  Toxics 391-2000-011
Implementation Guidance of Section 93.7 Ammonia Criteria 391-2000-013
Implementation Guidance for Evaluating Wastewater Discharges to Drainage Ditches and  Swales 391-2000-014
Implementation Guidance for Total Residual Chlorine (TRC) Regulation 391-2000-015
Implementation Guidance for Temperature Criteria 391-2000-017
Implementation Guidance for Section 95.9 Phosphorus Discharges to Free Flowing Streams 391-2000-018
Implementation Guidance for Application of Section 93.5(e) 391-2000-019
Protocol/Estimating First Order Pollutant Fate Coefficients/Volatile Organic Substances 391-2000-020
Field Data Collection & Evaluation Protocol/Determining Stream & Point Source Discharge  Hardness 391-2000-021
Ambient Water Quality in the Determination of Wasteload Allocations and NPDES Effluent  Limitations 391-2000-022
Design Stream Flows 391-2000-023
Field Data Collection and Evaluation Protocol for Deriving Daily and Hourly Discharge  Coefficients 391-2000-024
Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems Operator Certification Program Handbook 391-2300-001
Operator Certification Program Board Guidelines 391-2300-002
Training Provider Manual for the Pennsylvania Water and Wastewater System Operator  Training Program 391-2300-003
Quality Assurance Work Plan: Cause/Effect Surveys 391-3200-003
Aquatic Life Use Attainability Studies—Flow Water & Impoundment 391-3200-004
Quality Assurance Work Plan: Toxics Surveys 391-3200-006
Stream Enrichment Risk Analysis 391-3200-007
Quality Assurance Work Plan: Advanced Treatment Model—Calibration/Verification Surveys 391-3200-008
Evaluation of Phosphorus to Lakes, Ponds & Impoundments 391-3200-013
Stormwater Management Guidelines and Model Ordinances 392-0300-001
Comprehensive Stormwater Management Policy 392-0300-002
Locational Data Policy for the Water Allocation Program and the Water Use Data System 392-0830-001
Trading of Nutrient and Sediment Reduction Credits—Policy and Guidelines 392-0900-001
General Policy and Procedures for the Review of Water Allocation Permit Applications 392-2130-001
Subsidiary Water Allocation Permit Requirement 392-2130-002
Attorney General Opinion 361 re: 1939 Water Rights Act 392-2130-003
Rescission of Water Rights 392-2130-004
Policy for Regulation of Interbasin Transfers 392-2130-005
Metering of Withdrawals under Orders of Confirmation 392-2130-006
Constant Gallons per Capita per Day (GPCD) 392-2130-007
Permit Life 392-2130-008
Recognizing Succession to Water Rights as a Result of Changes of Ownership 392-2130-012
Guidelines for Identification of Critical Water Planning Areas 392-2130-014
Guidelines for Development of Critical Area Resource Plans 392-2130-015
New Source Sampling Requirements for Surface Water Sources 393-3130-108
Community and Nontransient Noncommunity Water Systems: New Source Sampling for  Groundwater Sources 393-3130-208
Transient Noncommunity Water Systems: New Source Sampling Requirements for  Groundwater Sources 393-3130-308
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Coastal Zone Management Program and Final  Environmental Impact Statement 394-0300-001
PA's Continuous Planning Process (CPP) for Water Quality Management 1999 Update 394-0810-001
Municipal Reference Document—Department Guidance for the Bluff Recession and Setback  Act 394-2000-001
PA's Nonpoint Source Management Program 394-2000-002
Aquifer Testing Guidance for Public Water Systems 394-2125-001
Riparian Forest Buffer Guidance 394-5600-001
Field Operations
Policy for Model Permit Application Process 400-2000-300
Guidelines for the Development and Implementation of Environmental Emergency Response  Plans 400-2200-001
