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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 22-1927



Recent Actions during the 2022 Regular Session of the General Assembly

[52 Pa.B. 7698]
[Saturday, December 17, 2022]

 The following is a summary of recent actions of the General Assembly during the 2022 Regular Session:

Doc.   Date of Bill Printer's Effective ubject Matter
No. Action Number Number Date
2022 General Acts of Regular Session Enacted—Act 099 through 166
099 Nov 3 H0103 PN3500 60 days Crimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.) and Judical Code (42 Pa.C.S.)—assault of law enforcement officer, assault by prisoner or life prisoner, sentences for second and subsequent offenses and sentences for offenses committed against law enforcement officer
100 Nov 3 H0121 PN3560 Immediately Project 70 Lands—release of restrictions in multiple counties and related repeal
101 Nov 3 H0220 PN3617 Immediately* Administrative Code of 1929—powers and duties, death review teams, imposing duties on the Department of Health and an editorial change
102 Nov 3 H0284 PN0282 60 days Historical and Museums (37 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
103 Nov 3 H0324 PN0298 Immediately First Class City Business Tax Reform Act—definitions
104 Nov 3 H0397 PN3603 Immediately* Health and Safety (35 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
105 Nov 3 H0668 PN0629 60 days Surface Mining Conservation and Reclamation Act—Mining and Reclamation Advisory Board
106 Nov 3 H0875 PN2904 180 days Domestic Relations (23 Pa.C.S.)—decree of court
107 Nov 3 H0987 PN1000 60 days Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—suspension of operating privilege
108 Nov 3 H1059 PN3613 Immediately* Tax Reform Code of 1971—omnibus amendments
109 Nov 3 H1103 PN1140 60 days Self-Service Storage Facility Act—owner's lien, enforcement of lien, notice, advertisement of sale and location of sale
110 Nov 3 H1328 PN2641 60 days CPA Law—general powers of the board, requirements for issuance of certificate, peer review and unlawful acts
111 Nov 3 H1393 PN3253 60 days Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act—definitions
112 Nov 3 H1486 PN3604 Immediately* Transportation (74 Pa.C.S.) and Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
113 Nov 3 H1571 PN2648 120 days Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—special plates for recipients of Air Medal
114 Nov 3 H1731 PN2953 Immediately Greater Father Involvement Act—enactment
115 Nov 3 H1795 PN3585 180 days Real and Personal Property
(68 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
116 Nov 3 H1823 PN2370 Immediately Historical and Museums (37 Pa.C.S.)—powers over certain historic property and Washington Crossing Historic Park
117 Nov 3 H1829 PN2072 60 days Child Labor Act—work permit
118 Nov 3 H1866 PN3064 60 days Judicial Code (42 Pa.C.S.) and Public Welfare (67 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
119 Nov 3 H1929 PN2197 60 days Crimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.)—prohibited offensive weapons
120 Nov 3 H1958 PN3504 14 months Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—school, examination or hearing on accumulation of points or excessive speeding, driving while operating privilege is suspended or revoked and establishment of schools
121 Nov 3 H1988 PN3592 Immediately Judicial Code (42 Pa.C.S.) and Municipalities (53 Pa.C.S.)—automatic certification by the Municipal Police Officers' Education and Training Commission
122 Nov 3 H2057 PN3299 60 days Corporations and Unincorporated Associations (15 Pa.C.S.) and Names
(54 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
123 Nov 3 H2079 PN3127 60 days Pennsylvania Construction Code Act—exemptions
124 Nov 3 H2086 PN2972 60 days Military and Veterans Code
(51 Pa.C.S.)—operation of State-owned vehicles
125 Nov 3 H2209 PN2976 60 days Real and Personal Property
(68 Pa.C.S.)—legislative findings and purpose, board, powers, disposition of property and exemption from realty transfer tax
126 Nov 3 H2210 PN2575 60 days Abandoned and Blighted Property Conservatorship Act—definitions
127 Nov 3 H2214 PN3065 90 days Public Welfare (67 Pa.C.S.)—miscellaneous provisions and an editorial change
128 Nov 3 H2293 PN3344 Immediately Health Care Facilities Act—temporary health care services agencies
129 Nov 3 H2361 PN2775 Immediately Holidays and Observances (38 Pa.C.S.)—Women Veterans Day
130 Nov 3 H2398 PN3563 Immediately* Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
131 Nov 3 H2426 PN3507 60 days Public Welfare (67 Pa.C.S.)—resource families, editorial changes and related repeals
132 Nov 3 H2447 PN2909 Immediately Russia and Belarus Divestiture Act—enactment
133 Nov 3 H2458 PN2981 Immediately Philadelphia LNG Export Task Force Act—enactment
134 Nov 3 H2525 PN3586 180 days Crimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.)—crime victim right of access