Emergency Operations Plan 400-5900-101
Policy for Authorizing Emergency Response Expenditure 400-5900-102
Policy for Emergency Response Critiques 400-5900-103
Policy for Authorities of DEP On-Scene Coordinators 400-5900-104
Policy for Emergency Response Contracting 400-5900-105
Policies for Authorities of DEP's Director of Emergency Response 400-5900-107
Policy for Contracting with Fire Companies or HAZMAT Teams 400-5900-108
Policy for Authorization of Emergency Transport/Storage of Hazardous Waste 400-5900-109
Policy for Field Order Authorization of Emergency Response Team 400-5900-110
Procedures for Emergency Contracting to Extinguish Mine Fire 400-5900-111
Policy for Gasoline Fume Emergency Criteria 400-5900-112
Chlorine Safety Procedures 400-5900-113
Hazardous Material and Hazardous Atmosphere Safety Policy 400-5900-114
Policy for Electrofishing Personnel and Equipment Safety 400-5900-116
Standard Operating Procedures for the Acceptance, Collection, Transport, etc. of Elemental  Mercury 400-5900-117
Oil and Gas Management
Oil and Gas Operators Manual 550-0300-001
PA's Plan for Addressing Problem Abandoned Wells and Orphaned Wells 550-0800-001
Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual 550-2000-001
Oil and Gas Wastewater Permitting Manual 550-2100-002
Oil and Gas Well Drilling Permit Applications and Related Approvals 550-2100-003
Oil and Gas Well Drilling Permit Applications and Related Approvals 550-2100-004
Oil and Gas Well Drilling Permit Applications and Related Approvals 550-2100-005
Oil and Gas Well Drilling Permit Applications and Related Approvals 550-2100-006
Oil and Gas Well Drilling Permit Applications and Related Approvals 550-2100-007
Interim Policy for NPDES Permits for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Construction  Activities at Oil and Gas Wells 550-2100-008
Oil and Gas Locational Guidance 550-2100-009
Interim Technical Guidance For Attachments to Electronic Submissions—Oil and Gas  Program 550-2500-001
Guidelines for Submitting Oil/Gas Bonds 550-2501-101
Civil Penalty Assessments in the Oil and Gas Program 550-4180-001
Addressing Spills and Releases from Oil & Gas Wells and Related Operations 550-5000-001
Civil Penalty Assessment Informal Hearing Procedure for the Office of Oil and Gas  Management 800-4000-002
Standards and Guidelines for Identifying, Tracking and Resolving Oil and Gas Violations 820-4000-001
Mining Programs
Review of Surface Mine Permit Applications by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission 560-0700-302
Review of Surface Mine Permit Applications by the Pennsylvania Game Commission 560-0700-303
Mine Drainage Treatment Trust Real Property Disposition Guidelines 560-5000-001
Small Operator Assistance Program (SOAP) and Remining Operator's Assistance Program  (ROAP) Application Processing and Preassignment Field Conference 561-2305-201
Small Operator Assistance Program (SOAP) & Remining Operator's Assistance Program  (ROAP) Report Review 561-2305-203
Small Operator Assistance Program (SOAP) and Remining Operator's Assistance Program  (ROAP) Applicant Liability and Reimbursement Procedure 561-2305-601
Insurance Sales Guidance 561-5300-101
Damage Claim Processing 561-5300-201
Environmental Good Samaritan Projects 562-2000-001
Changes to Licenses, Bonds and Permits 562-2000-703
Mining Contract Operator Approval 562-2000-705
Blasting Activity Permits and Permits by Rule 562-2100-001
Alternative Peak Particle Velocity or Airblast Level 562-2100-002
Municipal Mining Licenses, Permits and Bonds 562-2100-704