135 Nov 3 H2527 PN3150 60 days Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act—drug overdose medication
136 Nov 3 H2528 PN3606 60 days Oil and Gas (58 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
137 Nov 3 H2538 PN3021 60 days State Lottery Law—powers and duties of secretary
138 Nov 3 H2586 PN3100 60 days Holidays and Observances (38 Pa.C.S.)—Tuskegee Airmen Commemoration Day
139 Nov 3 H2633 PN3593 Immediately Athletics and Sports (5 Pa.C.S.)—extensively revising the Uniform Athlete Agents Act, intercollegiate athletics, making related and inconsistent repeals and an editorial change
140 Nov 3 H2637 PN3564 Immediately* Multiple designations in multiple counties and a repeal—designation
141 Nov 3 H2648 PN3591 60 days Administrative Code of 1929—omnibus amendments and a repeal
142 Nov 3 H2667 PN3226 Immediately Banks and Banking (7 Pa.C.S.)—definitions
143 Nov 3 H2800 PN3436 Immediately Medical Practice Act of 1985—pros- thetists, orthotists, pedorthists and orthotic fitters
144 Nov 3 S0118 PN0089 60 days Judicial Code (42 Pa.C.S.)—sexual
offenses and tier system
145 Nov 3 S0153 PN0127 60 days Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—maximum gross weight of vehicles
146 Nov 3 S0225 PN2004 Immediately* Insurance Company Law of 1921—omnibus amendments
147 Nov 3 S0317 PN0325 90 days Expedited Partner Therapy Act—enactment
148 Nov 3 S0431 PN0451 60 days Game and Wildlife Code (34 Pa.C.S.)— authorized license-issuing agents
149 Nov 3 S0439 PN0457 60 days Recorder of Deeds Fee Law—county demolition funds
150 Nov 3 S0522 PN2009 60 days Childhood Blood Lead Test Act—enactment
151 Nov 3 S0696 PN2007 180 days Breach of Personal Information Notification Act—omnibus amendments
152 Nov 3 S0731 PN1169 60 days Charitable Gift Annuity Exemption Act—definitions and exemption from regulation
153 Nov 3 S0806 PN2000 120 days Oil and Gas Lease Act—definitions, payment information to interest owners and accumulation of proceeds from production
154 Nov 3 S0807 PN0989 60 days Notaries Public (57 Pa.C.S.)—appointment and commission as notary public, qualifications and no immunity or benefit
155 Nov 3 S1027 PN1743 60 days Child Labor Act—minors serving in volunteer emergency service organizations
156 Nov 3 S1083 PN1940 Immediately Unemployment Compensation Law—omnibus amendments
157 Nov 3 S1123 PN1916 60 days Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—flashing or revolving yellow and white lights
158 Nov 3 S1152 PN2005 60 days Overdose Mapping Act—enactment
159 Nov 3 S1173 PN1534 60 days Dental Law—general powers of the State Board of Dentistry
160 Nov 3 S1194 PN1904 60 days Military and Veterans Code
(51 Pa.C.S.)—establishing the Military College Educational Assistance Program and editorial changes
161 Nov 3 S1199 PN1764 60 days Port of Pittsburgh Commission Act—definitions, commission and governing body and editorial changes
162 Nov 3 S1201 PN1769 60 days Insurance Company Law of 1921—coverage for refill of prescription eye drops
163 Nov 3 S1208 PN2006 120 days Judicial Code (42 Pa.C.S.)—payment of court costs, restitution and fines and collection of court costs, restitution and fines by private collection agency
164 Nov 3 S1287 PN1814 60 days Cosmetology Law—floor space
165 Nov 17 H1546 PN3569 90 days Crimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.)—endangerment of public safety official
166 Nov 17 H2373 PN3612 Immediately Administrative Code of 1929—transfer authority over Lieutenant Governor's Mansion
2022 Vetoes of Regular Session of Bills—Veto 011 through 012
011 Nov 3 S0736 PN1938 Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—defintions, use of farm vehicle plates, consolidating the Combustible and Flammable Liquids Act, regulations, emergency controls and electrical disconnects, and a related repeal
012 Nov 17 H0140 PN3601 Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—additional parking regulations

 * denotes an effective date with exceptions

Effective Dates of Statutes

 The effective dates specified for laws and appropriation acts were contained in the applicable law or appropriation act. Where no date is specified or where the effective date specified is prior to the date of enactment, the effective date is 60 days after final enactment except for statutes making appropriations or affecting budgets of political subdivisions. See 1 Pa.C.S. §§ 1701—1704 (relating to effective date of statutes).

Advance Copies of Statutes

 Section 1106 of 1 Pa.C.S. (relating to prothonotaries to keep files of advance copies of statutes) provides that the prothonotaries of each county shall file advance copies of statutes in their offices for public inspection until the Laws of Pennsylvania are generally available.

 One-time purchases of the advance copies of statutes can be purchased through the State Bookstore's web site at

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