Aboveground Storage Tanks on Coal Mine Permit Areas 562-2112-101
Prompt Closure of Abandoned Underground Mine Openings 562-2112-315
Sealing Bituminous Underground Mine Openings 562-2112-316
Sealing Anthracite Underground Mine Openings 562-2112-317
Blasting Near Utility Lines on Mining and Construction Sites and Bituminous Coal Mining  Within the Right-of-Way or Easement of Utility Lines 562-2112-503
Blasting Complaint Protocol 562-2112-504
Blaster's License Suspension and Revocation Procedure 562-2402-501
Insurance Requirements and Water Supply Replacement Assurance 562-2500-702
Surety Reclamation of Bond Forfeiture Sites 562-2504-312
Coal and Industrial Mineral Mining Inspections 562-3000-102
Field Evaluation of Pit Size Variances 562-3000-105
Applicant Violator System (AVS) Inspections 562-3000-110
Applicant Violator System (AVS) Compliance 562-3000-802
Fixing Water Samples 562-3200-203
Normal/Favorable Planting Season 562-3200-205
Citizens' Requests: Receiving, Tracking, Investigating, Appealing and Filing 562-3900-402
Water Supply Replacement and Compliance 562-4000-101
Increased Operation and Maintenance Costs of Replacement Water Supplies (on All Coal and  Surface Noncoal Sites 562-4000-102
Compliance/Enforcement Procedures 562-4100-301
Alternative Enforcement 562-4100-307
Explosives Program Compliance/Enforcement Procedures 562-4100-311
Bond Forfeiture 562-4170-308
Noncoal Civil Penalty Assessments 562-4180-101
Noncoal Compliance/Enforcement Procedures 562-4180-102
Civil Penalty Assessments 562-4180-306
Reclamation in Lieu of Cash Payment for Civil Penalties 562-4180-309
Bankrupt Surety Company Bond Replacement Requirements and Civil Penalty Calculations 562-4180-310
Civil Penalty Collections 562-4180-311
Surface Mine Accident Investigations 562-5900-001
Engineering Manual for Mining Operations 563-0300-101
Government-Financed Construction Contracts 563-2000-001
Incidental Coal Extraction for Government-Financed Construction Projects or  Government-Financed Reclamation Projects 563-2000-003
Coal Exploration 563-2000-102
Noncoal Underground Mine Permit Applications 563-2000-203
Homeowner Notification of Right to Pre-Blast Survey 563-2000-204
Right of Entry 563-2000-208
Review Process for Approval of a Bituminous Coal Blast Plan 563-2000-223
Use of Reclamation Fill at Active Noncoal Sites 563-2000-301
Beneficial Use of Sewage Sludge at Active Mine Sites 563-2000-602
Roads Associated with Coal Mining Activities 563-2000-609
Validating Abandoned Underground Mine Maps and Establishing Barrier Pillars 563-2000-610
Surface Water Protection—Underground Bituminous Coal Mining Operations 563-2000-655
Permit Renewals 563-2100-216
Noncommercial Exemption from Requirements of the Noncoal Surface Mining Conservation  and Reclamation Act 563-2111-101
Building Construction Exemption from Requirements of the Noncoal Surface Mining  Conservation and Reclamation Act 563-2111-102
Stabilizing Pre-Act Highwalls, Noncoal Operations 563-2111-111
Highwall Stability In Long-Term, Multiple Bench Quarries 563-2111-112
Borrow Pits for Oil and Gas Well Development Activities 563-2111-115
Aboveground Storage Tanks on Coal Mine Permit Areas 563-2112-101
Developing National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permits for Mining  Activities 563-2112-115
Boundary Changes to Mining Permits 563-2112-203
Review Guide and Written Findings 563-2112-205
Beneficial Use of Coal Ash at Active Coal Mine Sites 563-2112-206
Completeness Review for Acceptance of Coal Mining Activity Permit Applications 563-2112-211
Evaluation and Approval of Land Use Changes for Surface Coal Mine Operations 563-2112-212
Coal Surface Mining Activity Permit Pre-Application Review 563-2112-214
Review of Accepted Coal Mining Activity Permit Applications 563-2112-215
Alkaline Addition for Surface Coal Mines 563-2112-217
Permit Transfers 563-2112-218
Cumulative Hydrologic Impact Assessments (CHIAs) 563-2112-219
Coal Surface Mining—Oil and Gas Well Barriers 563-2112-222
Guidelines for the Beneficial Use of Coal Ash at Coal Mines 563-2112-228
Evaluation and Approval of Innovative Mining and Reclamation Techniques 563-2112-603
Auger Mining 563-2112-604
Water Supply Replacement and Permitting 563-2112-605
Procedures for Establishing the Quantity of Water in Low-Yield Wells 563-2112-606
Marketing of Anthracite Coal Reject Materials 563-2112-607
Constructed Wetlands for Mine Drainage Treatment 563-2112-608
Determining Eligibility of Pre-Existing Pollutional Discharges under Subchapter F of 25  Pa. Code Chapter 87 and Subchapter G of 25 Pa. Code Chapter 88 563-2112-610
Permitting Pre-existing Pollutional Discharges under Subchapter F of 25 Pa. Code Chapter  87 and Subchapter G of 25 Pa. Code Chapter 88 563-2112-611
Underground Mining Near Oil and Gas Wells 563-2112-652
Permitting Ventilation Boreholes for Underground Coal Mines 563-2112-653
Technical Review, Mine Stability 563-2112-654
Liners—Impoundments, Stockpiles and Coal Refuse Storage Areas 563-2112-656
Underground Mining—Delineating Protection Zones for Public Water Supplies 563-2112-657
Imminent Hazards Associated with Subsidence from Active Mining 563-2112-658
Coal Refuse Disposal—Site Selection 563-2113-660
Noncoal Surface Mining Payment in Lieu of Bond 563-2500-401
Conventional Bonding for Land Reclamation 563-2504-001
Land Maintenance Financial Guarantees 563-2504-002
Procedures for Calculating Mine Subsidence Bonds 563-2504-101
Blanket Bond Program for Coal Surface Mine Sites 563-2504-201
Anthracite Mine Operator's Emergency Bond Loan (A.E.B.L.) Program 563-2504-405
Bonding, Direct Submittal of Bonds 563-2504-407
Phased Deposit of Collateral Coal and Noncoal Mining 563-2504-409
Processing Completion Reports 563-2504-411
Evaluating Postmining Discharges 563-2504-412
Bonding, Anthracite Underground Mines 563-2504-451
Qualifying, Processing and Tracking Financial Guarantees and Bond Credits 563-2504-501
Monitoring, Compliance and Bond Release for Subchapters F and G Permits 563-2504-612
Mine Safety
Accident Reporting Requirements 580-0100-001
Section 316(h): Use of Electronic Atmospheric Detectors in lieu of Approved Flame Safety  Lamps 580-2200-003
Procedures for Processing Requests to Adopt New Items or Methods 580-2200-004
Guidelines for Use of Internal Combustion Motors in Underground Mines other than Coal 580-2200-008
Use of Electronic/Oxygen Detectors in Lieu of Approved Flame Safety Lamps 580-2200-009
Underground Storage of Explosives 580-2200-010
Safety Requirements for Construction of Shafts for Underground Mines 580-2200-011
Section 247—Guidelines to Approve Ventilation Plans for Abandoned and Unused Mine  Areas 580-2219-002
Section 253(b)—Guidelines for Approving Roof Bolts as Primary Support 580-2219-003
Alternate Method of Test Drilling 580-2219-004
Submission of Mine Maps when a Mine is Abandoned 580-2219-008
Bureau of Deep Mine Safety's Compliance and Enforcement Procedures 580-3000-002
Clarification of Pertinence of DEP Statutes Concerning Coal Processing Facilities 580-3000-005
Underground Mine Accident and Production/Man-hour Reporting 580-3300-001
[Pa.B. Doc. No. 15-1557. Filed for public inspection August 21, 2015, 9:00 a.m.]

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